About Us : Let’s Check Out Who is Behind The Site

Meet the team behind MyBikeXl

Mybikexl has grown its online presence by striving to offer unbiased information about cycling, biking, nutrition etc.. From comprehensive product reviews to really helpful answers to the common questions.

We hope to become a trusted resource in the biking community, cycling enthusiasts and aspiring athletics who're looking for up-to-date reviews and guides.

​Nathan Jones : Professional Cyclist, Founder & Chief Editor

​My name is ​Nathan and I'm a ​professional cyclist..  I've spent the last 11 years (man time flies!) fixing things with ​my bikes, racing, learning, failing, traveling with my bike.

I've worked & participated in lots of bike events in my community and have won lots of prizes as well. Not to brag anything, but to show you that my words are worth listening to.

After a couple of years getting a lot of requests from friends and my family members, I have opened a Bike shop near my house and helping the new cycling enthusiastic people to pursue their goals.

In fact, I have developed my own system of learning cycle as fast as possible and become better within 12 weeks.

​Then I decided I could actually share what I know and do on a daily basis here, at ​Mybikexl.( My second Home )

​When I'm not writing for this site or doing some​ in my bike shop​, I enjoy traveling and riding ​bikes with my buddies in the hill station.

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Mybikexl: ​What  this ​site is all about?

​Mybikexl is all about helping the bike & cycling enthusiastic people. I share my own opinion & real life experience just the way I like.

I purchase lots of things on a weekly basis for my biking purpose. & for my own shop too. & Once I gain some information, I share those with you here at mybikexl.​

If you have anything to ask or just want to get in touch with me, use the contact page & give me a heads up. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

​Goldruschtour.com is now Mybikexl.com

We have helped thousands of people. Goldruschtour.com is a website dedicated to cycling lovers. But We have decided to rebrand our site so that our cool people can associate with us easily. Now, Mybikexl will represent all the content & helpful information for our readers.