7 Best Bike Parks in the US

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Did you know that Americans spend $81 billion on biking annually? Biking is becoming increasingly popular as a sport and as a leisure activity. From mountain biking to family cycling, you will come across many exciting bike parks across America. Here’s our pick of some of the best bike parks in the country.

Northstar Bike Park, California 

If you are looking for a summer mountain biking adventure, then Northstar Bike Park is the place to be. It is the largest bike park in California and boasts some fantastic bike trails that can be enjoyed by beginners as well as advanced cross-country bikers. There are ample downhill biking trails that would be fun to take. 

You can rent a bike and avail bike shop services at this location. One of the most exciting features of this location is that it allows you and your rider friends to capture thrilling shots while taking a series of challenges.

Trestle Bike Park, Colorado

Trestle Bike Park is one of the best bike parks in western America and is available for biking in the summers. It has plenty of trails, stretching over 40 miles that both amateurs and professional bikers can explore. 

This park has the most extensive rental fleet in America and offers various facilities close to the trails, including lodging and food. Trestle is a premier bike park offering a range of services for bikers, ensuring that everything is accessible for riders of all ages and abilities.

Snow Summit Bike Park, California

Located along Big Bear Lake, the Snow Summit resort was established in 1952. The bike park at this place has dialed trails and some fantastic features, including dirt jumps, wooden ramps, flowy berms, and rock gardens. So, if you want to improve your biking skills, Snow Summit Bike Park is an excellent place to learn as it offers a versatile bike terrain.

Try to visit this park during weekdays as it is more crowded on weekends as it is located just outside Los Angeles. 

Brundage Mountain Bike Park, Idaho

The Brundage Mountain Park boasts a variety of terrain parks where you can carry out freestyle riding. Moreover, these parks have some great features for different skill levels. 

The park continues to add new features for bikers and is expanding rapidly with more than 29 miles of downhill fun. Whether you are looking for a casual biking experience or something more professional, the park caters to all your needs. Some exciting features include dirt jumps, log rides, technical rock gardens, and big berms.

Thunder Mountain, Massachusetts

If you are looking for some gravity-led fun, the Thunder Mountain Bike Park is the go-to place. It is one of the most famous parks on the East coast, with superb trails that have been built for downhill biking. You can opt for green trails if you are a beginner, whereas professional riders can have fun at the Pro-Line jump trails. 

However, it would help if you had specific biking gear and trail bikes to enjoy this park. You can rent bikes from the bike shop on the main floor. This place is a must-visit for biking enthusiasts as it has something for all ages and levels of expertise.

Boyne Highlands, Michigan

With naturally cut trails and banked turns, there is no better place for biking enthusiasts than Boyne Highlands. This park presents endless opportunities for exploration with over 4,000 acres of grounds. 

The park is lift-served, and you should try the chairlift to get a glimpse of the scenic views. The adrenaline-pumping jumps and the narrow passages are exciting for experienced bikers. Other elements such as a flow track and small drops attract bikers of all ages and skills.

Mountain Creek Bike Park, New Jersey

For biking enthusiasts wanting to get away from the hustle of New York City, the Mountain Creek Bike Park is the go-to place. Located an hour’s drive from New York, this park is known for its freestyle features. You will come across fast flow tracks, massive drops, technical rock gardens, and more! With over 40 miles of trail, the Mountain Creek Bike Park has something for everyone.

If you are a pro at biking, you will be happy to test your skills on challenging and technical terrain. However, if you are a beginner, you need not worry, as they have tried their best to incorporate smoother tracks that are fun to explore. There are additional activities for friends and family, such as a zipline and a waterpark. 


Biking is one of the best activities for maintaining overall health and fitness. Whether you are a veteran biker or just starting out, these are some of the best bike parks in the US that are worth a try.

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