Best Bikes for Seniors

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Bicycling is a favorite pastime for children and adults alike. In fact, studies show that seniors who bicycle regularly reduce the rate of age-induced muscle mass loss. Aside from the physical benefits of bicycling, it’s also an excellent opportunity for seniors to enjoy the outdoors and socialize with other bicyclists.  

Say goodbye to uncomfortable, narrow bicycle seats; businesses recognize the need to cater bicycle designs to the elderly population. In this guide, I’ll introduce you to seven of the best bikes for seniors. So, grab your helmet, and let’s begin!

7 Best Bikes for Seniors

1. Sixthreezero Women’s Comfort Bike

With three speeds and a vibratory front suspension that reduces shock if you’re riding on uneven ground, this Sixthreezero bike is an excellent option for senior women. Thanks to the absence of a crossbar running between the handles and seat, you don’t have to swing your leg high to hop on it.

Engineers designed the Sixthreezero’s frame to take tension away from ordinarily painful joint pressure points when biking. You’ll find pedaling a breeze thanks to smooth cruiser configurations. The bike can even handle small hills if you’re up to it. 

Knowing that hand brakes can be hard on the wrists and fingers, this Sixthreezero bike has brakes sensitive to the touch. Therefore, you can stop fast if something crosses your path without exerting a lot of effort. 


  • 2-inch tires for more cushion
  • Rear rack for attaching accessories
  • Gears perform well up to 15 miles per hour


  • Assembly is a bit challenging

2. KESPOR K7 Folding Bike

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Weighing in at only 31 pounds, the aluminum frame KESPOR K7 is an excellent option for seniors seeking a lightweight bike and don’t have much storage room. In fact, this bike folds down to an impressive 31 x 14 x 26 inches.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of assembling it—the bike arrives ready to use. Should you encounter any issues with the mechanics of it, the lifetime warranty should cover you. 

The KESPOR is a great option for seniors who plan to bike on small hills, as it has a seven-speed gear system with ultra-smooth transitions. It also has a wide seat and lots of space between the handlebars so you can slide onto your bike more easily.


  • Adjustable seat for people from 5 feet to 6+ feet tall
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum frame
  • No setup needed


  • The maximum rider weight is 230 pounds

3. ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike

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What better way to show your joints kindness than by using a bike that will do the hard work for you on hills? The Ancheer’s electric bike has enough power to get you up a mountain or take you along bumpy trail terrain at a speed of up to 20 miles per hour.

Thanks to a hefty battery, you’ll get 30 miles of power out of your bike before needing to recharge it. A huge LCD screen means you might not have to toss on your readers to see the speed modes, mileage, and battery level.

You’ll have a lot of flexibility with this bike, as you can choose from 24-speed gearing. You can also set it to five different pedal assistance tiers, depending on how challenging the terrain is that you’re covering. 


  • Tackles hills so you don’t have to
  • Options to increase the shock absorption
  • Excellent traction due to wide tires


  • It takes 6 – 8 hours to charge fully

4. Nakto Electric Bike

If you’re interested in purchasing an electric bike, but the Ancheer seems too advanced for riding around your neighborhood, the Nakto could be an excellent fit for you. The wide seat, step-thru frame, and well-positioned handlebars make this a comfortable bike for seniors.

The Nakto is incredibly durable thanks to its steel frame, and it contains superior shock absorption to make sure your joints stay comfortable during long rides on uneven terrain. If you ride this bike without pedal assist, it’ll take you 20 – 30 miles. However, with pedal assist on, you could get as far as 40 miles.

Since this is a beach cruiser-style bike, you’ll have access to a rack in the back and a basket in the front for carting around water and goods.  


  • 6-speed gears
  • It takes 4 – 5 hours to charge
  • Easy to mount and dismount


  • The basket may rattle, but the motor is quiet

5. Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike

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When you’re looking at the best bikes for seniors, you can be sure a bike has senior-friendly features if it has the word “cruiser” in it. For example, the Schwinn Sanctuary 7 has a wide, padded seat. In addition, high-quality springs prevent back pain and help your spine stay in alignment.

If you live in a muddy area, you’ll love that this bike has full fenders to keep backsplash away from your clothes. Additionally, a smooth-working 7-speed twister helps you maximize your pedaling speed. 

Thanks to aluminum alloy rims, the Schwinn Sanctuary is easy to move around your garage. It comes with a rear cargo rack and a limited lifetime warranty.


  • 26-inch wheels are ideal for riders up to 74 inches tall
  • Robust design for handling heavier weight riders
  • Handlebar position helps prevent slouching


  • Some customers comment on getting flat tires

6. Huffy 26″ Cruiser Bike

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Huffy offers an outstanding cruiser bicycle for senior riders. The attractive three-tone color scheme will leave your friends admiring your new ride as you use the backpedal to stop and chat with them, saving your fingers from the sometimes painful effort of using hand brakes.

A padded spring saddle will let you ride this bike for longer without a sore back and bottom. 

Furthermore, dual-density grips and pedals make the Huffy more comfortable for your joints. 

If you need to adjust the bike seat height, no worries—instead of calling someone for help, you can do it yourself using the quick-release seat binder. Whether you want quick access to snacks in the front basket or would like to carry a picnic basket to the park using the rear rack, this Huffy bike offers plenty of storage.


  • Lower frame for easy mounting
  • Padded seat with spring
  • Comfortable, dual-density handlebars and pedals


  • Challenging to tighten some of the pieces during assembly

7. Sixthreezero Around the Block Bike

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To round off this review, I’m including another Sixthreezero senior-geared bike model. The Around the Block bike has a beach cruiser style, making it perfect for keeping your back and shoulders aligned.

The handlebars have foam grips, and you can pedal backward to stop this bike, making it an excellent option for people with arthritic hands. A steel frame makes this a lightweight bike, and a single-speed means that it performs best on flat terrain. 

If you struggle with getting your pant cuffs caught in bike chains, you’ll appreciate that this bicycle comes with a chain guard to protect your clothes. Also, with a generous back rack, you’ll be the envy of your community as you cycle to and from the store carrying your groceries.


  • Dual-spring seat for comfort
  • Frame encourages good posture
  • Waffle tread tires help soften bumps


  • Assembly instructions are a bit unclear

What to Look for When Buying a Bike for Seniors

Now that we covered some of the best bikes for seniors let’s look at the qualities you should keep your eye out for when you’re bike shopping.

Lightweight Frame

Bicycling will help keep your muscles in shape, but you shouldn’t have to lug around your heavy ride. Below are the best materials for lightweight bikes:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

Carbon fiber and aluminum bikes are the lightest weight but cost more than steel. So, if you’re on a budget, I recommend steel. 

Step-thru Frame

As you get older, you might not be able to swing your leg as high as you used to. There’s a high bar with traditional standard frames that you need to clear on your bike to mount.

However, step-thru frames don’t have a high crossbar. Therefore, you can take a smaller, more comfortable step over the frame of your bike before sliding up onto the seat.

Riding Position

Bike riding doesn’t have to put unnecessary pressure on your joints. Therefore, the best bikes for seniors feature pedals and handlebars that keep you in an upright position. 

As a result, you’ll keep pressure off your neck and back. As a bonus, these bikes offer more stability, so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to balance.


I saved the best for last, as we all know the discomfort that comes with riding a bike with a narrow seat. You should look for a bike that has a wide, medium-firm seat. 

Leather bike seats are best to prevent chafing, but you want to ensure it has a gel pad underneath to maximize your comfort. Moisture-wicking properties are another vital aspect of choosing a bike seat.

Final Thoughts

On average, Americans take about 5 billion bike trips per year. Choosing one of these best bikes for seniors that I covered here can help push this number even higher. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy that bike!

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