Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders

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Heybike Cityscape

It’s a sheer challenge for tall people to find things that fit. This problem includes clothing, shoes, and in this case, electric bikes. Tall riders often need higher ground clearance, larger wheels, and long handlebars.

Their extremely long torso or legs make it difficult to find an e-bike suitable enough for their length. Fortunately, the e-bikes on this list are built for lengthy people while offering similar comfort as other bikes.

And if you don’t fancy our choices, there’s a buyer’s guide right after this article to aid you in your search.


71Z8nyT+ppS. AC SL1500

The VELOWAVE Ranger is a tank in electric bike form, with 26’ 4-inch fat tires capable of carrying loads up to 350lbs. The bike’s 750 watts BAFANG motor is one of the most powerful you can, capable of 40 miles on a full charge.

It features a Shimano 7-speed gear that can reach up to 28+mph by pedal and 20 mph by the throttle.

Unlike other brands that use generic batteries prone to falling, this bike is outfitted with an integrated downtube battery you can detach and charge anywhere.

The hydraulic shock absorber is crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy. It combines with hydraulic disc brakes to offer you the highest stability on the roughest terrain.

You’ll love the extra beefy tires that can munch through snow, roads, or beaches. An eye-catching feature is a headlight that produces 10,000 lumens for exceptional riding in low light conditions.

The weight is the only cause for concern and is at 75lbs. While the manufacturer recommends this e-bike for people 6′ 2′, it’s still comfortable for riders that are 6’4.

The Ranger strikes an exceptional balance between beefy power and enduring comfort. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better bike at its price point.


  • High-quality components
  • Great for all terrains
  • Reasonable price


  • Not for highly tall people

ECOTRIC – Best Foldaway

81L9YAiMr9L. AC SL1500

The ECOTRIC foldaway e-bike is UL-certified and designed for tall, skinny riders with a maximum weight limit of 200lbs. The brushless motor has a peak power of 500 watts to provide a quiet and smooth riding experience.

Despite its thick and chunky look, the bike can reach up to 28 mph, ensuring you travel faster and get to your destination on time. This bike’s heart is a 36V/12.5 Ah battery that gives you a travel range of 21 miles on pure electric and up to 36 miles with pedal assist.

The unique design allows most of the frame to fold, including the upper tube, pedals, and handlebars. This feature makes the bike easy to store in the smallest spaces. Electric bikes typically have manual, pedal-assist, and fully electric modes.

But the ECOTRIC bike goes one step further with a Booster Mode that provides an easy push for uphill terrain. Like other premium bikes in this class, it has a Shimano 7-Speed gear system and hydraulic brakes for exceptional stopping power.

The bike is highly durable and fantastic for off-road adventures. The thick tires work well in most conditions and are wear-resistant to ride on various terrain. You’ll like the anti-theft system that prevents battery theft with up to 600 cycles lifespan.

Unlike other electric mountain bikes, ECOTRIC is lightweight at 56lbs, which provides more precise handling. The only downside is it doesn’t assemble quickly, and you’d need to watch a few YouTube videos to put it together. There’s also no instruction on using the key or charging the battery. It’s still a fantastic-looking bike with lots of performance.


  • The foldable design makes it easy to store
  • Powerful 500-watt motor for exceptional range
  • Booster Mode for climbing uphill
  • A removable battery prevents theft


  • It doesn’t assemble easily
  • Maximum weight is not ideal for huge, tall people

Heybike Cityscape – Best Electric Cruiser

71pBSY W4IL. AC SL1500

One of the best bikes for tall riders for a leisurely ride around the block is the Heybike Cityscape Cruiser. The bike has a classic design that stands out on the road. It’s powered by a 350-watt motor that allows it to travel up to 40 miles on a single charge.

The 26′ tires make it your go-to bike for the commute. The bike ships 80% pre-assembled, making it easy to set up independently. The Cityscape is not a speedy roadster at 19 mph, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in comfort and smooth riding.

While the 36v 10ah battery isn’t the most powerful, you’ll like the large LCD that’s easy to read even in lowlight conditions.

The bike is comfy for tall people and features a 7-speed Shimano gear shifter, including three pedal assist settings. The sealed pedal assist is resistant to water and dust.

Moreover, the pedal position is suitable for extending your long legs while reducing strain on hip joints, ankles, and knees. To avoid confusion, you’ll need to switch the battery lock to the ON position to start the bike.

The dual-disc brakes are adjustable and provide the excellent stopping power you can count on. One drawback with this bike is the weight. It isn’t nearly as powerful as the best overall on this list and is just 3lbs lighter.

Nonetheless, the individual components are high-quality with a dependable drivetrain, battery, and motor.


  • Elegant retro design
  • High-quality components
  • The portable battery is easy to charge


  • The bike is heavy and underpowered

Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders Buyers Guide

Electric bikes are a fantastic way to improve cardio fitness and overall health. However, tall riders often face an uphill task looking for the perfect e-bike for their long frame. When looking for an e-bike for tall bikers, consider the following factors.

Adjustable Design

Let’s face it; an electric bike specially designed for tall people is almost impossible to find. And even when you do, the price is enough to put you off. It would help if you had an e-bike that’s easy to adjust no matter the rider’s height.

Handlebar Height

An electric bike with a long stem is more suitable for taller riders. The way you ride also plays a part in the handlebar adjustment with a lower handle for better aerodynamics and a higher handlebar for better comfort.


Not all tall riders have long legs, making an adjustable saddle a must-have for any e-bike. The inability to adjust the saddle can cause leg cramps, hip injury, and knee discomfort.

Frame & Wheel Size

Taller riders generally have a larger mass which makes it vital to purchase a bike with a high-quality frame. The material needs to be extra strong to carry a tall rider’s weight. In the same vein, you need a wheel size of 26″ or higher.

A larger wheelbase offers a smoother riding experience – apart from foldable bikes designed with small wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, here are the answers to some FAQs.

Can a fat person ride an electric bike?

Electric bikes have come a long way, and currently, you can find several brands and models that can support a heavy rider. Some e-bikes have a load capacity of 500lbs, although it’s more common to find bikes within the 250lbs-300lbs range.

Can electric bikes climb steep hills?

Electric bikes are built for steep hills thanks to their powerful motors and drivetrain.

How long does the battery on an E-bike last?

E-bikes are known to have durable batteries that can last more than two years. However, their lifecycle depends on how often you use the bike and the battery type.


Electric bikes provide the oomph you need to travel incredible distances with lesser effort than a regular bike while providing the same fitness level.

These bikes often have multiple modes that offer various riding options. While more expensive, electric bikes are more durable, longer-lasting, and great for the environment.

VELOWAVE Ranger is the best electric bike for tall riders, but the bikes on this list are the best in their class and worth checking out.

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