Best Hybrid Bikes Under 300

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A good bike doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag. While it’s true you may not get all the same features as a more expensive model, you’ll still get something that you can use every day on and off the road.

Hybrid bikes are great all-around bikes to own. You can also find a less expensive model if you are new to riding or want something that rides paved roads more smoothly than your mountain bike.

Whether you’re a beginning rider who doesn’t want to throw thousands of dollars on a bike you may not use every day, or a pro who wants to give their competitive bike a break, we’ll help you pick the right hybrid for under $300.

Schwinn Gateway 700c/28″ Hybrid Bike

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Coming in at $299, this retro-look hybrid bike by Schwinn will look fantastic as you go about your day while performing well on diverse surface situations.

We like the price, look, fender, and rear rack inclusion. The Schwinn Gateway is a ready-to-go trail rider that you can use for errands and light off-roading. The smooth tires won’t interfere with your city rides. The seven gears will be enough for most people, especially if you don’t intend on using it for any true mountain biking.

Schwinn is a known entity and trusted cycling brand. You really can’t go wrong with any of their bikes, this Gateway included.

It says it’s a women’s model but the design and size range is pretty unisex, so don’t let that turn you off if you’re a guy. It’s an excellent bike for adults all around, and the frame comes in different sizes.


  • Attractive, retro steel frame
  • Front and rear fenders for weather protection
  • 7-speed twist shifter and rear derailleur let you change gears quickly
  • Comes with a convenient rear rack
  • Linear pull brakes


  • 8 pounds― more expensive hybrids usually use lighter (and pricier) materials to stay around 27-30lbs
  • Seven gears will be enough for a regular commute but may not be enough for rural riding, depending on your intended use and location

Vilano Step Through

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Another stylish retro-influenced bike is the Vilano Hybrid City Bike, which is perfect for the urban commuter who wants to ride the trail occasionally.

At 32lbs it’s pretty light for a bike in this price range. With seven gears, you’ll be able to roll over hilly paths or speed along flat streets.

Much like the Schwinn, this Vilano model is another incredibly stylish retro bike. It may look retro, but it’s built like any modern hybrid. With a bike like this, you can stay up-to-date and be on-trend.

This bike is made for pleasure. The handlebars are placed for a comfortable upright ride, and the seat cushion is soft and adjustable. You’ll be able to keep moving all day if you need to.

It has a mount for the rear rack and water bottle holder, so you can customize the bike, but it comes with neither. This bike also comes in only one frame size (50cm) so it’s ideal for riders over 5’4”.


  • Currently listed for $250
  • Retro-style steel frame
  • 7-Speed twist grip shifters
  • 700c wheels and linear pull brakes
  • 700c x 35c tires will handle many surface conditions
  • Platform pedals with locking kickstand


  • Must do your own assembly
  • No rack or bottle holder

Hiland 700C Hybrid Bike


Hiland’s hybrid bike has seven speeds, comes in three color options, a high carbon steel frame, and has front and rear fenders. With the cozy ergonomic seat and extended grips, you’ll find it’s a very comfortable ride overall.

This Hiland Hybrid bike is ideal for speedily moving through city streets and will look good while doing so. Hop on it for easy errands, and make use of the bottle and rack mounts to take what you need with you.

This is more of a road bike than a true hybrid, but the gears and wheels will get you through a lot of hills and terrains.


  • Sturdy, high-tensile 20-inch steel frame
  • Quality 7-speed drivetrain and twist shifters
  • Ergonomic seat and grips provide exceptional comfort
  • 700x35C tires grip the ground for a smooth and sure-footed ride every time


  • Assembly and tuning required (it does come with installation tools)
  • V-brakes
  • Some issues with the brakes making noise

HUIJIAN Hybrid Bike


This bike is listed at $209 and packs a lot in at that price. The Huijian Hybrid comes in three colors, has a 21-speed gear shifter, linear-pull disc-brakes, and a durable steel frame.

The big 26-inch wheels with tread will give you good grip and shock absorption on pretty hard ground. This is a hybrid bike that trends more towards a mountain bike. It’s a great choice for the more adventurous bikers looking to upgrade their current mode of transport.

Huijian isn’t the best-known bicycle brand around, so that can seem a bit off-putting. But with the features offered at this unbeatable price, it seems worth a try even if it’s unfamiliar to you.


  • Current price is $209
  • 21-speed bike
  • Aluminum and carbon frame alloy
  • Double-layer wheels


  • No rack or bottle mounts

Huffy Hyde Park

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This hybrid bike from Huffy is a pretty great deal all around. Seven speeds, a sturdy aluminum frame, and front and rear suspension with mint finish all make this a good buy for anyone looking to get all the basics.

You’ll cruise easily on city streets and breeze through hilly campuses. The 27.5-inch wheels will help a lot when riding over rough ground.

The Huffy Hyde Park is overall a smooth and attractive ride but lacks some of the features of other hybrids at this price. It’s still a great option to consider, though.


  • 7-speed shifter and rear derailleur for precise movement
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy comfort bike frame
  • Wheel fenders protect the rider from dust and splashes
  • Adjustable seat ensures the perfect fit and features stitched ATB saddle


  • Assembly required
  • No rack or bottle mount
  • The fenders may not be aluminum, as some users say they arrived dented (we did not have this experience)
  • Weighs 35lbs (there are lighter options at this price point)


You can easily find the best hybrid bikes under 300 dollars if you know where to look. If you know what you need, picking the right bike doesn’t need to be a chore. Be honest about how you use your bike. Ask yourself how often you ride, if this is a primary bike or additional bike, and what surface you usually ride on.

If you find yourself going up and down a lot of hills, you’ll want a model with more speeds or stronger brakes. If you ride through city neighborhoods to get your groceries, you can focus on something lighter weight with smaller wheels or fewer speeds.

Once you take stock, you may find you want to spend more or less money on different features or even choose a different bike altogether. If you know a hybrid is right for you, then you have some great options to buy right here. Click on one of the above links to buy one today, or go to a local bike shop and see if you can check one out in person.

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