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I know you are here, probably wondering whether spin classes are good, and whether to join one.

Many people also wonder if –

is spinning a good workout?

does spin class work?

I would say yes, because like your regular outdoor cycling, spin classes are a great way to build on your lean muscles, lose weight, and improve on the general body fitness. So yes, Spin Class work and it’s good too.

What is a Spin Class?

A spin class is a high-intensity workout that simulates outdoor cycling; only that it uses a stationary bike.

The result is a fixed gear bike that looks more like a track bike and will keep your legs constantly moving, and you’ll need to apply pressure to slow your pace.

Unlike a regular bike, an indoor bike is always moving, meaning that every second of your time is put into good use.

Generally, most of the spin classes last from 30-45, and rarely necessary for them to be longer; in any case, this is enough time to get you physically exhausted.

Most of the spin classes are under the supervision of an instructor, who oversees the entire spinning activities. Enrolling in a spin class with a qualified instructor is particularly handy to the cycling enthusiasts looking to improve their outdoor performance.

Top 6 Benefits Of Spinning

When it comes to a list of the health and mental benefits of spinning, the list goes on and on.

From the improvements that show up in the mirror such as gain in muscle, and better physique, to the invigorating feeling that one experiences when you hop into the saddle, spinning offer numerous health benefits.

And below we shall highlight the top six benefits of spinning

1. Burn Calories

Spin classes are a great way of burning calories. Depending on the intensity and duration of your spin classes, you can expect to burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories per class.

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research indicates that indoor cycling and strength training are enough to have a positive effect on both the endurance and strength without the needs of changing dietary habits.

Be it as it may, it’s still a good idea to accompany your spin classes with a healthy diet that includes plenty of carbs and proteins.

2. Cardiovascular Benefits

Spinning is similar to other forms of cardio, such as running, elliptical training, and swimming and offers an incredible way of improving cardiovascular health.

However, unlike other forms of cardio exercises, spinning will allow you to reap the cardiovascular benefits without putting too much stress on your joints.

benefits of spinning indoor cycling

A study published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation found out that spinning was better than cycling at improving physical fitness.

3. Low Impact Exercise

Spinning is a low impact exercise, meaning it’s generally less hard on your body, particularly to the joints.

Also, low impact exercises are a great way to get your heart pumping and at the same time reducing the risk of getting injured. And this is why spinning is an inspired choice for those with injuries or recovering from surgery.

Don’t get me wrong; spinning will still allow you to get a great workout; it only affords you to take your exercise in a controlled way, and at the same time allowing to focus on your fitness goals.

4. Build Lean Muscle Definition

One of the notable physical benefits of spinning is the addition of lean muscular definition.

Typically, the primary muscular definition is manifested in the legs as well as your core, since these are the major parts of your body that are used for riding.

5. Strengthen your Core and Rep a Six Pack

One of the essentials of a proper spin class session is having proper posture.

The correct posture will allow you to work out the correct muscles group, including the legs, but most importantly, the abdominal muscles.

Spinning is nothing like outdoor cycling as it gives both your upper body and leg a rhythm. More importantly, it allows you to take on a slightly bent position as well as side to side movements and combined; these movements will work at boosting the abdominal muscles as well as strengthening your core.

While the results are not evident immediately, this benefit builds over time, and ultimately, you’ll start to feel your body toning up.

6. Releases Happy Hormones

You might not believe us just yet-but when you jump on a spin bike, and take part in a spin class; you’ll feel better coming out than you went in.

Like any other exercise, spin classes trigger the release of endorphins, the good feel hormones, into your bloodstream.

See, when endorphins or the good feel hormones interact with your brain receptors, they initiate a happy feeling. This is to mean that while you might feel physically tired after the spin classes, you’ll be psychologically high.

When Is Indoor Cycling OK?

Indoor cycling is the perfect substitute for the outdoor cycling; and like the latter, it offers plenty of health benefits.

This is because the act of pedaling the saddles on your indoor bike equates to pedaling the outdoor bike, both of which will expend your energy.

Now, we are not about to suggest that you ditch your bicycle, altogether, it’s worth considering what an indoor bike can do for you.

Indoor cycling is worth considering, especially if you have serious limitations or health issues such as chronic osteoporosis. Given that indoor cycling is a low impact exercise, it will allow you to keep fit without exerting too much pressure on the bones and joints.

Indoor cycling is also worth considering if you’re looking to build on the lean muscles of your legs. More importantly, it’s ideal if you’re targeting a specific set of muscles as you can modify the resistance and performance metrics of an indoor bike to meet your physical or demands.

Spinning Mistakes: Why You Haven’t Lost Weight

Though spinning is peddled as a direct path to weight loss, it’s not always a straightforward affair. In any case, many do not achieve their weight loss goal, even after consistent indoor cycling sessions.

loose weight using cycling

If you’re wondering why that is so, here are a few mistakes you might probably be making.

  • Your Bike Is Not Set Up Properly

If your spin bike is not set up properly, it will greatly derail your weight loss ambitions. For starters, it means that you won’t keep up with your peers/instructor, you won’t be able to challenge yourself, and you even risk of injuring your knees.

  • Wrong Posture

Assuming you the bike adjusted, you should ensure that you feel comfortable too. Ideally, you should have a smooth movement as you push the pedals.

The correct posture stipulates that;

  • Both your feet are firmly rooted to the pedals
  • Ensure you engage your core
  • Sit bones planted evenly
  • Your elbows must be slightly bent
  • You’re Not Challenging Yourself Enough

Unlike outdoor cycling or any other cycling, the success of indoor cycling is largely dependent on you. This is because you’re in control of the gears, meaning you’ll determine which intensity to go with.

  • Giving Yourself a Dietary Pass

Sure, spinning is a high-intensity workout, but this is not to mean that you can engage in all manner of health depravities such as junk feeding.

No, that’s not the reality. Regardless of how hard you work out, you’re unlikely to burn more than 600 calories per session and so if you consume a piece of chocolate cake, 535 calories, you’re basically negating all the hard work.

Frequently asked question:

Can Anyone Take a Spin Class?

Spin classes are accommodative at the very least and will allow users of different abilities to challenge themselves as they like.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete newbie or an Olympic champion, spin classes will allow you to take on your challenge without interfering with that of the other.

A handy thing about the spin bike is tthey havea resistance dial, allowing you to modify your training depending on your skill or rather what you’re goals. As such, rarely do people get dropped or feel frustrated in spinning classes as they can determine their pace and set up for a challenge they can handle.

Are Spin Classes Good for Weight Loss?

Whether you’re looking to slim down for a special event or to keep it, exercises, alongside proper diet must be part of your weight-loss equation.

It’s a well-known fact that exercises help in the preservation of muscle mass, which is beneficial to your body, more importantly, to your appearance. This is not to mention that maintaining an ideal muscle mass will make it weight loss easier to sustain in the long haul.

While a leisurebike ride won’t help you loss a few extra pounds, indoor cycling will do.

Generally, a 45-minute indoor class will help you shed anywhere from 400 to 600 calories. More importantly, indoor cycling will help to rev up your metabolism, while offering a chance to tone and strengthen your muscles.

How long does spin class last?

Most spin classes last for around 45-60 minutes

Is spinning bad for your back?

In general, NO. Spining is not bad for your back unless you have major back problem. I hightly recommend consulting a doctor if you are facing isuue while spinning.

Is spinning bad for your knees?

Spinning  gets you to those high heart-rate zones STATUS without slamming your joints. It helps to  strengthening the muscles and ligaments in the legs responsible for knee pain. So it’s not bad for your knees.

Does spinning tone your bum?

Yes. Your glutes and quads are the muscles that benefit most from spin classes.

Stuff / Accessories You Need For Spinning Class

Alright. now you have made your decision to give spin class a shot. Now what? Well, you need some basic accessories that will help you throughout your journey. I recommend you to look at this women’s spin shoes article we just published a few days ago. We are putting together for male also & will add the links to the article here.

Next up : A Computer

You know, tracking things will make your life easier and help you to achieve your fitness goal. If you are into indoor cycling, I highly recommend to get a spin bike computer just to keep tracking from the very beginning. It will not only help you to monitor but also a good way to organize your routine. Our spin bike computer guide is a good place to start looking. In that article, I have recommended my personal favorite one that has been my go to tracker.

Here’s a video for you to learn more:


Are spin classes good for you? I would say yes.

We’ve already covered a lot of ground on the indoor cycling, and you can see you’re bound to reap a lot of benefits from spin classes.

What are you waiting for?

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