Best Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals – Top 5 Options

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It is good to listen to the advice of those with experience, but in the case of mountain bike pedals, it’s not always the case. That is because everyone will tell you the ones they are passionate about are the best, and nothing else compares with it.

We made a list of the best and most popular clipless mountain bike pedals to make it easier to choose. Take a look with us at this list of pedals for your mountain bike and how they can make your life better.

Read on and see which one of the following clipless mountain bike pedals will be the right one for you.

Comparison Chart

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Shimano PD-M9120 Top Enduro And Trail Pedal
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Crankbrothers Mallet MTB Bike Pedal
Funn Mamba Mountain Bike Clipless Peda
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ZERAY Mountain Bike Pedals Sealed Clipless
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TIME Unisex’s Speciale 8 Pedals

Best Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews

Shimano PD-M9120 Top Enduro And Trail Pedal

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With a wide range of mountain bike pedals at your disposal, there is one that will be perfect for you. Many years of experience in pedal manufacturing make them top of the notch pedals that many professionals worldwide use.


A wide bearing design will help distribute the load evenly and give you more power and balance while pedaling. The much wider body of this pedal also helps to increase overall control and make it easier for the biker.

You will find that the overall design of this pedal provides you with increased power transfer to climb hills much easier. This, in turn, also gives you much better control for downhill rides and stability because of the wider platform design.

A large integrated platform helps to keep the binding mechanism protected, so it lasts for much longer and many hours of easy riding. You will also have much more power and control in every crank with the larger contact area provided with this mountain bike pedal.

Keeping the pedal mud-free will also be much easier with the slim axle that provides excellent mud and grime shedding capabilities. Your pedal will be easy to use in many different weather conditions, so you can keep on riding in the rain or sunshine.

The overall design and great features added make this pedal an ideal choice for enduro pedaling and trail rides.

With the seals of the spindle popping out now and then, you will have difficulty protecting the bearings and spindle. This will mean that you will have to clean out the dirt after every riding session, which increases maintenance on the pedal.

You have only this one black color to choose from, which looks nice for display and will fit in with most colors. The problem is that there is not much of an option for those who want to have a variety of colors at their disposal.


  • These pedals are ideal for mountain biking
  • They have a lightweight but durable construction
  • Very easy to use with ample float
  • A long backup factory warranty is included with these pedals


  • The spindle seals pop out after only a few uses
  • You have only the one color at your disposal

Crankbrothers Mallet MTB Bike Pedal

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The versatile pedals provided by Crankbrothers are popular among professional mountain bike riders and those who only ride casually and for pleasure. With the great quality and craftsmanship used in making these pedals, their products instill trust and peace of mind in users.


The longer spindle of the pedals makes it easy to be used with many different mountain bike applications and a better riding experience. You also have a much better power transfer while the overall feel and fit of these mountain bike pedals from Crankbrothers is improved.

Lightweight alloy metals used in manufacturing these pedals will make them last much longer and resist wear and tear. This translates to many hours of mountain trail riding and enduro racing with better performance results.

Even though you may need to add an adaptor for those who want to use three-hole cleats, they are out-of-the-box clipless ready. These pedals are also designed to be compatible with almost any clipless cycling shoe.

Much better mud shedding is promoted with the four-sided entry option so you can easily clean and maintain the pedals. You also have a lot of rough terrain support with the wide platform for better control and even load distribution.

The build of these pedals makes them perfect for many different types of disciplines, especially for enduro riding.

Setting these pedals up to perform the way you want will take some time and a bit of research from your side. This is not great for those who do not have the time and want to take them out of the box and ride.

With the clipping in, you are not always sure whether you are clipped in or not with light clipping action. It may not be that great an issue, but it might cause you to lose stride and rhythm if you clip in while riding.


  • Riders can use them with flats and clipless
  • They are made with a durable and strong design
  • Easy to keep them clean and service them
  • You have different color combinations to choose from


  • It is a bit difficult to set these pedals up
  • You are not always sure whether you are clipped in

Mamba Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal From Funn

This company has been making mountain bike pedals for more than 20 years, and they just keep improving with every new model. This is the case with this very reliable mountain bike pedal that will withstand the beating while you have fun riding.


In combination with the large platform surface, the single-sided clip-in option provides an extra contact area for your shoes. This allows for a more evenly distributed load and more control over the power. It also increases user experience.

The dual function of the one side clip-in and one side flat means you have more versatility in pedaling options. This feature makes it great to use different types of biking disciplines so that it can be used for enduro riding and other applications.

Included in this set of pedals, you have Shimano PSD-compatible cleats, which can be walked in when not on the bike. This allows for a smooth engagement option and quick and easy on and off the bike to save you time and effort.

With a new innovative grease-adding system, you can maintain these pedals in seconds without getting your hands dirty. The sealed cartridge of the bearing and DU bushing ensures that the mechanism stays protected while reducing overall maintenance time.

For those who need variety, there are also up to six anodized colors to choose from.

The heavyweight of 1 pound may not sound that much, but it will make a difference if you need to shed some weight. This means that your bike will always have that extra weight that cannot be shed while you are using these pedals.

The flat profile of these mountain bike pedals from Funn makes it difficult to clip and unclip with different types of shoes. This means that there might be some fumbling to get clipped in if you need to while riding.


  • They come with a large platform for better control
  • Riders can use them for many different biking applications
  • Quick and easy maintenance options
  • A service kit is available with these pedals


  • These pedals are a bit on the heavier side
  • They might be a bit difficult to unclip with some shoes

Zeray Sealed Mountain Bike Pedals From HepingJianGenbo

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If you are looking for an affordable mountain bike pedal, look no further, with the low price tag attached to these. The value of these pedals is far more than what the price suggests, so this is a very good investment.


The durable aluminum alloy materials used in making these pedals will help to increase the lifespan to last many years. With these pedals on your mountain bike, you will have many hours of fun trail riding as a casual rider or a professional.

With the lightweight and strong construction, these pedals will help to reduce or even completely avoid damage to the spindle when crashing. These pedals are designed for mountain bikes and can be used for many different mountain trail applications on all levels.

With an easy 6-degree floating range, these pedals will be easy on the knees and other joints to prevent easy fatigue. The adjustable tension can further reduce over-exertion and improve the user experience while having more fun when using these pedals. 

They will easily fit on all bikes with 9/16″ cranks, making them compatible with most mountain bikes. The self-lubricating bearings make maintaining these pedals very easy, with no maintenance necessary for the mechanism.

You get a lot of extras in the package with these pedals to make them easy to install and set them up properly.

If used with continued strain and increased force, you might experience quick wear and tear with these pedals. This can happen even after only a few times of use with very low miles behind them and might leave you stranded.

When you are in a hurry, using these pedals might be a bit unsafe as there is some difficulty to unclip even on the lowest settings. The worst scenario is that you might get hurt if you need to unclip quickly, or it might just cause frustration for some people.


  • Easy maintenance with a sealed mechanism
  • Lightweight and durable mountain bike pedals
  • They come with a very low price tag attached
  • This is a complete set with many extras added


  • Some riders have experienced some quality issues
  • They might be a bit unsafe to use when in a hurry

Speciale 8 MTB Mountain Bike Pedals From Time

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The pedal you need to use for enduro riding is the one provided by Time, with all the features you need to make riding easy. They come with many features added so you can have fun and do not need to worry about the pedals on your mountain bike.


With the pedal sturdy under your foot, you will have much more control while riding your bike. A very secure fitting and clipping are what you get with the stable platform from Time.

Easy exit and entry are accomplished with the perfect fit of the pedal, making it much easier to engage in saving you time. The pedal does not roll under the feet which makes it also easier to exert more power when necessary.

With a large range of tension adjustments, you can have a very easy pedal, or if you prefer, it can be quite firm. Adjusting the tension is easy, which can be done with a 2mm Allen key and is easily accessible.

You do not have to worry about mud and sand because the lever will remove the dirt every time you step in it.

The float feels a bit slippery, but you still have enough of it to be easy on the joints.

But when it comes to the pedal float, you need something solid and consistent to provide better control. With the lateral float being a bit slippery, you may feel unsure about your control while riding hard with these pedals from Time.

The higher profile of this pedal will need some time to get used to and feel more comfortable. This is not great for those who need to attach the pedal and get on the bike without losing rhythm.


  • They come at a reasonable price for the high quality
  • The pedals have a mud-shedding feature added
  • You have a lot of floats to be easy on the knees
  • They display well when installed on your mountain bike


  • These pedals are a bit thicker than most pedals out there
  • A slippery lateral float may cause some discomfort for the rider


The Shimano PD-M9120 Enduro pedal is our first choice with the stability you have and much better efficiency and control, even if not clipped in. In second place is the Crankbrothers Mallet MTB bike pedal with excellent mud-shedding capability and an affordable price tag without sacrificing great features.


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