About Us : Let’s Check Out Who is Behind The Site

Meet the team behind MyBikeXl

Mybikexl has grown its online presence by striving to offer unbiased information about cycling, biking, nutrition etc.. From comprehensive product reviews to really helpful answers to common questions.

We hope to become a trusted resource in the biking community, cycling enthusiasts, and aspiring athletes who’re looking for up-to-date reviews and guides.

​Nathan Jones : Semi – Professional Cyclist, Founder & Chief Editor

My name is nathan - I am the founder of mybikexl

​My name is ​Nathan and I’m a ​professional cyclist…  I’ve spent the last 11 years (man time flies!) fixing things with ​my bike, racing, learning, failing, and traveling with my bike. I’ve worked & participated in lots of bike events in my community and have won lots of prizes as well. Not to brag anything, but to show you that my words are worth listening to.

After a couple of years of getting a lot of requests from friends and my family members, I opened a Bike shop near my house and helping the new cycling enthusiastic people to pursue their goals.

In fact, I have developed my own system of learning cycle as fast as possible and become better within 12 weeks.

​Then I decided I could actually share what I know and do on a daily basis here, at ​Mybikexl. ( My second Home )​When I’m not writing for this site or doing some​ in my bike shop, I enjoy traveling and riding ​bikes with my buddies in the hill station.

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Mybikexl: ​What this ​site is all about?

​Mybikexl is all about helping bike & cycling enthusiastic people. I share my own opinion & real life experience just the way I like. I purchase lots of things on a weekly basis for my biking purpose. & for my own shop too. & Once I gain some information, I share those with you here at mybikexl.​ If you have anything to ask or just want to get in touch with me, use the contact page & give me a heads-up. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

To us, it is not just about owning a bike. It’s about a passion only fellow bike lovers and enthusiasts can understand. But we don’t discriminate; everyone is welcome to our bike hub, where bicycle owners and travelers are inspired and connected.

Who We Are

First of all, we at MybikeXL are not the know-it-all type. After many years in this industry, we still learn a lot every day. We would love to hear from anyone who has some experience we don’t have; you need to share it with us.

Chances are good that there are many fellow bikers out there who know something we don’t know, and we are happy to hear from you. Feel free to share your experience with us and everyone else in this community, and we will appreciate it a lot.

Our team also loves to share everything we know and continue to learn about bikes and ride them with the MybikeXL community. With over 11 years of professional experience in riding and fixing bikes and as a bicycle shop owner, we have a lot to offer and teach.

To sum it up: We are bicycle enthusiasts, just like you, who love to show off our experience and knowledge to all who want to know more.

The Principles of Our Company

We greatly value honesty, integrity, and just having fun with our bikes while keeping them safe to use and in top condition. We are all about making your life as a cyclist so much easier and more fun every time you get on your bike.

Because we love everything about bicycles, all we do comes from a good place, including sharing the best with you. This is also the reason why keeping up the right ethics is at the top of our list when it comes to fellow cyclists.

It is important to us that we add value to your life and your bike experience every time we provide you with advice. This is why you can trust our guidance when it comes to bikes and riding them for competitive and recreational intentions.

Our Mission

Everyone out there needs to have some type of hobby or recreational activity to blow off steam in these hectic times we live in. You can feel better and face anything life throws at you after a quick ride with your bike.

Our mission is to ensure that all fellow cyclists out there enjoy riding a bike that will not fail them. So, keeping your bike in the best condition is not just safe while riding on it but also gives you peace of mind.

This is what we strive for; whenever you get on that bike, our advice and knowledge go with you to keep you safe. This is what we stand by and will not deviate from – the safety and peace of mind of every bike enthusiast is our priority.

Remember, cycling is not just for one certain group of people. It is for everyone out there, young and old.

What MybikeXL Has to Offer

We offer everything you want to know about bicycles, whether it is fixing a tire or anything else. We are not shy to share our expertise, so navigate through our website and become part of the fellowship of bicycle enthusiasts.

All Types of Bikes

Our website is not just about your normal cycling bikes but also exercise bikes and even electric bikes. Simply go to the reviews to find out more about a certain brand or model, or read all reviews about bikes.

Newest Posts

Check out the most recent posts accessible from all pages to find out what is going on in the bicycle world. We’ll keep the posts coming so you don’t lose track of what is new and what is the best for you and your bike.


Want to know about locks, pumps, pedals, and anything else regarding bikes? Simply navigate to the accessories option on the menu and learn more. If you want to know about bike sizes, simply go to the size chart and become informed about which bike is the best for you based on your height.


Many resources and advice are available for those who want to learn more about riding, repair, and bikes in general. You will find great ideas and expert advice from our team of bike experts in the resources option of the website.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. We have much more to offer, so visit our website and find out.

Honesty in Our Reviews

Because we want you to have only the best, all our reviews are impartial and do not lure you into buying what we want rather than what you want. So whatever we say about anything from bikes to accessories are honest opinions and reviews about all the products.

As we said, honesty and integrity are at the top of our priority list, and that is what you will get from our reviews. Because we know how frustrating it is to buy something with your hard-earned money and be disappointed, we don’t want you to experience that.

We write reviews about all types of bikes and every type of accessory you will need as a proud bike owner. If you want to know anything about a certain bike, just navigate to the single bike reviews to learn more.

Our Website

Using our website is straightforward and easy, so anyone with a little browser navigation experience can use it. Learning to use it will also not be difficult with the intuitive layout and user-friendly design so everyone can feel at home.

Easy access is available to any of the pages you want to visit from anywhere on the website for quick and easy navigation. From bike reviews to accessories and all types of advice to the bike size chart, you have easy access to everything.

Quick and easy shortcuts will take you to the latest post from every page to keep you up to date all the time.

​Accuracy Disclaimer

​This site is written for entertainment purposes & to educate people about cycling. ​While we (myself & my team ) make every effort to be accurate, This site and its writers cannot be held liable for any omissions or inaccuracies. Please notify us of any errors via email ​or using the contact form here


​If you have any suggestions for topics you think we should write about or new products we should try, feel free to reach out using our contact form. You Can also email us using the following emails. Please note, Each email has a different purpose. We only reply if it’s relevant to the respective email.

For feedback, email us at: feedback@mybikexl.com

​For inquiries, email us at enquiries@mybikexl.com

​For customer support, email us at customersupport@mybikexl.com

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​The Mybikexl Team

​Dylan Flored – Our Content Manager & Editor

Dylan Flored

Hi! My name is Dylan, I work with Nathan as the Content Editor & manager of Mybikexl. I became passionate about cycling ever since a cool uncle of mine gifted me a bicycle when I was 11 years old. I didn’t like to know back then how to ride but I wanted to learn more about it, though, see what the fuss was about and that’s how my whole journey began. Today, I enjoy riding and writing about the different aspects of cycling life. I love how it brings family and friends together and I hope we can share similar thoughts and bring bike riding to the next level.

If you ever want to have a chat with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me : dyl.flored@mybikexl.com

​Julias Marcova – Our ​Social Media Manager


​Hi, I’m Julias, I manage the social media accounts of mybikexl. If you have questions or comments about our stuff, that’ll most likely be me replying to you. When I’m not online taking care of social media accounts for work, you can find me outdoors ​cycling with my buddies. Like everyone on the team, I am passionate about​ cycling and the good times that come out of it.

Feel free to reach me at Julias@​mybikexl.com