Best Bike Rack for SUV

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    Are you moving to another city? Going on a vacation?

    Chances are, you probably won’t be able to ride a bike itself to your desired destination, but if you’re driving, you can probably bring it along.

    A road trip in your SUV can turn into an exciting adventure when you bring your two-wheeled best friend. Why spend money on daily bike rentals or risk not being able to find a rental bike at all to ride while on vacation? You may stumble upon amazing trails you’d like to check out, so taking your bike with you is a great option to have.

    To do this safely and securely, you need to have a quality bike rack on your car. We’ve prepared this article to help you find the best bike rack for SUV – check out these five models and pick one that suits your needs

    5 Best Bike Racks for SUV

    Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Rack

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    Traveling with your family? If you choose the Allen Sports rack, pretty much everyone can have fun on vacation – the Allen rack can carry up to three bikes.

    This sturdy steel rack is easy to install and use. And it’s incredibly safe, so you don’t need to worry about your bikes during the trip. The hitch insert fits 1.25 and 2-inch receiver hitches, and you’ll find it very quick to attach. There are only three bolts to set up, and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

    Allen Sports patented the tied-down cradle system to ensure secure transport for your bikes. Not only will they be safely attached to your car, but they’ll also be protected individually, significantly reducing the possibility of getting damaged in any way. The no-wobble bolt prevents the rack from moving and scratching your car.

    The rack supports multiple bike sizes and frame types, so you can pretty much attach any bike to it: a small mountain bike for your kid or a knobby-tire mountain bike for your own off-road trail adventures.

    And here’s something you’ll really appreciate about the Allen Sports bike rack – there’s no need to remove it if you need to take something out of the trunk. The rack tilts back so you can easily open the back of your car. You can also fold it entirely when you’re not using it.


    • Extra secured against wobbling
    • Easy to assemble
    • Easy access to the car trunk


    • The warranty only covers a direct purchase from the manufacturer

    MaxxHaul 4-Bike Deluxe Rack

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    If one of your criteria for the best bike rack for an SUV is the number of bikes it can carry, then definitely check this one out. The MaxxHaul mount rack can safely transport up to four bicycles, which is fantastic if you’re planning a road trip with your friends or traveling with your spouse and kids. However, there may be some difficulty transporting four adult-sized bikes.

    Just note that the maximum weight capacity of the rack is 150 pounds. While it works great for SUVs, it’s not the right choice for RVs, fifth wheels, and campers.

    You’ll need a standard 2-inch hitch receiver (classes III and IV) and a few minutes to assemble the rack. It’s got a rigid steel construction that keeps your bike safe in place in a padded cradle that reduces the chance of damaging the bikes while attaching and transporting them.

    Using hooks and loops to attach the bikes will help keep them from falling off while you’re driving on the road. At the same time, the built-in reflector increases the safety of the whole vehicle if traveling at night. The manufacturer has also improved the support bracket to enhance the overall stability of the rack.

    Suppose you need to get something from the trunk? No worries. You can fold down the central upright and access the back of your car without issues. And you can just as quickly fold the rack away when not in use and keep it in your trunk.

    Oh, and what if it rains? The rack will resist rust, thanks to the powder coat finish.


    • Rust-proof
    • Can carry four bikes
    • Built-in reflectors for extra safety
    • Padded bike cradles for anti-damage protection


    May not be able to fit four adult bikes

    Tyger Auto Deluxe 3-Bike Rack

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    Got a minivan? Here’s an excellent choice for your next trip if you’re planning to carry your bikes along. The Tyger Auto Deluxe 3-bike mount rack is compatible with most minivans, hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs. However, be aware that it doesn’t fit vehicles with a rear spoiler, and you shouldn’t install it on RVs, trailers, or campers.

    You get a safety strap with the rack you’ll need to use to keep the bikes wholly stabilized. The strap prevents the bicycles from rattling if you hit any bumps on the road. It’s critical to remember this detail because the warranty won’t cover any damage caused by not following the instructions. Still, there have been complaints about bikes getting scratched – maybe the reason was incorrect assembly.

    Tyger Auto Deluxe supports up to three bikes and 99 pounds. Its sturdy construction guarantees maximum safety for your two-wheelers. It has an adjustable cradle with multiple positions to accommodate the number of bikes you’re attaching. If your bike doesn’t have the top frame bar, you’ll need an extra adaptor bar. But no worries, the whole adaptor bar construction is a straightforward installation.

    To protect your car, ensure that you follow the instructions. The coated hooks help prevent damage to your car’s paint job, while the padded lower frame that ensures there’s space between the bikes and the car. The rack is protected from rusting by the standard black coating.


    • An extra strap for increased security
    • Padded frames to protect your car
    • Adjustable cradle positions to fit the number of bikes


    The rack may scratch the bikes

    Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

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    The best bike rack for SUVs, sedans, minivans, and hatchbacks might be this Premier model. It fits most of these vehicles, but if you need specific info about your car, you should check the manufacturer’s website. Depending on your needs, you can pick a 2-bike model or the one made for three or four bikes.

    You’ll have it set up in less than five minutes, thanks to the quick snap design and the fact that it arrives fully assembled. The carry arm can be 12 to 21 inches long, depending on the number of bikes it needs to accommodate. It can carry from 70 to 140 pounds, so it great for multiple bike sizes and designs.

    This versatile Premier rack guarantees the complete safety of your bikes. The cradles feature a patented tie-down system that keeps the bikes in place even on bumpy roads and protects them from getting scratched or falling off. At the same time, the dual-compound feet of the rack protect your vehicle from potential damage during transport thanks to the extra-large car pads. It also enables the load to distribute properly for added stability.


    • Wide-profile feet and pads for more car protection
    • Suitable for all bike sizes
    • Fully assembled
    • Patented tie-down system keeping the bikes protected and in place


    Doesn’t fit all SUVs

    BV 2 Bike/4 Bike Hitch Rack

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    This mount rack carrier comes in two sizes – for two or four bikes. However, it’s not suitable for all bike designs, given that it doesn’t support fat-tire bikes. It’s recommended for bikes under 35 pounds, and its maximum weight capacity is 70 to 140 pounds.

    The rack is incredibly practical for many reasons. You can fold it in seconds and store it in the trunk or leave at home when not in use. Also, if you need to get something from the back of your car while it’s attached – no problem. You can tilt it backward and open the trunk without having to detach the rack.

    A significant advantage of the BV rack is it features a safety reflector convenient for night drives. It enhances your visibility on the road and, thus, your vehicle’s safety.

    The rack comes with padded arms and tray-styled loops that have two roles: to keep your bikes secured in place and to protect the frames from scratches. The three-point connection system keeps the bikes from wobbling and damaging your car, too.

    If your car doesn’t have the 2-inch hitch receiver necessary for the installation, don’t give up on buying this rack. You’ll get an adaptor in the package.


    • A safety reflector
    • Folds and tilts back for easy access to the trunk
    • The package includes a hitch adaptor


    Doesn’t support fat-tire bikes

    Buyer’s Guide

    Are you still unsure which of the featured racks is the best bike rack for SUV or minivan you drive? Here’s a short buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your choices. Look for these features when searching for a suitable bike rack for your vehicle.

    How Many Bikes Can It Transport

    Trunk racks are typically easy to install and can carry up to four bikes. How many bikes you’ll choose to transport depends on your needs and the situation.

    If you’re traveling on your own and need to move only one bike, you shouldn’t have any issues with the load’s weight.

    However, if you’re on a road trip with the whole family, make sure both your vehicle and the rack can support the weight of three or four bikes. Not all frames will be able to provide enough stability and security for this number of two-wheelers. If you’re transporting more than two bikes, consider different rack styles, such as roof or tow-bar racks.


    If you have a well-equipped bike, you can ride it even if it’s snowing, and the roads are slippery. When traveling in these weather conditions, and you know you won’t be able to park under a roof, don’t forget about the weather’s effect on the bike rack on your car as well.

    It’s best to look for a rust-proof rack. The anti-rust system refers to the black powder coating used as the top layer on many rack models. It provides extra protection that’ll keep the rust off even during rainy and snowy months.

    Ease of Assembly and Use

    If you opt for a bike rack that mounts on the back of your car, make sure it doesn’t prevent you from seeing the road in your rear-view mirror. Your plates and lights must also be visible at all times since it’s illegal to cover them in any way.

    As for assembling the racks, most of today’s models come partially assembled, so it won’t take more than a couple of minutes to set them up. If you order a hitch model, check if an adaptor is included if it doesn’t fit in your hitch receiver right out of the box.

    It should also be simple to load and unload the rack. At the same time, the bikes must be secured in place when locked. Foldable rack arms allow you to load the bikes more effortlessly. When choosing a rack, you also need to check if it fits your bike. It may be appropriate for your car, but not all frames can carry small kids’ bikes or those with fat tires.

    Build Quality

    A higher build quality may mean a costlier bike rack. It shouldn’t be too heavy, as it may be too much for your car when you load the bikes on it as well. It probably won’t provide a very economical ride in this case.

    Look for sturdy construction with a powder finish for rust resistance. You typically can’t go wrong with steel frames. Also, you may stumble upon carbon fiber racks, as these materials have become quite popular lately. Avoid racks with plastic parts that may break easily.

    Final Verdict

    What may be the best bike rack for SUVs might not work for all vehicles of this type, so we suggest you check with the manufacturer before you place your order. Still, we’re able to pick a winner out of these reviews.

    It seems that you can’t go wrong with Allen Sports. The company was founded in 1967 and has had a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality products for outdoor lifestyle lovers.

    Both of their bike racks featured in this article are excellent choices. You can quickly attach them to your car, which will stay protected by both racks’ large pads. Their tie-down system and extra stability to prevent wobbling will make your trip carefree and keep your bikes in place without a single scratch. Some Allen Sports models even come fully assembled, so your installation task becomes even easier.