Abus Bordo 5700 vs 6000 Bike Locks

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Gone are the days when riders used to carry u-locks and chains, today we have better substitutes in the form of folding locks that seem to be getting quite popular among people of all ages due to their benefits.

While there are a number of companies making folding locks, they are not all of the same quality. Our personal favorite is Abus as it is known to make products that are durable yet affordable.

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You will be quite impressed by the kind of products Abus offers as it has on display a number of folding locks, but today we are going to compare two of its most famous products, Bordo 5700 and Bordo 6000.

If you haven’t already thought of using folding locks, you should consider them as they have several benefits over traditional u-locks and chains. The most common benefit is the ease of use and carry.

Folding locks are compact and light in weight. This makes it easy to carry them. On the other hand, u-locks and chains are very heavy and carrying them can be a burden. So why stick to the old method when you have a better option at your disposal?

​The Differences Between Abus Bordo 5700 vs 6000

​Breaking it Down

The factors discussed above can help you compare the two products. We are going to expand more on this to help you pick the right item.

When it comes to a bike lock, the level of security it provides is the most important factor, but you have to pay attention to other factors as well, such as the warranty and ease to carry it. They all should play a vital role when picking a lock for your bike.

Now without much ado, let’s get into the details:

Panel Thickness

Brief introduction on what this feature is or why it matters, what the industry standard is, what customers usually expect, etc. Essentially, why is it worth talking about this and comparing both products on this particular aspect.

The thicker the panel, the better. It is quite understandable why panel thickness is of importance. If anyone tries to steal your bike, they will have to cut the lock, and the thicker a lock, the difficult it is to cut it.

Both the products are equally thick at 5mm, which may not be very good but provides decent protection. You cannot cut a 5mm panel easily, especially due to the shape of a folding lock that is not easy for thieves to maneuver.


​One of the biggest issues with a u-lock and chain is weight, but you have no such issues as folding locks are quiet light. While the average lock weighs about 3 lbs., our two products are even lighter than that with Bordo 5700 weighting just 1.84 lbs., and Bordo 6000 a little heavier at 2.69 lbs.


Length is of importance because you will not be able to lock your bike properly if it is small in length. Bordo 5700 takes a beat in this regard as it is 4 inches shorter than Bordo 6000.

Abus Rating

Have a look at Abus and you will notice that the company likes to rate its products based on how secure they are to use. This rating can help you understand what kind of protection a lock provides.

Bordo 5700 comes with a rating of 7/15, making it suitable for areas that are not very risky. On the other hand, while Bordo 6000 is a little more secure at 10/15, but it is also only suitable for less risky places as it is marked safe for low risk areas.

Bordo offers more secure products as well, but these two are suitable only for areas where theft is not very common.


You will not have any trouble in carrying Bordo products as they come with a rubber mount that you can connect with your bike and carry easily. Plus, both the product can be folded without any trouble.


Both the locks come with 2 year of warranty. This makes these locks a good choice as you can use them without any worries. Plus, they are quite durable and you will not have much of a problem in using them.

​Let’s ​have a look at some Pros and Cons of each model

​Bordo 5700

319R5FmV3kL. SL500


  • Lightweight
  • Color matched body
  • Cheaper


  • ​Shorter
  • Not suitable for high risk areas

​Bordo 6000

31+pNWtZFwL. SL500


  • ​Longer
  • ​Better rating


  • ​Heavier
  • Not suitable for high risk areas
  • Expensive

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Winner : Abus Bordo 5700 or Abus Bordo 6000

When you look at it, both the products are quite similar as they are of the same thickness and offer mild level protection. You can check the crime rate of your area or where you travel to be sure the product is suitable for you as they are not very good for areas where bike theft is a normal occurrence.

On the positive side, both the products are quite easy to use. You might have a bit of difficulty when you use the 5700 for the first time, but you will eventually get used to it. Bordo 6000 uses the same mechanism but is a little easier to operate.

Bordo 5700 can connect with even the most weird of objects, but its length can make it difficult at times. However, the good thing is that two Bordo locks can be connected to each other to increase the length.

​You also do not have to worry about either of the products ruining the paint as the steel bars are coated and will not cause any damage to the product.

​Both the locks come with 2 keys, you can carry one and keep the other one secure in case you lose the first one. Pick one according to your requirements.

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