Best Balance Bike for 5-Year-Old

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If your 5-year old isn’t quite ready for a pedal bike, a balance bike may be just the answer. Balance bikes are proven to get kids riding faster than a trike or training wheels.

However, finding the perfect bike for your child can be challenging with so many balance bikes on the market. Some bikes have better features and are more durable than other models. Many are also suited to different sized kids, experience levels, and terrains.

Because balance bikes can be costly, it’s essential to choose the one that will give your child the most benefit. Read on to learn more about balance bikes and how to choose the best balance bike for a 5-year old.

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Best Balance Bike for 5 Year Old – Our Top Picks

We’ve chosen our best balance bikes for 5-year olds. We give you picks for every situation and budget. We’ve found the best, so you don’t have to spend time scouring the internet.

Comparison Chart

71QvQ1Fw6FL. AC SL1500
Strider 14x Sport
7180s3j4qgL. AC SL1500
Joystar Kids Balance Bike
71tv WIMD0S. AC SL1494
Bixe 16″ Pro Balance Bike for Big Kids
61MW6OeziBL. AC SL1200
Joystar Balance Bike With Footrest

Best Overall: Strider 14x Sport

71QvQ1Fw6FL. AC SL1500

While the Strider 12 Sport is their most popular bike and a balance bike standard, it is ideal for younger kids up to age five. As such, we recommend the 14x Sport for five-year-olds. This model is designed for kids ages three to seven, giving your kid several years of use with this bike.

Most 5-year olds aren’t too far from learning to ride a two-wheeler, and Strider knows that. The 14x Sport has a pedal conversion kit that can be purchased separately. This bike will be easy to upgrade when your child is ready to advance, and you won’t have to buy a new bike too quickly.


  • Easy assembly
  • Can convert to a pedal bike
  • Encourages proper posture


  • Heavy
  • No brake

Best Budget Option: Joystar Kids Balance Bike

7180s3j4qgL. AC SL1500

There’s no limit to what you can spend on a balance bike, but if you’re on a budget, the Joystar is a good option. A budget bike may be the best balance bike for a 5-year old because they’re not likely to need it for as long as a younger child.

The Joystar Kids Balance Bike is an affordable option. It has EVA tires, making it lightweight and best for smoother surfaces. The seat and handlebars adjust, making this an excellent bike to hand down to a younger sibling once your child is riding a two-wheeler.


  • Comes in several fun colors
  • Easy to adjust and assemble
  • lightweight


  • Seat post isn’t as high as some other balance bikes
  • Paint can chip if you’re not careful

Best for Bigger Kids: Bixe 16″ Pro Balance Bike for Big Kids

71tv WIMD0S. AC SL1494

If your five-year-old is on the taller side, you’ll want a balance bike with larger wheels. The Bixe Pro has 16″ wheels to give even the tallest five-year-olds extra legroom. This bike will grow with your child, making it ideal for kids who don’t pick up riding a two-wheeler quickly.

The Bixe Pro is white and comes in four bright accent colors. It has air-filled tires, so you can ride it on rougher roads as well as sidewalks. It looks like a big-kid bike, which will give your child confidence as they learn to ride.


  • Comes partially assembled
  • Air-filled tires
  • Can last your child several years


  • A little heavy
  • expensive

Best With Footrest: Joystar Balance Bike With Footrest

61MW6OeziBL. AC SL1200

As your kid gets more comfortable with a balance bike, they’ll be able to coast for longer distances. Some older kids may like a balance bike with a footrest. They can use the footrest instead of kicking their legs out in front of them.

Our top pick for a balance bike with a footrest is the Joystar Balance Bike With Footrest. It has a well-placed footrest that will help your child get even better at balancing. We also like that the footrest isn’t too wide. When kids ride a balance bike with a wide footrest, they often rub the sides of their legs against it while they’re moving the bike forward.

The Joystar also comes in four stylish colors: black, turquoise, and mint green. The camel-colored seat and handlebar grips make this bike look much more high-end.


  • Footrest isn’t too wide
  • Good price
  • lightweight


  • Some kids find a footrest uncomfortable
  • Wheels may be out of round

What Is a Balance Bike?

After reviewing these top products, you hopefully have a good idea about which bike will put a smile on your kid’s face. However, it’s essential to understand what qualifies as a balance bike.

A balance bike is like a standard bike – the only difference is that it doesn’t have pedals. It also doesn’t use training wheels like most bikes for smaller children. Kids simply kick along with their feet. They eventually learn to pick up their feet and coast.

Some bikes may come with add-on pedals, and other manufacturers sell them separately.

Why Choose a Balance Bike Over Training Wheels or a Tricycle?

While many kids start out riding a bike or a trike before learning to ride a two-wheeler, many parents are now opting for a balance bike, and for good reason. Balance bikes allow kids to focus strictly on balancing before adding in pedaling. It’s easier than learning to balance and pedal all at once.

Both training wheels and trikes are easy to tip, making them unsafe on some terrains. Training wheels give kids a false sense of balance, making it more challenging to transition to a two-wheeler.

Additionally, balance bikes give kids the speed they crave. If your family enjoys biking together, your little one will be able to keep up with the rest of the crew.

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Parting Thoughts

A balance bike can give your kid the confidence they need to get into bike riding. Your kid will love the freedom and speed they can’t get from other training bikes. Any of these bikes are a good fit to get your child on the road or trail.

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