7 Best Mountain Bike Parks in the US

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There are many thrilling mountain bike parks in the US to suit the interests and experiences of all kinds of mountain bikers. 

Mountain resorts and parks welcome mountain bikers, especially in the summer when other activities are low or unavailable (i.e., skiing, snowboarding, etc.). 

If you’re an experienced mountain biker, you will love these parks’ diverse and adventurous terrain, as they could be considered the best mountain bike parks in the US. 

1. Deer Valley Resort Bike Park – Park City, Utah

Park City is well-renowned for its impressive mountains where you can ski, snowboard, hike, and partake in all sorts of adventures. 

And when it comes to mountain biking, the Deer Valley Resort Bike Park is top-notch. 

Once revered solely by experienced MTB riders due to its pro-level, heart-pumping terrain, it is increasingly becoming sought after by intermediate and beginner riders as well through expansion. 

You can find banked curves and berms — trails that turn on their sides — and many opportunities for jumps and tricks at this high intensive park. You can even challenge yourself further by riding in the evenings on twilight rides

If that sounds too aggressive — no worries. You will have more than 70 miles of lift-serviced trails and more than 400 miles of total terrain to explore, so it’s certainly possible to find exactly what you want at Deer Valley. 

2. Angel Fire Resort Bike Park – Angel Fire, New Mexico 

Angel Fire Resort is arguably one of the best mountain bike parks in the Southwest of the US. 

It’s an excellent park for experienced riders who want to take advantage of all different types of trails – from flow trails and roller coaster rolling terrain to jump-worthy terrain and more.

Plus, riders get access to amazing views and 60 plus miles of lift-serviced trails, so there’s ample opportunity to take it slow and just enjoy the ride.

There’s truly something for everyone at this bike resort. 

3. Trestle Bike Park – Winter Park, Colorado 

Colorado competes with Utah in name-brand mountain resorts, and this bike park helps bump up the state’s adventure rating even further. 

Biking in the Rockies does not leave much to the imagination. You’ll get the scenic views, the wild thrills, the adrenaline rush, and everything in between. 

More specifically, the 40+ miles of lift-serviced terrains at Trastel Park include slope-style runs and heart-racing downhill runs that riders can’t seem to get enough of. 

Furthermore, this park hosts the Freeride Festival, which brings in 800 bike riders from all over the world each year. 

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4. Keystone Bike Park – Keystone, Colorado 

Another Colorado favorite is Keystone Bike Park. You have likely already heard of keystone for the winter slopes, perhaps because you enjoy light beer. Either way, if you haven’t been there for mountain biking, we recommend planning the trip! 

This is one of the most suitable bike parks for all levels, so if you’re a beginner and want to test out the trails, you’d be able to start with some casual cruising paths to get warmed up with little risk. 

Once you’re ready to get the heart pumping a bit more, you can choose from over 50 trails and 100 miles of single-track, professional-maintained trails!

5. Windrock Bike Park – Oliver Springs, Tennessee

The Western side of the country has a lot to offer when it comes to mountain biking, but if you’re closer to the Midwest and don’t want to travel too far for your next biking adventure, try Windrock Bike Park. 

WIndrock Bike Park is also known for hosting several regional and national mountain bike races, so if you’re interested in watching the top-notch competitors — or interested in being one — you should definitely put this park on your go-to list. 

6. Thunder Mountain Bike Park – Charlemont, Massachusetts

Thunder Mountain is one of the best bike parks in the Northeast due to the diversity of trails. There are many technical trails to explore in order to improve your skills, as well as jump trials and cross-country routes.

Thunder Mountain also hosts races for downhill and endurance MTB riders. 

Plus, if you (inevitably) wish to stay more than one day but either don’t want to splurge on a hotel or want to be closer to nature, you can find a spot at the park’s dedicated campsite. Rest up before hitting the trails the next day! 

The only downside to Thunder Mountain Bike Park and other bike parks in the Northeast is that there may be long lines for the lifts since they are more accessible from several large cities. 

Try to go during the weekdays or the shoulder seasons if you can. 

7. Big Sky Bike Park – Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky is a great mountain bike park to visit if you really want to get deep in the woods and have an extensive adventure.

This park has a notable network of backcountry trails, high lifts for downhill riding, and many opportunities for jumping and flow-riding. 

An additional perk for visiting Big Sky is that it is not too far from the famous Yellowstone National Park. 

Plus, there are many non-mountain biking activities to do at and around the park, so it would be almost effortless to make a more extended trip out of your visit. 

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If you visit one of the seven best bike parks in the US mentioned above, you honestly can’t go wrong! 

No matter where you go, you’ll have a great time because all of these parks have dedicated lots of time and effort to create an exciting, fun, and challenging yet rewarding experience for their MTB visitors. 

Check one of these mountain bike parks out and see for yourself!

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