Best Bike Wheel Lights

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Whether you’re new to biking or a seasoned veteran, having wheel lights is crucial in keeping you safe at night. Nothing can ruin your outing, like not being spotted and getting into an accident. 

There are a lot of different bike wheel lights available nowadays. Some lights attach to your wheels’ spokes to lights that go around the center of the rim. Regardless of your preference, making sure you have some is just as important as having the proper riding gear. To save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bike wheel lights you can find today. 

The Best Bike Wheel Lights 

There are a lot of great bike wheel lights on the market today. If you’re looking for lights to keep you visible while biking at night, here are our top picks for bike wheel lights. 

Activ Life LED Bicycle Wheel Lights

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Activ Life has some of the best LED wheel lights available for bikers. Each box of spoke lights includes 21 LED lights capable of covering both your front and back wheels. You can use these lights on toddler bikes up to adult bikes. 

No matter your favorite color or style, you can choose from ten different vibrant colors to make you and your bike stand out. One of the options is color-changing if you can’t decide on one solid color. You have the option to keep the lights constantly on or flashing. The lights are bright enough so that you’re able to be seen from all angles while out riding. 

Installing Activ Life LED lights is simple and you don’t need any tools. The lights come with silicone bands to hold the lights in place. The lights are battery-operated with three AAA batteries that come with your purchase. The batteries will be protected from rain or other water with a waterproof case.


  • Waterproof battery case
  • Ten vibrant colors 
  • Two wheels included in the packaging


  • Fragile

Sumree Bike Lights

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Sumree is another great option for bike wheel lights. Similar to Activ Life wheel lights, Sumree offers LED lights in multiple colors. You can choose from five solid colors, multi-color, or rainbow. You can set these wheels to show a constant color or flash. If you want their multi-colored lights, you’ll be able to choose from 16 modes. 

When you order bike lights from Sumree, the box only comes with enough lights for one wheel. While this may not be ideal for some, it gives you the option to choose two colors; one for your front and one for your back wheel. This gives you more opportunity to show your personality when you ride.

Sumree bike wheel lights should only take around ten minutes to install. There are no tools required, and you’ll attach the lights onto the spokes via zippers which are provided. These lights run on the same batteries as Activ Life lights. 


  • 16 mode multi-colored wheel lights
  • Suitable for toddler and adult bikes 
  • Affordable


  • Each package only comes with one wheel

MAGINOVO 2 Pack Led Bike Wheel Light

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Maginovo bike wheel lights are available in one wheel or two wheels per package. When you’re looking at Maginovo lights, you’ll have the choice between blue, pink, or multi-colored wheel lights. These lights fit well on almost all bike sizes, toddler to adult. 

Each package comes with 20 LED lights that you can easily install with zip ties. These lights take 3 AA batteries that are not available with purchase. You will most likely be able to get 50 or more hours of light with these batteries. 


  • 50 or more hours of light
  • Option for one wheel or two per package 


  • Only three color options 

Wheelbrightz LED Bike Wheel Lights

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Wheelbrightz is another bike wheel option that comes with the opportunity to order enough for one wheel or two. These wheel lights are capable of fitting on bike wheels from 20 to 29 inches. You can cut the string of lights down to fit better or wrap them around the spokes for even more light. 

Wheelbrightz comes with some traditional and unique wheel light colors for bikers to enjoy. You’ll find nine solid colors to choose from and then some combinations such as pastel, patriotic (red, white, and blue), rainbow, and color morphing. 

Batteries are not included with your purchase, but these wheel lights take three AA batteries. These batteries should give you around 48 hours’ worth of vibrant light. 


  • Unique color choices
  • Long battery life


  • Only made for adult bikes

DAWAY Rechargeable Bike Wheel Lights

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Daway lights are a little different from the other choices on this list. Unlike the others, Daway lights are rechargeable. You don’t have to worry about purchasing new batteries when yours run out. The charger for the lights comes with your purchase.  

The price for these is a little higher than others, but you get two lights, and you’ll save money on batteries. It should only take about two hours for the lights to reach a full charge. 

You don’t have to choose a color for your bike’s wheel with this option. Each Daway wheel light comes with seven color choices that you can change with the press of a button. Each color can appear in a constant state or flashing. 

Unlike the other lights, you won’t attach these to your wheels’ spokes. You’ll easily apply it to the rims of your wheels. 


  • Eco Friendly 
  • Convenient USB charging
  • Seven color options


  • May have difficulty fitting back wheels

TGJOR LED Bike Wheel Lights

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TGJOR lights aren’t just solid colors flashing or staying constantly lit. These lights change patterns every four seconds. There are 32 patterns that these lights produce.

The lights are waterproof and double-sided, so others can see you from every angle when you’re riding. These lights take 3 AAA batteries that are not included with your purchase. TGJOR lights will automatically turn off after 35 seconds of no movement, and then they will turn back on when movement begins again. 


  • Fun patterns 
  • Affordable


  • It turns off after 35 seconds of no movement

Buyer’s Guide – What to Look for When Buying Bike Wheel Lights?

Many of these bike wheel lights are fantastic, but a few factors went into determining the best bike wheel lights. 


You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for excellent bike wheel lights. Lights shouldn’t be the most expensive part of your bike, so any of these affordable options will be your best bet. 

Color Options

Not everyone has the same favorite color. Finding bike wheel lights that have a variety of color options to choose from can help you make the best decision for you. 


Long installation can take away prime riding time. You’ll want to look at lights that take minimal effort and tools to install. 


Before you buy lights, you’ll want to make sure they’ll fit your wheel. It’s helpful to measure your or know your wheel size before ordering. 

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Final Thoughts 

While all these wheel lights are excellent, our vote for the best bike wheel lights goes to Activ Life bike lights. They have some of the most color options, and each package comes with enough for both wheels. Their only downfall is they’re a little more expensive than other options, but they’re still very affordable.

Regardless of which bike lights you choose, any of these light options are bright enough to make sure others see you from all angles and that you’ll ride in style, even at night.

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