Best Cycling Gloves For Hand Numbness: Protect You Mitts Using These Padded Bike Gloves

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Having hands that hurt and go numb during long bike rides can be a bummer and the pain may even kill your love for the sport.

But you can counter that discomfort with the right kind of cycling gloves that offer good compression and protection when you need it.

Biking gloves are essential for long rides, but finding the right pair can be a challenge.

Top Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness

​Here are the best cycling gloves you can buy to relieve hand numbness:

ZOOKKI Cycling Gloves

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Zookki is perfect for those who have made cycling a way of life. In fact, this glove has hit the soft spot for both genders.. The style and feel adds to the allure of this glove as it has a well-designed compression feature that adequately protects and supports your hand from numbness.

Regardless of your hand size or palm girth, it’s the kind of glove that’s perfect for both male and female riders. There’s sufficient gel padding to absorb the road shock and clatter giving you enough elasticity for movement and good grip on the handlebars.

The glove surface is made of Lycra fabric, mesh and terry cloth, which are all breathable materials that fit snugly on your skin. No blistering or abrasions here.

Plus it’s easy to remove and wash. There are pull straps between the 1st and 2nd fingers, then another strap between the 3rd and 4th finger which with a quick pull can remove the glove much faster from your hand. This is one of the key versatile features that riders point out about the Zookki.

The Zookki is such a popular choice and comes much recommended by long haul riders.


  • ​Eases hand numbness
  • ​Gel padding absorbs the shock
  • ​Easy to remove and wash
  • ​Our No 1 pick for ​best Cycling Gloves For Hand Numbness


  • ​Red rubber print rubs off
  • ​Tight between finger webbing
  • ​Sizing problems

​INBIKE Cycling Gloves

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INBIKE Cycling Gloves is a short fingered cycling glove made of high elastic Lycra material with a layer of knitted mesh fabric.

Palms out you’ll notice the super shock absorbing 5mm thick gel pads, strategically place in the bearing and grip positions.

The padding adds to grip strength and protection from scratches in case you fall off your bike.

For the perfect snug fit, the glove has a low-profile hook and loop fastener closure located at the wrist part.

A little detail that seems like an added bonus, there’s a thumb terry cloth that helps you wipe off the sweat while riding.

There are sizing issues as the glove sizing on the list guide varies from the actual physical item and may turn out a size smaller when you receive them. Buyers have advised to go a size up.

While affordable, the gel pads and foam padding are obviously made from cheap material.

But keep your expectations realistic, they are cheaper by far compared to high-end sports brands.

The soft gel distribution on the palm helps ease the numbness in the hand, so there’s remarkably less numbness and tingling overall.

After a long ride though, removing it from your hand can be a struggle, requiring some effort on your part.

There are no easy pull tabs between fingers here and it can be quite a problem to remove when your hand is sweaty underneath.


  • ​Absorbs shock well
  • ​Affordable price
  • ​Comfortable


  • ​Sizing issues
  • ​Cheap material
  • ​Hard to pull out from fingers


​Louis Garneau Cycling Gloves

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The Louis Garneau Cycling glove feels incredibly natural and the material can easily flex out to match your hand movement with ease.

This is due to its perforated palm and biogel padding which makes the glove more breathable.

It works well in reducing numbness by absorbing vibrations putting less pressure on the ulnar and median nerves.

For better grip on the handlebars, it has a multilayer coated silicone palm.

This is a quick slip-on glove due to its low profile cuff pull tab design. The cuff is Velcro-adjustable where you can custom fit it to your comfort.

Plus the gloves basically have small tabs that make it easy to remove them.

It deals with the sweats rather well, relieving palm moisture to stabilize your hand’s temperature. Though, the glove can feel slippery inside at times.

The padding is in just the right places where it’s needed which can make it possible for you to go on long rides without worrying about any numbness in the hands.

The only obvious downside is that the Velcro wrist enclosure though sometimes finds its sticky way unto the spandex part of the glove which can be annoying to its user.

There’s always a good deal of difficulty in finding a pair of gloves that fit well, the Louis Garneau Cycling glove are not spared from those sizing issues- these gloves seem to be a size smaller compared to other glove brands.

Sizing varies, of course, so check with the sizing guidelines when ordering online.


  • ​Adequate multi-layer padding
  • ​Flexible feel
  • ​Easy tabs for glove removal


  • ​Velcro sticks to other parts of glove
  • ​Feels slippery when sweaty
  • ​Sizing issues

​BOODUN Cycling Glove

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BOODUN Cycling Gloves are made of stretchable 55% polyester and 45% nylon, this light breathable material on the BOODUN makes this brand a good pair of starter gloves.

These cycling gloves have shock-absorbing elastic 8mm foam padding on the palms to absorb any pressure when riding. Upfront the padding is not the gel-type, but ultra absorbent foam with a pliable chamois texture.

The padding located on the heel of the palm and base of the fingers provides cushy support and distributes the weight evenly across your hand for a more comfortable and compressed feel.

During chattering, it handles numbness issues quite well as long as you aim to resolve your wrist position.

After much use though, the pull-out strings on the BOODUN can become unstitched.

Also if you’re used to the gel-type gloves, you might find this foam-type padding inadequate for friction or crash protection.

Sizing issues come with this glove as the sizing chart seems to be for small people.


  • ​Good price
  • ​No numbness on hands
  • ​Absorbent foam padding


  • ​Gets unstitched
  • ​Foam padding, not gel-type
  • ​Sizing problems

​Pearl iZUMi Elite Gel Women’s Glove

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Pearl iZUMi Elite Gel Women’s Glove is made of good quality, performance-engineered synthetic leather.

They are known to be the best gloves for women riders out there due to its superior grip and gel padding arrangement.

Plus much is said about its beautiful design on a lady’s hand.

These gloves can really deal with numbness and keeps any pain and tingling on the hands under control.

The fit is tighter than most gloves, though snug, you might expect a bit of chafing from time to time.

But there’s plenty of support for hard riding as they are customized to fit at the wrist and the Pearl iZUMi’s gel pads are placed at key stress points throughout the hand- this absorbs vibrations regardless of terrain type.

However, after a few hard washes, the glove material can feel stretched out. Maybe settle for handwashing the glove instead of the classic tumble and dry.


  • ​Best gloves for women
  • ​Numbness control
  • ​Superior grip and protection


  • ​Tightness
  • ​Chafing
  • ​Stretches out after wash

Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves

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Marvel at these double-layer, synthetic-leather palms for a secure fit. They are indeed a pair of great looking high-performance gloves with poly stretch construction that offers much needed comfort and dexterity.

There’s adequate support to stave off any numbness, you can expect durability and competitive performance under all-terrain and long ride conditions with these gloves. Yes, they are robust racing gloves for today’s cycling ninjas.

They come with their patented TruGel padding that absorbs harsh chatter and sudden impacts.

If you get sweaty, you can rely on the absorbent wiping surface on the thumb to get the perspiration off.

Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves are compression molded at the cuff for a snug fit, they also have Silicone grip on the fingertips.

Material feels weird to some users as the texture feels like rubbing your skin against foam rubber.

Good protection, but not intended for long rides during winter or freezing temperatures. Stitching becomes undone on the palm area after much wear and tear action.


  • ​Good racing ninja gloves
  • ​Silicone finger grips
  • ​High-performance gloves


  • ​Odd texture
  • ​Not for freezing temperatures
  • ​Stitching issues


​Why you feel numbness when cycling?

Hand numbness is not a big mystery nor is it a sign of injury or illness. Any fit cyclist can experience hand numbness from time to time.

But do check on your positioning when biking, you can put on the miles and not notice how bad your posture and position on the bike is.

The hand like any part of the body has a network of nerves. If one of these nerves gets pinched, expect that area to go numb.

You may either experience loss of control, movement and sensation. Also don’t discount environmental factors, if you’re cycling across areas near freezing temperatures, don’t be surprised if it’s not just your hand that gets numb.

What can you do to make hand numbness bearable?

​To stop hand numbness, you can take some reasonable steps to correct a few minor issues

Wrist angle. Be mindful how your wrist goes. If it’s forced at an uncomfortable angle for longer periods, chances are your wrist can go numb, get swollen and even dislocate. An injured wrist affects the nerves going up your hand from your thumb towards your fingers.

Handlebar grip. Easy on the hold right there, if you grip on the handlebars too hard and bend your wrist in the process, this can lead to a bundle of pinched nerves and overall hand numbness.

Also a hard grip tends to add tension on the shoulders. Check the height of your handle bars as well, and see how the reach affects your grip.

Seat position. The angle of your seat affects how your hands are in rest and in active position.

Do a seat check and see if it’s align and parallel to the ground, not on a nosedive or a dip.

Change hand positions frequently.

Cyclists can be dead-eyed focused to a fault that they forget to move parts of them around. Loosen up and don’t forget to change positions before the numbness starts to kick in.

If road vibration is the culprit, try double wrapping your bars or using a thicker bar tape meant to decrease road chatter.

Specialized handlebars such as a carbon handlebar can help decrease vibration in your hands.

Also upgrading to a wider road tire with a width of 25–28mm can lessen the shock and makes your ride less harsh over rough roads.

But the most basic thing you can do is to wear bicycle gloves to keep your hands warm and protected.

Should my bike seat be higher than my handlebars?

Your handlebars should be at least as high as your seat, or even above it to have a comfortable ride. If it’s lower than your seat you’ll be pushed & can get more stress on your wrists, arms, neck, and back.

Buying Guide for Cycling Gloves

Most bike enthusiasts would invest in a good pair of cycling gloves for a variety of reasons. Some are very loyal to certain brands even if that sporting brand doesn’t address issues on hand numbness.

Some riders would prefer glove style over comfort while there are cyclists, those in obvious pain would go for the foremost glove that can brace and support their hands from numbness and further injury.

As you pack in the miles and clock in the hours, hand numbness becomes inevitable, but with the right pair of cycling gloves, you can make sure you have the best compression support possible.

So check out the following factors to address hand numbness:


​For all functional purposes, we look into the base material to determine strength and durability.

How much abuse can it stand with daily wear and tear? Also consider the amount of padded protection the glove can offer, and to address the hand numbness issue- where are these protective points placed on the glove? Some gloves are dynamically engineered to reduce numbness effectively.

​Protection levels

​Consider this your armor ability. Severe chattering on the road can make your hands go numb. Is the glove able to shock absorb much of the force? If it does, this will save you from going numb after biking for long hours.

In case of a spill, how much of the gloves can protect you from maximum impact and abrasion protection? These are just some of the important questions to consider before you purchase.


Comfort relies on ventilation, circulation and breathability. Are your hands sweating profusely inside the glove?

Is there a stitch snagging on your finger? Is the glove too tight you can’t feel your fingers anymore? Is the glove constantly slipping off?

If something about the glove keeps you from performing your cycling best, then it’s definitely not the comfortable kind for you.

Comfort should be a priority when it comes to gloves. There should be a sense of relief putting them on your hands for a long ride, not a sense of a dread that you’re putting up with low quality gloves.


Determine the best glove fit for your hands whether you are measuring using palm size or the size standard of a previous brand.

Remember that glove fit varies from brand to brand. It sometimes takes a few tries with one brand and glove series to get the sizing you want.

Even with the use of a sizing chart, certain materials can come off too tight on certain hands, making you think what you’re trying on is a size smaller.

Also consider the fact after you break into your gloves, the fit might loosen. You know your hands best; let your comfort level and the amount of tightness determine your best fit.

After reviewing the best cycling gloves for hand numbness out there, we have to tally it in and go with the high-performing, stylish and functional glove among the lot.

Those looking to invest in a decent pair of protective and comfortable gloves should go for the ZOOKKI Cycling Gloves.

Why Pick ZOOKKI Cycling Gloves?

The ZOOKKI can meet every biker’s preference when it comes to fit and compression.

It has everything you need to make your long rides comfortable. Sturdy and well-priced for its quality, the ZOOKKI material reigns supreme with its triple-sandwiched mesh texture that’s considered the best for its breathability.

The glove is overall versatile, dynamic and stretches with every flex of your hand.

This level of dexterity does not sacrifice grip strength at all.

The ZOOKKI are durable, long haul gloves with thickened palm pads that eases palm fatigue.

The material has great anti-shock resistance and counters any tingling or numbness on bumpy roads.

If you want competitive and affordable gloves that deal with hand numbness due to riding duration, position and intensity- you can count on ZOOKKI Cycling Gloves to offer you secure compression without tight constriction. ZOOKKI offers a good level of comfort without undermining your bike riding performance.

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