Best Bike Alarm – 5 Top Options

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After spending a lot of money on getting yourself a great bike to trek up mountains, spin around the neighborhood, or coast on the beach, you want to make sure it’s protected, right?

Having an alarm for your bike is the easiest and most convenient way to provide security, but you should carefully consider what options you need when it comes to finding the best bike alarm that works for you.

Only a few cyclists think about investing in an adequate bike alarm or anti-theft system. You’ll inevitably have to leave your bike unguarded at one point. For example, if you’re running into a convenience store quickly or refilling your water. A few minutes is all a thief needs to take your bike and ride off with it! 

That said, it’s important that if you can’t guard your bike, you have a backup plan to provide safety when you’re preoccupied. And bike alarms can offer that extra security.

Why Are Bike Alarms a Good Option?

Good question. Some fancier systems include GPS trackers, but the less expensive, more practical bike alarms alert you via sound and are typically adhered to the frame. (Be sure to tie your tires, too, or else you could be missing one or the other if some unexpected thief manages to snag your bike!)

Bike alarms activate via code; when a potential thief tries to ride off with your bike, an alarm triggers and discourages them from taking the bicycle. Most bike alarms operate using either a single-use or rechargeable battery. Bike alarms draw attention from others in the surrounding area, and some of the more advanced alarms can also text you in the event of theft or attempted theft.

Some of the general characteristics to keep in mind when choosing the best bike alarm include:

  • Durability
  • Battery
  • Sounds
  • Features

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The Best Bike Alarms

Here are our picks for the five best bike alarms available.

Bluetooth App Controlled Bike Lock with 110dB Alarm

This alarm requires three batteries to operate and lasts five months, with a low battery alert included as a feature in the mobile app. Whenever it senses breakage, disassembly, or cable clipping, the alarm is activated and vibrates. With approximately 70 inches of braided steel and rust protective vinyl, this alarm is cut-resistant.

Other pros of this alarm include it being waterproof and able to operate between temperatures of 14 degrees below zero to 140 degrees. Some other beneficial features are that this alarm is keyless and only recognizes your phone. Therefore, there aren’t any combinations to crack.

Once triggered, the alarm sounds for 30 seconds. A modern variation of alarms with multiple uses, this model is reasonably priced at $46.99 on Amazon.

G Keni Tail Light Anti-Theft Alarm

A high-quality alarm installed on your bike’s frame, this bike alarm model also serves as a tail light. And whenever the alarm senses possible theft, the alarm vibrates and sounds.

Having a remote-control feature with coverage of about 100 feet is another perk, and this model is charged through a USB cable and lasts an average of 15 days. There are also multiple options for the lock, and you can use whatever setting matches your security needs. Another benefit is that this tail light is also helpful in low visibility or various weather conditions.

No batteries are needed for this durable device. With three flashing modes, a blasting 120-decibel alarm, and a bike finder feature, this alarm can be purchased for $24.99 on Amazon.

ABUS Bordo Alarm 6000/90 Plus Black

Another quality alarm system, this model locks your bike in place when activated. An initial warning sounds when the bike is shaken, but if the disturbance continues, the full alarm rings and can be heard for a quarter of a mile. This bike alarm’s design is simple, straightforward, and long-lasting with high accuracy. 

Another positive about the ABUS Bordo alarm is that its precision technology means it only goes off for real threats. Being the most expensive pick yet, pricing at $124 on Amazon, this layer of security is for people looking for durable and accurate alarms.

Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft

This alarm is quick and simple to install on multiple areas of your bike, including the frame and seat. Seven customizable features trigger the alarm depending on different stimuli, and it features three different levels of volume, including an SOS function that sounds if the bicyclist falls and/or is injured. 

The bike owner can trigger the Wsdcam over a certain distance (66 feet) and it runs on three AAA batteries, with a pair of 6-volt batteries for the remote control. Lightweight, waterproof, and versatile, this bike alarm retails for $16.99 on Amazon.

Bibowa Disc Brake Lock with Alarm

Last but not least, this alarm is compact, portable, and produces a 110dB noise to alert you when there’s a threat. When recognizing a potential theft, a few beeps are sounded to caution the burglar, but if the threat continues, the sound blares to alert anyone in the vicinity. The Bibowa is also designed to withstand external damage, in case the perpetrator tries to destroy it.

A few other advantages of this model include its longevity and ability to work well with a wide range of various bikes. It has an extension cord to remind you to remove it before riding away and avoid damage to the bike itself. Additionally, the Bibowa comes in a wide range of colors.

However, this model isn’t as high-quality as some others because of the price ($25.96 on Amazon). 

Which Is the Best Bike Alarm? 

It’s tough to choose the best bike alarm as your choice depends on the specific features you seek. All of the bike alarms on our list have different characteristics, prices, and options that could spark your interest.

If you’re more traditional, then an alarm with a cable might suit you. But if you’re more technologically savvy, then one of the Bluetooth-enabled alarms works better. 

Regardless of what option you ultimately choose, all of these bike alarms are useful and will give you peace of mind that your bicycle is protected when you lock it up while attending your college class or running an errand at the grocery store. 

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