The Best Basket for Bikes

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Mounting a basket to the handlebars of your bike is the best way to transport goods. Sure, a backpack can also do the trick, but a backpack doesn’t provide the same fashion statement, let alone the stability of a basket.

When I think of a bike basket, I think of a wire basket mounted on the front of the handlebars as someone leisurely pedals down the road with a bouquet bursting from the wire design. However, there are plenty of basket types.

Whether you’re pedaling up the road to your friend’s house with lunch or taking your cat for a bicycle cruise, mounting a bike basket frees up your hands for more vital bicycling tasks. While the classic wire basket design is readily available to consumers, there are plenty of other bike basket designs and styles to choose from.

No matter your reasoning for a bike basket, here are the five best contenders for the best basket for bikes on today’s market.

Top 5 Best Bike Baskets

Here are our top picks for the best five bike baskets for different needs.

Comparison Chart

91qHnR1WL L. SL1500
Retrospec Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket
71BIqmCTujS. SL1000
Anzome Bike Basket
817M0zO9+AL. SL1500
Topeak Trolley Tote
71oF4T41u0L. AC SL1500
Mattisam Handlebar Bag
71ZorGd9OeL. SL1200
Bushwacker Omaha Grocery Basket

Retrospec Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket: Best Overall

91qHnR1WL L. SL1500

Did someone mention a wire basket? We know you’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s here! The best overall bike basket is the Retrospec Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket. This basket has it all. From the classic wire look to a spill-free design, this bike basket ensures your times won’t fall out while still keeping things traditional.

The durable steel mesh covering the bottom layer of the basket ensures the smaller items you transport won’t fall through the wire spacing, while the top wiring portrays the traditional bike basket style.

Available in various colors, consumers can purchase the basket that best suits their style and bike color. The steel is coated in plastic, making it durable to environmental elements and ensuring wear won’t immediately show.

Easy installation and carrying handles boast convenience and ease of use. If you’re looking for a classic bike basket style that proves functional, the Retrospec Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket is a top contender.

Anzome Bike Basket: Best Pet Carrier

71BIqmCTujS. SL1000

We all know that transporting your furry friend is the ultimate purpose of a bike basket. Whether you believe that is true or not, the Anzome Bike Basket is the perfect basket to complete such a task.

This flexible bike basket is made of durable oxford fabric situated on a metal frame. The strength of the metal frame ensures your pet doesn’t weigh down the basket to the point it snaps off the handlebar. One of the critical features of this basket is its waterproof makeup.

Sometimes our beloved pets have accidents or dirty paws that require the carrier to need cleaning. Luckily, you can easily remove the fabric lining from the metal frame for easy cleaning. Even if you don’t use this bag as a pet carrier, you can haul groceries or other items you want to keep your eyes on.

If you’re looking for a pet trailer for your bike instead, check out our review of the best pet trailers.

Topeak Trolley Tote: Best for Groceries

817M0zO9+AL. SL1500

Not only does the Topeak Trolley Tote mount to the back of your bike, but it also proves a handy grocery carrier. Since this basket is mounted to the back of the bike, it is larger than most bike baskets, which means you can carry more items.

We like this basket for groceries because of its durable sides and stability. This basket mounts to your back rack and, when removed, is easily transported from your bike to your kitchen with its built-in wheels and extending handle.

You can fold the sides down for easy storage when not using this basket. Whether you use your bike regularly to transport groceries or you need a durable basket to carry books from one class to the next, the Topeak Trolley Totes proves convenient and beneficial.

Mattisam Handlebar Bag: Best Insulated

71oF4T41u0L. AC SL1500

Our favorite bike basket for transporting items that must maintain a specific temperature is the Mattisam Handlebar Bag. This insulated bike basket is designed specifically for your convenience as the main pocket keeps your drinks cold, while the two sides mesh pockets provide additional storage.

The protective polyester exterior fabric protects the interior from environmental elements such as moisture or sharp, penetrating objects. Attaching this bag to your handlebars is simple and does require any special tools.

The Mattisam Handlebar Bag is easy to clean, and the durable zippers ensure you won’t be replacing the bag after a few uses. This bag’s price point may be the selling point as it won’t break the bank and looks great on your bicycle!

Bushwacker Omaha Grocery Basket: Best Dual System Basket

71ZorGd9OeL. SL1200

Just because the title of the basket implies it, the Bushwacker Omaha Grocery Basket isn’t only for transporting groceries. The reason we like this basket is due to its dual system. With mounting features for the back of the bike, this basket has two compartments, one on each side of the wheel.

This dual-compartment technology means you can keep items separate if necessary while still keeping the transportation integrity of a bike basket. These bags are made from a dense mesh that allows breathability while preventing small items from falling out.

The Bushwacker Omaha Grocery Basket folds for easy storage when not in use. This bike basket gets its name due to its size, as each compartment can fit a full-sized grocery bag with ease. Whether you’re on a quest for a grocery bike basket or one that boasts ample storage, this bike basket is a top contender.

Final Thoughts

The best basket for bikes is one that comes in handy when you find yourself needing to transport products via bicycle that you can’t stuff into a backpack. Whether you’re transporting your groceries or giving your furry friend a ride, having a bike basket can prove beneficial.

If looking for a stylish basket that gives off a classic bike basket vibe, consider the Retrospec Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket. Or, if you’re more in need of a bike basket that will keep your lunch cool, try the Mattisam Handlebar Bag.

Whatever you need a bike basket for, excellent options are waiting for your purchase!

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