Best Bikes for Moms

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Comparison Chart

Schwinn Mikko & Huron Cruiser
91+6s26Xu L. AC SL1500
Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Beach Cruiser
917sumgHFHL. AC SL1500
Firmstrong Urban Lady
71MRU7aw+OL. AC SL1500
Vilano Diverse 3.0
41bvl3S+cLL. AC
Huffy Nel Lusso
91lPY53DHDL. AC SL1500
Mongoose Status

Mom bikes are an excellent way to keep fit and stay in shape while basking outdoors with the young ones. However, finding the best bike for moms is one puzzle that’s difficult to solve because of the many options on the market.

After hundreds of hours of testing different mom bikes, the products below stand heads and shoulders above others. Whether you want something durable, easy to ride, or comfortable, there’s a perfect bike for you.

So, what are the best bikes for moms? Read on to find out!

Schwinn Mikko & Huron Cruiser: Best Overall

The Schwinn Mikko & Huron Cruiser is designed for mummies who want a pleasant cruise around the neighborhood. It comes in various eye-catching colors like mint green, tomato red, or lemon yellow.

Mums will find the double spring padded cruiser seat comfortable for longer biking time. Moreover, the cruiser has a comfortable ride height that makes it suitable for riders between 5″4 to 6″2.

The bike’s single-speed drive train has minimal moving parts, making it great for extended use and easier to maintain.

Besides, you can quickly navigate different terrain types without worries, thanks to the rear coaster brakes that provide exceptional stopping power. All you need is to pedal backward to come to a stop.

Additionally, the bike uses retro fenders, which provide significant protection in inclement weather. The handle joins the stem in a simple operation, providing comfort even when riding upright. This means you can go on long rides daily without feeling fatigued.

You’ll love the 26-inch wheels that provide traction on the road, even on slippery surfaces. The classy retro design is stylish, and there’s a twist gear shift that makes biking easy for beginner moms.

There’s almost nothing to complain about except the seat, which needs a quick-release lever for a more effortless adjustment. It’s also slightly difficult to assemble, but this is simply picking at straws.

 The Mikko & Huron has a lightweight steel frame that will enable you to experience the pleasures of cycling for years to come.


  • Eye-turning retro design
  • Front and rear fenders to protect from dirt
  • Twist gear shift for newbie bikers
  • A padded spring saddle prevents chafing


  • Hard for a DIY assembly
  • Requires quick-release mechanism for seat adjustments

Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Beach Cruiser: Best Value

91+6s26Xu L. AC SL1500

The Sixthreezero Cruiser has a sporty curvy frame that attaches the front to the bike’s rear, giving it a stunning retro look. The 17-inch steel frame is lightweight and sports a rigid suspension.

The bike’s overall design makes it ideal for the leisure rider biking comfortably through the neighborhood. You’ll love the upright style that allows you to ride for extended periods.

Besides, the dual spring saddle provides comfort for your behind even when biking through bumpy terrain. The bike is easily customizable with blacked-out components to customize the rear if you want to fit in a pannier or basket.

Unlike other competitors, this bike ships 80% pre-assembled, ensuring you only need to install parts like the pedals, handlebars, and grips.

The bike doesn’t feel cheap, and it’s easy to adjust the seat angle and handlebars for additional comfort. It’s also responsive, with a smooth ride irrespective of the terrain.

Moreover, the rack forms a part of the frame, making it sturdier, providing extra balance, and preventing the need to buy and assemble a separate rack.

Moms with no handyman skills can contact the manufacturer via Google Hangout or FaceTime for installation help.

It’s affordable, low maintenance, and the single-speed has excellent braking power. Age isn’t a barrier for this bike because it’s fantastic for moms of all ages.


  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable double spring seat
  • Easy to customize
  • Fantastic for tall and petite ladies

Comes 80% assembled


  • No handbrakes
  • Handlebars don’t turn sharply

Firmstrong Urban Lady: Best for Durability

917sumgHFHL. AC SL1500

The Firmstrong Urban Lady is a curvy bike suitable for moms who like to commute. The bike has a 15-inch frame that’s durable and lightweight, with an oversized seat targeted at heavier women.

While ideal for the commute, it’s still suitable for leisure riding and is easy to use in different environments. This bike provides a level of comfort most moms desire.

Whether on the town or beach, the bike looks the part with an ideal size for women, 5 Ft to 6 Ft tall. The assembly is straightforward, with no stray wires and cables jutting out.

Additionally, the gear system is easy to understand and lets you stay at a leisurely pace of 3 to 15 mph. If you’re not familiar with the coaster brakes, you can fit handlebar brakes on this bike.

This single-speed bike receives top marks for maneuverability, primarily because of its lightweight frame that weighs 40.05lbs. However, you can always go for the 3-speed model, a faster bike but heftier at 50lbs.

A closer look at the top-tube design shows the bike is specially designed for women. More petite moms can opt for the 24-inch wheels instead of the 26-inch ones better suited for taller ladies.

This bike rides excellently and is a suitable starter for moms who haven’t ridden a bike for a while. The handlebars work great for women with shoulder and neck problems, and it’s easy to mount or dismount. While the coaster brakes take some getting used to, it’s easy to use and super effective.


  • Easy to set up
  • Great for newbies
  • Beautiful eye-catching colors
  • Sturdy lightweight frame


  • No handbrakes
  • Expensive

Vilano Diverse 3.0: Best Hybrid

71MRU7aw+OL. AC SL1500

There’s hardly a better way to relieve the stress of motherhood than to go cruising on the Vilano Diverse 3.0. The high-strength aluminum lightweight frame is rigid to provide better balance and can carry weight as heavy as 250lbs.

You can use this bike for leisure, but the design targets moms who prefer to commute to work. The disc brakes provide exceptional stopping power, allowing you to generate the exact clamping strength required to stop.

However, these brakes aren’t for everyone, and you can change the brakes to something you prefer.

The matte black color gives it a professional, sleek look. At 26.5lbs, it’s easy to get on and off the bike, and you can take off the tires to store them in tight spaces. A subtle feature most won’t catch is the predrilled frame which allows you to mount a rear rack. Moreover, you can also fit in a water holder. The bike quality is terrific considering the weight, and it’s easy to put together without calling in a mechanic


  • Fantastic disc brakes that work well in the rain
  • Easy to put together
  • Excellent value for the price
  • The gears are smooth and shift easily


  • The saddle is a bit stiff for sensitive parts

Huffy Nel Lusso: Best for Comfort

41bvl3S+cLL. AC

The Huffy Nel Lusso is for moms who want a comfortable ride while going about their business. The mint color and retro design make it eye-catching, and it has a front basket to keep smaller items, like smartphones and keys.

Moreover, there’s a rear rack pre-installed if you need to carry other items. You’ll love the classic fenders that prevent dirty water splashes on your back and shoes.

The coaster brake is easy to use, and the padded spring saddle makes it easy to ride for a long time. Despite its weight, the bike is easy to assemble and is suitable for petite women. It has a leisurely design, ideal for use as a starter bike.

The bike is slightly on the heavier side at 46.6lbs and may not be the best for smoother, sharper handling. The coaster brakes are slightly underpowered for a bike of this weight, and handlebar brakes would have been more suitable.

Even though there are small issues, the bike is well-built, doesn’t feel cheap, and is sturdy for riding in all weather conditions.


  • Eye-catching color and design
  • Front basket
  • Rear racks for additional function
  • Quick-release for easy seat adjustments


  • The heavy bike is difficult to handle
  • May not withstand long-term misuse

Mongoose Status: Best Mountain Bike

91lPY53DHDL. AC SL1500

The Mongoose Status is a powerful and robust mountain bike suitable for moms looking to go offroad biking. The hydroformed tubing on a solid aluminum frame highlights its durability in the roughest terrains.

Besides, it features a robust suspension to provide extra stability on uneven roads and a 21-speed derailleur that shifts quickly in constantly changing landscapes. The alloy rims are solid, and the fat knobby tires will go through any obstacle in your way.

It’s a mountain bike built for fast-paced action, and the rear V-brakes provide exceptional stopping power while riding at high speed. It ships with most parts already assembled with only a few components needing attaching.

We’d expect predrilled holes to hold a water bottle, but this bike doesn’t have any. The seat is also stiff, and you can do yourself a favor by installing a memory foam or gel pad cover to protect your sensitive bits.

That said, it’s a sturdy bike that easily supports 250lbs. There’s no better way to let your hair down and live your life to the fullest than with this bike.


  • Built for rugged terrain
  • Easy to set up
  • V-brakes stop the bike easily


  • Parts break easily
  • Stiff seat

Best Bikes For Moms Buyers Guide

Now you know the best bikes for moms, let’s take a look at some essential features to consider when choosing the best bike for you.


Women are typically smaller than men. So it’s no surprise that many mom bicycles are designed to be smaller in size, which fit a more feminine frame. However, you can still find small unisex bikes suitable for both sexes.

Lowered Tube

The top tube in a mom bike has a lower incline, valid for commuters, cruisers, and hybrid bikes. This feature makes it easier to climb on the bike and get off it.


The distance between the saddle and handlebar is the reach. A typical mom bike will have a shorter space to keep you upright, which is the best for comfort, especially for longer rides.


Many bike brands often try to reduce the cost by sacrificing saddle quality. Buy a bike with a comfortable saddle to reduce bruising. Replace the seat with memory foam if the saddle is too hard to sit on.

Crank Arms

You want a shorter crank arm, especially if your legs aren’t very long. The crank arms are the bike component that joins the spindle to the pedal.

Shock Tune

Women are generally smaller than men, so the shock tune has to be lightweight to act as a proper damper in all conditions.

What Bike Type Do You Need?

The best bike for moms depends on the bike type you need. Below are some common bike types.

Road Bikes

These bike types are built for traveling long distances at speeds. They feature a lightweight frame with steeper handlebars for comfort.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are extreme bikes built for off-road use. They have a more robust suspension and wide tires made for the trails.

Hybrid Bikes

 Hybrid bikes are a cross between road and mountain bikes.

Cruiser Bikes

These bikes usually have a single-speed drive train with balloon tires and larger seats for leisurely comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more information on the best mom bikes, here are some frequently asked questions.

What is a unisex bike?

A unisex bike is a bicycle that men and women can ride. These bikes combine specific features from male and female bikes that make it comfortable for both sexes to ride.

Can a woman ride a bike for men?

Yes, a woman can ride a bike for men. However, the bicycle may not provide as much comfort as a bike for women.

Can you lose weight by riding a bike?

Yes, riding a bike for an hour can help you lose up to 300 calories. Continuous biking with more intensity can help you burn fat.

Wrapping Up: Best Bikes For Moms

Those are our picks for the best bikes for moms. Our top choice is the Schwinn Mikko & Huron cruiser. The bike is easy to maintain and simple to use. The coaster brakes work exceptionally well, and the overall design looks high-quality and durable.

All the bikes on the list are at the top of their respective classes and are sure to provide you with excellent value.

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