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We all remember the carefree days of riding our bicycles around the neighborhood and may sometimes wish we could return to those times. But, perhaps we lack the freedom of time to leisurely move toward our destination.

An electric bike works as a hybrid between a traditional bike and a car. An electric bike offers added speed while you soak in the outdoors.

Electric bikes are a great travel option. They could be an alternative to a car that allows driving on streets and be compact enough for tiny parking spots. They also grant the driver more control during the ride, unlike a pedaling bike. Electric bikes run on batteries which makes them a more eco-friendly choice over a car.

With many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine how to find the best all-around electric bike. These are some factors to consider when choosing yours:

  • Battery life
  • Acceleration
  • Adaptation to speed controls
  • Added Features
  • Cost
  • E-bike classifications

What will the primary purpose of this bike be? That will help you determine how long of a battery life you need for your travel and what speed control system would most coincide with your commute.

Once this is established, the added features will be more straightforward for you to decide. These considerations will have you on your way to finding the best all-around electric bike.

While the end purpose of a decent bike to accompany travel rests with the consumer, allow us to narrow your search to a few electric bike brands that have received numerous good reviews. These electric bikes come highly rated when you search for the best all-around electric bike.

Best All-Around Electric Bike For Any Lifestyle

We have taken hundreds of electric bikes on the market and compiled a list of 17 brands to consider when purchasing your best all-around electric bike.

  1. Ancheer
  2. Aventon
  3. Bakcou
  4. BUZZ
  5. Engwe eBikes
  6. Evelo
  7. Gazelle
  8. HaiBike
  9. Himiway
  10. Juiced Bikes
  11. Lectric
  12. Pedego
  13. Rambo
  14. Ride1UP
  15. Rad Power
  16. QuietKat
  17. VVolt

For our purposes in this article, we will not be expanding on each brand individually as some brands are synonymous with each other. However, we will be pointing out several top models, their unique characteristics as a company, and a recommendation for the best electric bike to buy from their company.

Comparison Chart

Ancheer Bikes
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Engwe Bikes

Ancheer Bikes

Ancheer has been rapidly growing in the fitness industry due to its strong business ethics and how its sustained leadership the way in health products for half a decade. All of their electric bikes are under $1000.

They offer different options in folding bikes, scooters, electric mountain bikes, and commuter bikes to suit your needs. You can peruse their site to check them out for yourself.

Their recommendation for the best bike is the Ancheer AE4 20 Inch Wheel Folding City Commuter Electric Bike AM1908. Some of the features of this bike include waterproof, 7-speed transmission, a folding frame for storage, tested brakes, and a headlamp for evening travel.


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Aventon’s specialty is designing bikes for performance quality that are intended for extended travel. Their electric bikes are perfect for off-roading or any uneven terrain. Because of this, their bikes are exceptionally durable.

Aventon bikes are more expensive than Ancheer, ranging from $1300–$2000, but they offer financing options to make the purchase more feasible for their customers.

On their website, Aventon has filters for bike size, price, frame, and highest speed for convenience when shopping. According to this article, the best all-around Aventon electric bike is the Aventon Pace 500.



Bakcou’s signature distinction is their 48V-25ah battery, the longest-lasting electric bike battery available for purchase. This enables their bikes to be more suitable for long-distance travel or in areas where you may not have immediate access to an area to recharge the battery.

Bakcou also specializes in fat bikes. These are bikes with wider tires to provide substantial grip on loose terrains such as sand, snow, or gravel. Their ability to handle rough ground makes their electric bikes perfect for any outdoor trails and different seasonal climates.

Bakcou’s recommendations for the best all-around electric bike are the Scout, Carbon Alpha, and Storm Jager. Their bikes are more of an investment as the prices range from $6,100 to $8,300.

Engwe Bikes

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Engwe Bikes has been in the bicycle business for over 20 years, perfecting its craft to bring the consumer the best all-around electric bike.

They focus primarily on fat-tire bikes and have a few key features that set their business apart:

  • An I-ERS system that reduces energy consumption downhill (environmentally friendly)
  • An aluminum alloy frame

If you want an Engwe bike, the best all-around electric bike would be the Engwe Engine Pro 750W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike with 12.8Ah Battery and Hydraulic Suspension.

This bike can maneuver in any terrain, has a max speed of 100 mph, and has an extended electrical charge range. Wherever you are looking to bike, this one can be a fit.


Ibex3Quarter min

QuietKat electric bikes are among the toughest in the industry and are built especially for rugged territory. They come with a lifetime guarantee and are manufactured to last.

QuietKat sells accessories such as trailers and cargo holders since these electric bikes are the top choice for hunting or fishing in remote country areas. They have also partnered with Jeep to create electric bikes that can go the distance off-road unlike any other electric bike on the market.

The best all-around electric bike from QuietKat would be the Villager Urban E-Bike. This electric bike has the durability to go off-trail riding without added bulk, making the bike more equipped to change lanes or speeds while commuting.



The VVolt electric bike company exists to make electric bikes for the average person as a more eco-friendly option over an automobile. They believe in electric bikes as a form of social travel and look for ways to edit their designs to better cater to those in their daily life.

VVolt strives for functionality and simplicity in its electric bikes. VVolt bikes are easy to put together and come with a lengthy warranty of three years.

From VVolt, we recommend the Alpha, which is designed to be their everyday electric bike perfect for commuting in residential areas or light travel.

This bike is lightweight, lasts five and a half hours on a single charge, and has a top speed of 20 mph. This bike works well for someone who is looking to travel leisurely to their destinations.


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RadPower bikes are among the most popular in the United States. They have perfected their bikes for 15 years and revolutionized their customer experience by partnering with bicycle shops across the country to better meet the needs of their customer wherever they are.

RadPower is truly an industry leader. If you are looking for a bike with wide mobility and easy access, consider the Rad City 5 Plus Step Thru.


There are many high-quality electric brands on the market with superior ratings. This list touches on a few that have the qualifications to make them a candidate for the best all-around electric bike.

However, you, the rider, must make the final call to determine the best all-around electric bike for your budget and lifestyle.

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