Best Bike for a Nine-Year-Old Boy

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So you’re looking for a bike for a nine-year-old boy, but how do you know which bike is the best? Whether it’s for your child or a nephew, grandson, etc., you want to choose a bike that keeps them safe and lets them have fun.

The best bike for a nine-year-old boy depends on several factors.

Do they need a bike to go back and forth to school? Maybe he needs a bike for hitting trails with the family. Are you looking for a bike that has gear options? Do you think he would prefer hand brakes or traditional pedal (coaster) braking?

These are some questions you can answer to help you on your quest to find the best bike for a nine-year-old boy. There are several brands of bikes that have stood the test of time, and we’ll break down some of the best to make your decision easier.

Comparison Chart

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Mongoose Argus ST 24
S1002AAZ 20B Koen
Schwinn Koen 20
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Guardian Ethos
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Stone Mountain

R0722AZ 24B ArgusST

Mongoose bikes are built for a range of activities, from street biking to mountain biking and everything in between. They range in price from two hundred dollars up to over eight hundred, so if you’re on a budget, Mongoose may not be for you. However, if you’re not worried about price, they have several features that are worth checking out.

The Mongoose Argus ST 24 is the perfect all-terrain bike. It has fat tires so that the rider can glide smoothly over almost any terrain. It has a seven-speed shifter so that kids can learn how to shift gears easily. It’s an excellent bike for a nine-year-old boy who may be interested in learning how to go mountain biking. The Argus ST 24 has disc brakes, which are safer than brake pads and more effective.

Another awesome Mongoose option that may turn out to be the best bike for a nine-year-old boy is the Title Elite 24 BMX Race Bike. It has a 24-inch frame which is suitable for most kids, so it will be suitable for them for several years to come.

This ride is designed for kids who have at least some experience biking – especially off-road biking. It’s easy to put together so you and your boy could even make an afternoon of assembling his new bike. It’s durable and lightweight, and the Elite 24 BMX bike has racing tires with aluminum frames. The price comes in at $730.

S1002AAZ 20B Koen

If you’re searching for a simpler bike model as well as one closer to a tight budget, Schwinn is an excellent brand to go with. Schwinn has been making bikes since 1895, so their experience speaks for itself.

One of the best bikes to check out for kids is the Schwinn Koen 20. This bike is available in blue, red, or black. It includes both a coaster (pedal) brake as well as a hand brake, and the tires have treads for any terrain, on or off-road. The Koen 20 adjusts as your kid grows, so it’s ideal as a long-term bicycle.

The Schwinn Krate 20 is another great option for kids who want to cruise around in retro style. It has a throwback design from the seventies, complete with a banana seat, a small front tire, and chrome everywhere!

It is a single-speed bike meant for longevity and style, so while it will last for years if you treat it right, the Krate isn’t made for off-roading and stunts. It’s the perfect boardwalk and street cruiser for your nine-year-old. The Krate 20 comes in orange and black and it costs over six hundred dollars.

24 Inch Bike Ethos Light Blue PDP 1 cca2e39c cf54 49a2 82b1

Another great bike brand is Guardian, and their kids’ bikes are in the “middle of the road” when it comes to cost.

These bikes have patented SureStop brakes – a single handbrake connected to both tires.

The Guardian Ethos is a 24-inch bike that is perfect for nine-year-old boys and can fit them until they turn about eleven or twelve. The Ethos has an easy-to-adjust seat that will grow with your child, and it also has handlebars that are easily adjusted. This is a seven-speed bike with tires suitable for street riding as well as trails. This hardy bike is lightweight and durable, so it’s ideal for your little adventurer.

The Ethos costs $430, and its counterpart, the Airos, is available for a hundred dollars more. The Airos comes with all the features of the Ethos, including

  • Adjustability
  • A lightweight frame
  • Seven-speed gear shifting
  • SureStop brakes
  • Adjustable handlebars

However, it is made from aluminum rather than steel, the handlebars are stiffer and lighter, and it has an upgraded derailleur hanger. The derailleur hanger is a piece of the bike that is meant to bend or break in a crash to avoid damage to the bike’s frame. It also allows for smoother gear shifting. The Airos is simply an improved and slightly lighter Ethos.

73808 5

The last brand we will take a look at is Huffy. Who doesn’t remember having a Huffy bike as a kid?

If your nine-year-old boy needs a bike he can ride anywhere and you need it to fit a tight budget, Huffy is your answer. Huffy’s Stone Mountain model has a 20-inch frame and comes with a six-speed gear shifter. It has a padded seat and the tires are ready to go anywhere, be that the trails or simply to the park and back.

Both the front and the rear tires are controlled with two separate handbrakes. This is an excellent starter bike for kids with minimal bicycle experience, andit’s perfect for kids who have been biking since they could walk.

The Shockwave is a classic Huffy bike, offering comfort and style as well as durability. The padded seat is easily adjustable and this bike comes with BMX front footpegs!

Your child can control the rear tire with a pedal brake and the front tire with a hand brake. The tires – like the Stone Mountain model – are ready for any terrain, and this bike is easy to control. It even comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Shockwave comes in at $170 – the most affordable bike on our list.

These are all great bikes for nine-year-old boys, but don’t be afraid to do continued research. At the end of the day, finding a bike that fits your child’s needs and wants should be your top priority.

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