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​Comfort bike

riding a comfort_bike

​Comfort bikes are really popular among seniors. But they are also preferred by men & women.

​Diamondback Bike

​Diamondback bikes are also quite popular. We have done our research and here is what we have found.​​

​Bike Accessories You Must Need

It’s taken forever, but you’ve finally picked the perfect bike. It might suit all your commuting needs or it might just take you cruising around town. Either way, now you face a bigger dilemma: what kind of bike gear should you add to accelerate your ride? Here at, we are​ here to help you pick the optimal options to soup up your bike ride & safety.


​Choosing a bike lock is a really difficult task. On top of that you got 3 different types. How to choose, which one to choose? Check the individual section below to know more about it

​Bike Lock

​Generally, bike locks are used to fasten your bike to an immovable object, i.e. a bench or bike rack, to protect it from the attention of deadbeats.​

​Chain Lock

how to pick the right kind of chain lock properly

​​These locks are made from a large number of steel links that are usually kept inside a cover to offer proper protection to both your lock and paintwork.

​U Lock

how to choose the perfect U lock

​U locks are sturdy and made up of two parts, the U-shaped shackle and a crossbar below which holds and locks the shackle, giving it the appearance of a U or a D.

​Folding lock

how to pick the best folding lock

​Folding lock is another way of securing your bike.

​See what is our recommendation & couple of more tips here.

​What is Mybikexl?

​Mybikexl is an online informational portal on bikes, accessories, cycling tips for outdoor sports enthusiastic.

We cover mostly topics on bike/cycling and help people to become a better cyclist. This blog has been helping thousands of readers around the world to find their desired question.

​Who Is Behind it?

Hi, readers

My name is Nathan & I am the founder of mybikexl. Although, technically I created it, I have been telling people that, it's not mine. It's ours.

Yes!! This is my second home and I love to hang around here answering people's question, solving their problems & so on...

​I have been  riding bikes for nearly 11 years now. To be honest, ​my love of bikes has taken me on an incredible journey which I never expected.

​​I have traveled across the country to attend races and trade shows, to working in the local bike shop, raising charity for bike riders etc.

In the mean time, I was fortunate enough to test hundreds of products in the biking space. From bike locks to seat.

& frankly speaking, I got enough knowledge to share. I did lot of mistakes along the way too. I am going to unfold all of them one by one here.

​So what you will get out of this website?

My main focus is to become the ultimate source of information when it comes to cycling. So I will try to cover every topic under the sun to help as many people as I can. You can expect a wide range of topics to become live here.

​​What type of ​Articles you will get to see here

​As my main goal is to become the ultimate source, I will try to cover everything related to cycling. From comfort bikes to mountain bikes, locks to seat etc.

​How to support us?

​It's not a lonely journey if you decide to ride together. But it's very hard to spread the word of a website. Mybikexl is my home and I don't have anyone to help except few people who do consistent research on products.

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