Best Bike Lock for City

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Biking in the city is as fast-paced as the traffic and as wired as the people living a city life. But, with the heavy population that always accompanies the city lifestyle, the more dangerous part is when you leave your bike outside. 

There is nothing worse than having your only mode of transportation taken away from you. However, as a bike owner that lives in the city, it is probably something that you’ve kept in mind regarding your own bike.

With so many distractions coming from left to right, it’s easy for someone walking by to pick or break a lock and steal your mode of transportation out from under your nose.

You need a reliable, heavy-duty lock to keep your bicycle safe while you run inside a store to pick up your food or spend hours inside your work building. The city is hectic, and you deserve a lock that you can trust and not worry whether it will be gone when you wake up.

One bike lock stands out amongst the rest with its advanced features.

Best Overall: Heavy Duty Via Velo Bike U-Lock with Cable

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Heavy Duty Via Velo Bike Lock is easily the best bike lock for city bike riders. For a reasonable price of under a hundred dollars, the Via Velo encompasses all the best qualities that will keep your bike protected everywhere you go.

With a mounting bracket and a U-lock, both parts are custom with a unique key code specific for you, and a 1.8m steel cable, the Via Velo is nearly impossible to get past. Especially on a crowded street, no one will take the time to continue to work on a lock that clearly won’t budge.

The long cable wraps around both tires, and the bike rack allows room to secure your helmet, making sure the wheels can’t spin, and the bike can’t get away. The mounting bracket attaches to your bike, keeping the U-lock safe when not in use.

You get two keys with your bike, one to keep on you and one to keep safe at home for emergencies. Two keys are highly convenient since it is easy to misplace something so small in a city environment.

Heavy Duty Via Velo Bike U-Lock Pros and Cons

Like all items, there are positive things and some negative aspects that can determine whether the product is worth the purchase.


The Via Velo has many features that contribute to it being the best bike lock to use in cities. First, they make it nearly impossible for your bike to be stolen.

  • All-Weather Protection
  • Pick-Resistant Lock
  • Pull and Drill-Resistant Lock
  • Woven Steel Cable
  • The lock comes with Two Keys
  • Easy to Install


With all products, some will come defective or not perform like the others, but most of the reviews for the Via Velo remark that they received new ones because of the three-year warranty.

  • Average Price
  • Lock Can Get Jammed
  • Lock Only Fits Around Certain Frames (20mm to 42mm)

Features and Benefits of the Via Velo U-Lock Bike

The pros of this bike outweigh the cons, but let us look deeper at what makes this bike lock heavy duty and the overall best lock for city use.

The all-weather protection benefit prevents the u-lock, mount, and cable from rusting or wearing if your bike is left outside in the rain, the snow, or the sun. This fact also means it won’t weaken after being exposed to different forms of weather, remaining strong and reliable.

The pick-resistant lock and pull and drill-resistant lock prevent thieves from being able to use anything but the key the bike lock comes with to unlock it. The lock will also remain strong when a thief tries to pull the lock open. It won’t be budging.

The woven steel cable only enforces the lock’s strength and is not easy to break. It’s also five to ten feet long, allowing you to adjust whether you need a lot of cables or a short amount.

The two keys are convenient and give you a backup in the unfortunate case you lose one.

Incredibly easy to install, once the mount is attached to the neck of the bike, your installation is complete. Locking your bike to a bike stand is even easier as you weave the cable through both tires and the stand, and with the simple turn of a key, your bike is locked in and not moving.

Is the Via Velo the Lock For You?

Sure, the Via Velo U-Lock Bike is the overall best bike for the city, but the question here is if it is the best bike for you. There are several things for you to consider before you decide this is the best lock for you.


The price is almost a steal for the benefits and features this bike is equipped with. Especially if you own an expensive bike that you wish to keep safe, if you didn’t initially want to spend a lot on a lock, then maybe reconsider. This lock is legit and can save you thousands.

However, if you don’t have a very expensive bike and truthfully are not too set on a heavy-duty U-lock bike, maybe look into buying a much cheaper bike lock that can still give the appearance that your bike is locked and unable to be stolen. Sometimes just having the lock wards robbers away.

Think of you and your bike, then decide what is worth it for you. But, keep in mind that it will always be less expensive to buy a lock than to purchase a new bike after someone steals your current one.

Your Bicycle

Nobody wants to lose their bike to theft, but it’s essential to consider your bicycle that you are buying the lock for and if a heavy-duty lock is needed, will fit on your bike, or if you don’t need such a long cable.

If you live in the city, but in a secure building with minor crime or worries, you may not need to invest in a heavy-duty lock. It’s essential that you feel comfortable, but if you think the Via Velo is overkill, look into buying a different one.

The cable is five to ten feet long. If you think the cable is too long or not long enough for the bike you own, it may not work for you.

To avoid buying a lock that won’t fit your bike, be it too small or too big, be sure to measure your bike’s neck. For this lock, the mount only fits between 20mm and 42mm.

It’s ultimately up to you, but these are just a few things to consider before purchasing the Via Velo.


The Heavy Duty Via Velo U-Lock Bike Best bike is the best lock to keep your bike safe in the city. It provides you with double security protection, a pick-resistant lock, and an up to ten-foot steel cable that can’t be pulled open.

The Via Velo U-lock is the best bike for the city and will give you peace of mind when you leave your bike out amid a chaotic city.