Best Infant Bike Helmet

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After testing over fifty bike helmets, we’ve narrowed down the best infant bike helmet for your little biker. It was no easy feat because there are so many options out there, all with different colors, features, and styles.

Firstly, all helmets on sale in the US must pass the standards set out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Each helmet has similar impact protection.

While increasing your budget won’t make your child’s helmet any safer, we’ve considered criteria like buckling ease, lightness, breathability, color, and style to pick the best.

Kids can be fussy about the things they like, but you cannot overstress the importance of buying a helmet your child will wear. If you don’t fancy the helmets on our list, there’s a buyer’s guide to help you on your way!

Comparison Chart

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Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet
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Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet
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XJD Toddler Helmet
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Retrospec Scout-1
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MOUNTALK Toddler Bike Helmet

Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet: Best Overall

61iQ5pkHm+L. AC SL1500

The Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet is the best overall because of its catchy look! It’s super cute with various animal characters for boys and girls.

The helmet is excellent for 18-month-old infants right up to 5-year-old kids. Additionally, the helmet is breathable for maximum comfort, with comprehensive safety features that will keep your toddler safe on the go.

It’s lightweight, so your child doesn’t get bogged down, yet the molded shell provides additional rear impact protection. The animal character design is a thin plastic covering on top of the helmet and can crack if handled roughly.

However, the overall construction leaves nothing to be desired. It’s easily adjustable as your toddler continues to grow.

While the decorative characters may appear flimsy, the helmet is durable and holds up during crashes. The minor drawbacks don’t detract from what is an exceptional infant helmet that will make your child the darling of the neighborhood.


  • Adorable designs and characters
  • Molded shell for extra durability and protection
  • Adjustable fit
  • Comfortable lightweight design


  • The teddy bear character breaks easily

Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet: Best Premium Helmet

71fPll43X5L. AC SL1500

The Nutcase Little Nutty sets the bar high for fun helmets for toddlers and little kids. The Crumple Zone EPS foam pads will keep your child safe in the event of a fall.

Moreover, the design features a lightweight ABS shell that offers an additional protection layer. This layer reduces the impact force on the head, as is typical with many crashes.

You’ll love the Fidlock Magnetic Closure that makes this helmet a breeze to wear. It’s easy for tiny hands to snap open and shut, with soft padding on the clasps to make it comfy on the little one’s chin.

The built-in dial system allows the helmet to remain snug as your infant continues to grow. Nutcase is known for making fun helmets, and the Little Nutty is eye candy that will make your kids the envy of their peers.

You’ll also love the detachable visor that prevents flying objects from entering the eyes. The helmet also has 11 vents that improve airflow and cool your child on hot summer days. Even though the helmet is expensive, it’s worth every cent.


  • Easily adjustable magnetic chin strap
  • Awesome colors and designs
  • Great for bikes, skateboards, and scooters
  • Detachable visor for extra protection


  • Expensive

XJD Toddler Helmet: Best Value Helmet

71DkljeDhAL. AC SL1500

The XJD helmet has a simple but stylish design suitable for kids 12 months and older. It has topnotch impact resistance due to the injection-molded outer shell that decreases head injury during a crash.

The inner shell is EPS foam to provide comfort from impact. XJD offers this helmet in two sizes, for kids 1 to 5 years old and 5 to 8 years old.

However, it’s good to get your little one’s head measured before placing an order. An adjustable strap turns easily to loosen or tighten and ensures additional comfort while on a ride.

After a day on the road, you can take off the detachable inner lining to wash off dirt and sweat. This multipurpose helmet has 14 air vents to keep the child cool, and you can choose from five different colors.

The helmet is durable and has a lot of adjustments to ensure it lasts a long time.


  • Durable construction
  • It comes in various colors
  • Lightweight design
  • Straps open easily


  • It can be slightly oversized for a toddler

Retrospec Scout-1: Best Budget Helmet

81lv 82Z7CS. AC SL1500

The Retrospec Scout-1 is as safe as any of the best infant bike helmets you can find. However, it’s affordable compared to many competitors and provides similar value.

The helmet comes in various colors and features, including a no-dig chin strap that’s easy to adjust for the best fit. The scout helmet has a built-in visor to improve visibility under the sun and protect against flying objects like loose stones and debris.

The air vents on the helmet improve airflow and provide comfort during hot days. You can also remove the interior padding to wash it.

More importantly, the helmet is affordable, making it easy to replace if your kid has a crash. It’s worth mentioning that the size might be too small, and parents with bigger kids might want to shop around for something different. Otherwise, it’s a high-quality helmet that does the job.


  • ErgoKnob dial is easy to adjust
  • 14 vents to provide breathable comfort
  • Built-in visor for improved visibility
  • The rounded back is perfect for young riders
  • Affordable and easily replaceable


  • Small fit

MOUNTALK Toddler Bike Helmet: Best Lightweight Helmet

71HWqYQSQ2S. AC SL1500

It’s not surprising the MOUNTALK Toddler is one of the best infant bike helmets due to its colorful and lightweight design.

It has two sizes:

  • XS for smaller infants between 0 to 3 years old
  • S for kids 4 to 6 years old

While it doesn’t use MIPS technology, this helmet still provides exceptional protection for the price.

It’s dual-certified to provide the highest safety level for your toddler. The dial turn adjuster offers a snug fit even as your toddler continues to grow.

The cooling system consists of six cooling channels and 11 air vents to keep your child cool even in the most intensive play sessions.

The only drawback is the inaccurate head measurements that can push you into buying a smaller helmet for your kid.


  • Adequate protection for the back of the head
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable
  • Dual certification for safety


  • Inaccurate measurement descriptions

Best Infant Helmet Buyers Guide

If you don’t take our word for the best infant helmet, the features below will help you find what you need.

Fit and Comfort

At the top of the list are the comfort level and fitness. Unfortunately, infant helmets don’t ship in one standard size, so measuring your kid’s head before picking a helmet is vital.

It’s also crucial to choose a helmet with a dial-adjust knob to ensure the helmet is secure on your child’s head. In addition, kids grow fast, and you should never forget to buy bigger helmets as they grow older.

Buy a helmet with adequate ventilation to keep your child comfortable. A lightweight design also prevents neck cramps and allows kids to stay active for longer.

Appearance and Style

Children prefer to wear bright things that look cool. Besides, more colorful, sharper colors are easier for motorists to see.

That’s enough reason to buy a brightly patterned helmet with eye-catching colors worthy of the outdoors.

Whether skateboarding or biking, your child will wear the helmet everywhere and be happy with it. Pro tip: let your little one pick the helmet they want.


All bike helmets for sale in the US are certified by the CPSC. This means there’s sufficient protection against direct impact injuries on the head.

However, some helmets provide further safety measures using Multi-directional Impact Protection (MIPS). If you don’t mind spending the extra dollars for peace of mind, you can opt for a MIPS helmet.

As long as the helmet is high-quality, made by a reputable manufacturer, and passes standard certification, it’s sufficient to protect little kids from injury.

It’s worth mentioning helmets are for single use. Once your infant has a crash, toss it in the bin and purchase a replacement pronto!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need further clarity on the best bike for infants, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I know the helmet fits?

Your child’s helmet is meant to form a V-shape underneath the chin. However, you’d need to break out the measuring tape to ensure the helmet fits perfectly.

When do I replace a helmet?

You need to replace your kid’s helmet once it sizes out or in the event of a crash.

How can I choose a toddler helmet?

The best way to select a helmet is to look at the size, design, and safety features. Choose an option that you know will protect your child.

Wrapping Up: Best Infant Bike Helmet

The best infant bike helmet is the Schwinn Kids Helmet. It’s breathable and safe with a molded shell for rear impact protection. The price range is excellent, and your kid will fall in love with the teddy bear design.

However, all the helmets on this list are the best in their categories and will keep your child happy and safe.

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