Best Basic Bike Helmet

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These days it seems every bike gear item on the market has 25 different specs and a thousand different options to choose from.

And while this is exciting and helpful, especially for people with very niche interests, needs, or use cases, these options can end up feeling overwhelming to the common buyer.

More specifically, people looking for bike helmets may feel that the options presented offer so many features that they don’t really need.

These specs may be helpful for people who want to go mountain biking, racing, or cycle across cities, but people looking to just ride their bikes for fun on occasion or while commuting to work may be better suited with a basic bike helmet.

Thus, we’ve listed and described three of the best basic bike helmets on the market.

They still have some interesting features that make them stand out, but are basic in their overall functionality, have simple and clean designs, and are easy to understand.

Comparison Chart

OutdoorMaster Cycling Helmet
71l5E3pBikL. AC SL1500
Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet
71+AErIbgTS. AC SL1500
Retrospec Dakota Bicycle Helmet

1. OutdoorMaster Cycling Helmet

The OutdoorMaster Cycling Helmet is the best basic bike helmet for cyclists who simply want a safe, simple, and easy-to-adjust helmet.

This is also a versatile helmet, as you can use it for cycling as well as rollerblading, skateboarding, in-line skating, longboarding, and more.

The design is simple, classic, and won’t go out of style. Plus, you’ll have 11 different color options to choose from, with some unique options like mint green, sea green, and lemon.

The way a helmet fits is crucial, and this helmet is also equipped with a removable liner and a comfort-focused adjustability strap so that you can find the right fit for your head.

The OutdoorMaster Cycling Helmet doesn’t have all the frills and features of some other helmets, but ultimately, it works well, looks great, and provides a safe helmet for cycling and other sports.


  • A safe and sturdy helmet
  • Comfortable adjustable strap
  • Classic style
  • 11 color options
  • Removable liner
  • Versatile, multi-sport use


  • Some people find it a bit more uncomfortable than other bike helmets

2. Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet

71l5E3pBikL. AC SL1500

The Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet is the best basic bike helmet for high-intensity riders.

If you’re going to be cycling all over town, doing jumps and tricks, or riding on sweltering days, you want a bike helmet that’s safe, supportive, and moisture-wicking.

The Triple Eight helmet meets the mark in all three areas.

For starters, this helmet has an ABS shell equipped with an impact-absorbing conehead liner that absorbs energy from an impact and spreads the force sideways.

This ultra-safe helmet feature reduces the chance of head injury from intense, adventurous, and risk-seeking cycling.

Additionally, the Gotham helmet fully complies with the U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets if the wearer is five years of age or older. It meets the ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards as well.

It’s supportive as well, given its adjustable chin strap and side release buckle, which helps you achieve a perfect fit.

Plus, this helmet has your back — well, your head — when it comes to sweat resistance as well. It comes with two moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads designed to keep your head as dry and cool as possible on the hottest days.

Finally, the design is simple yet chic, appropriate for both urban and natural environments. This helmet proves that “basic” does not have to mean “ugly.”


  • Safe — ABS shell, impact-absorbing cone head, safety standard-compliant
  • Supportive — adjustable straps and side release buckle for proper fit
  • Moisture-wicking — comes with Sweatsaver Fit Pads
  • Chic, sleek design that fits in nicely in any environment


  • May not be true to size — check the specific measurements before purchasing

3. Retrospec Dakota Bicycle Helmet

71+AErIbgTS. AC SL1500

Suppose you liked that the OutdoorMaster Helmet had plenty of color options on a simple and classic style but didn’t feel that attracted to any of those specific colors. In that case, you may prefer the designs of the Retrospec Dakota Bicycle Helmet instead.

This brand offers a more mature palette of color options suitable for an equally more mature audience. The color palette makes sense, as, unlike the previous two helmets, this helmet is designed specifically for adults.

The Retrospec helmet has a safe ABS shell with a comfortable and highly protective EPS liner.

Plus, if ventilation is crucial to you, you’ll be pleased to know that this helmet has ten vents to keep you cool on hot or long riding days.

These vents also work with the DEWCOLLECTOR interior padding to help wick away moisture in addition to bacteria and stench.

All in all, this helmet design prevents unnecessary and uncomfortable irritation that users may experience with other helmets.

Plus, you’ll receive a set of two interchangeable pads to ensure that the helmet fits your head just right, as a well-fitting helmet is not just more comfortable but also much safer.

Finally, this helmet’s lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for cyclists who plan on riding their bikes all day long.


  • 12 bright yet mature color options
  • Safe — ABS shell and protective EPS liner
  • Supportive — Interchangeable pads and adjustable straps to ensure the proper fit
  • DEWCOLLECTOR padding — wicks away sweat, bacteria, and stench
  • Prevents head irritation
  • Versatile, multi-sport use

Lightweight design appropriate for long-distance riding


  • It may make your head look huge 
  • No X-large option


When looking for a good bike helmet, you may come across plenty of options with fancy visors, dozens of ventilation pockets, and different types of foam, lighting, intricate designs, straps, and settings.

Competitive riders, mountain bikers, long-distance cyclists, people who ride during the night, and other specific, niche riders may prefer these fancier, more expensive, and more complex bike helmet options. But if you’re just looking for the best basic bike helmet, these types of products can quickly feel like overkill.

We hope you found this article describing the three best basic bike helmets helpful and reassuring so that you can choose a simple helmet and start riding without any further delay or confusion.

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