Abus Bordo 6000 vs 6500: What Are The Differences?

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A bike lock is a necessity in today’s time with increasing thefts all around the country. There are a number of companies offering bike locks out there but Abus ranks one of the top due to its durable products that are available at affordable rates.

While there are many ways to safeguard your bikes, folding locks are the new option that seem to be getting popular day by day. They provide several advantages over traditional chains and u-locks, which is why so many people use them.

They are typically made from metal plates that are connected with the help of rivets. These plates rotate with the help of these rivets to lock the bike. Moreover, due to the design they are easy to carry as they are compact and light in weight.

In fact, they are lighter than chains and u-locks, and while they might not offer the same internal space that standard locks do, their unique shape give you more locking options than a u-lock. Moreover, you can easily connect two together to get more area. This is important because folding locks usually do not offer the same length that chains do, but the ability to connect two locks can solve this problem.

Now that you know the benefits of a folding lock, let’s move to picking the best one. In this article, we are going to compare two of the best products from Abus, Bordo 6000 and Bordo 6500.

Abus is a known name in the industry and is considered a leader by many, which is why we selected two of its best products to compare. Also, we have already compared it with other models like this one : Abus Bordo 5700 vs 6000.

Abus Bordo 6000 vs 6500: Differences & Comparison

​Breaking it Down

We are going to compare the two products based on the factors discussed above. When it comes to a bike lock, the most important thing is the level of security provided. However, other factors need to be considered as well. For example, what’s the point of a lock if it is too heavy to carry?

We are going to discuss all these factors to find the ultimate lock.

Panel Thickness

Panel thickness is of huge importance as it provides you the protection that you need against bolt cutters. While folding locks are less thicker than u-locks, they do provide great protection, especially due to their position as they are difficult for thieves to maneuver.

Bordo 6000 offers 5 mm of thickness compared to 5.5 mm against Bordo 6500’s. While the difference might not be huge on paper, the latter is a lot more difficult to break than the former, hence it provides more safety as well.


Weight is important because you would not like to carry a heavy lock. Bordo 6000 wins in this regard as it is about 1 lb lighter than Bordo 6500 and hence is much easier to carry. But, this is also quite understandable as the thicker a lock, the heavier it would be.


Bordo 6000 is a little longer than Bordo 6500, but the difference isn’t much.

​Abus Rating

Abus is one of the few manufacturers out there that like to rate its own products. For Bordo 6000, the rating is 10/15, which indicates it is perfect for mid level security.

Remember that the rating does not show the quality of the product, but the level of protection it provides. This mid security lock is perfect for areas that are not very unsafe.

On the other hand, Bordo 6500 comes with a perfect rating of 15/15. This indicates the lock provides solid protection and is perfect even for high-risk areas.


​Bordo 6000 is very easy to carry as it comes with a mount that can fit in different places on your bike. Similarly, Bordo 6500 also comes with a solid rubber mount so the two are same in this regard.


​Both the products come with 2 year warranty, which is quite good as you will be safe for 2 years in case anything goes wrong.

​Abus Bordo 6000: Final Say

Abus Bordo 6000 is a medium level lock that is perfect if you live in an area that is not very risky. Now, this you can check by looking at the crime rates of your region.

The beauty comes with bars that are carefully coated to make sure your vehicle is not damaged when you apply the lock. It also offers link construction for compact folding, making it easy to carry in the bag that it comes with.

The product is solid and is made of quality steel. Moreover, it comes with two keys so you can use one and keep one safe in case you lose the other one.

Read our detailed review of the Abus Bordo 6000 Bike Lock here.

Abus Bordo 6500: ​​Final say

​Abus Bordo 6500 is not much different from Abus Bordo 6000, but offers better protection against the former as it has a thicker panel. This makes the product safe to use even in regions that are at high risk, however it is a little heavier than the former and is also is a little shorter.

The beauty also comes with two keys but they have integrated LED lights. Moreover, it also keeps the paint on your bike secure as it comes coated.

Looking for more options? Don’t worry.

​Pros and Cons

​Bordo 6000 Pros and Cons

31+pNWtZFwL. SL500


  • ​Lightweight
  • Longer
  • ​Cheaper


  • ​Not suitable for high risk areas
  • Less thick

​Bordo 6500 Pros and Cons

31k4EDSisWL. SL500


  • ​Thicker
  • ​Better security
  • ​Keys come with LED lights


  • ​Heavier
  • ​Shorter
  • Expensive

Winner: Abus Bordo 6000 or Abus Bordo 6500?

Choosing a good folding lock system for your bike is as important as you value your money. That is why we have broken down two popular models out there.If you have low budget and you live in a low theft area then you can opt for Bordo 6000. It is cheaper than the other option but offers less security. However, if you want to put all your worries to rest then Bordo 6500 should be your go-to option as it offers better security.

While the latter is a little heavy to carry, the difference isn’t much. Plus, they both can be very compact in size and be carried around in the rubber bag they come with. All in all, pick one that meets your needs the best.

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