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If you love commuting and touring with your bike, you might wonder how to carry cargo. Should you carry stuff on your back while riding? Perhaps no. You need an excellent rear bike rack to help take off some load from your back when riding.

The best rear rack for bike should be durable, versatile enough to carry different items, and easy to install on various bike frames.

Some bikes don’t come with a pre-installed rear rack. You have to purchase and install one for your convenience. But which rear rack should you go after? Read on to find out the pick of the bunch and whether they’re compatible with your bike’s frame.

6 Best Rear Bike Racks

Here’s a recap of the best pick in each category:

Comparison Chart

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Topeak Explorer – Best overall
519eLBqVCYL. AC SL1100
Planet Bike Rack – Best for heavy loads
7185KdNPUCL. AC SL1500
Thule Tour Rack – Best for mountain bikes
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Blackburn EX-1 Disc – Best for disc brake bikes
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Topeak Super Tourist – Best bike rack for touring
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Portland Rear Rack – Best for grocery shopping

Best Rear Bike Racks

The Best Overall Rear Rack – Topeak Explorer

81D2a41FiiL. AC SL1500

Excellent rear bike racks should offer outstanding durability, versatility, and easy installation. Fortunately, this Topeak Explorer cargo rack ticks all these boxes.

Thanks to the QuickTrack system this rack comes with, mounting it on your bike is straightforward. It takes approximately 30 minutes to install this rack firmly. The system also makes it possible to set your bags in place quickly, that is, within a few minutes. Releasing them once you reach your destination doesn’t take long either.

This rear bike rack gives you the versatility most bikers look for, especially those that love touring, grocery shopping, and commuting. It’s compatible with all the Topeak Trunkbags and any MTX rear basket you can ever come across. There’s no limitation to bags you can use on this Topeak Explorer rack.

The 6061 T-6 hollow aluminum material used to manufacture this rack is robust, meaning the rack will serve you for several years before you can think about replacement.

The Topeak Explorer can securely carry loads of up to 55 lbs with a lot of ease.

The Best Rear Rack for Heavy Loads – Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack

519eLBqVCYL. AC SL1100

Planet Bike Eco is the best rear bike rack for heavy loads due to its firm construction. It features a solid oversized 6061 tubular aluminum rod to ensure maximum strength and stability. And even though the rack is rated to carry up to 55 lbs, it can handle more load with ease. Most buyers from Amazon have attested to this fact.

Heavy loads aside for a moment, this is the best rack for any biker who cares about the environment. Planet Bike offers a limited lifetime warranty to the original rack owner to encourage sustainable acts. Should the rack break, the owner can get it replaced free from the company instead of dumping it at a landfill.

The Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack is compatible with any bike, except for bikes with disc brakes. You can also add it to your electric bike to help you carry more cargo and pannier bags.

This cargo rack from Planet Bike is easy to install, and even a newbie biker can affix it effortlessly. Once installed, the rack fits firmly into place, allowing you to carry your loads without worry.

Best Rear Rack for Mountain Bikes – Thule Pack’ N Pedal Tour Rack

7185KdNPUCL. AC SL1500

Are you looking for the best rear rack to help you carry stuff on your mountain bike? This Thule Pack’ N Pedal Tour Rack will serve your needs perfectly.

You don’t require rack mounts to install this cargo rack to a bike as it will affix directly into its frames using the ratchet straps. Its raised struts make it ideal for mountain bikes with full suspension. Besides fitting well on mountain bikes, this rack is compatible with all commuter bikes. The installation and removal processes are relatively straightforward.

So far, this is the only rear rack on this list that has considered security aspects. This rack requires a release key to detach from the frames. The release key ensures no one removes the rack from your bike without your authorization.

The rubberized grips give this bike a sturdy design, ensuring it remains secure even with the heavy loads you carry. This design prevents the wheels from sliding even when riding on a wet surface.

Thule Tour rack is made with safety in mind. You don’t have to worry much about your visibility when riding on a busy road. It comes with a light reflector mounted on its back precisely for visibility purposes.

Best Rear Rack for Bikes With Disc Brakes – Blackburn EX-1 Disc

413bT5HZzqL. AC

Here is a rear rack for bikes with 29er or 700c wheels. Even though that’s the case, this rack also works well with various wheel sizes, both wide and narrow. It’s also durable and versatile, making it the best rear rack for bike to purchase.

The t6061 aluminum alloy used in constructing this rack is strong enough to last several years. This material may be strong, but it is lightweight, so installing it on your bike doesn’t make it heavier.

The rack is compatible with many baby seats, making it easier to carry your baby along when going on a riding adventure.

Installing this rack on your disc brake bike doesn’t require much. The process is pretty easy, taking up to 30 minutes to complete. Numerous adjustable bolts and clamps attach this rack securely to the bike’s frames.

The Best Rear Rack for Touring – Topeak Super Tourist Tubular Bicycle Trunk Rack

41Nmh8cQh5L. AC

A touring bike needs to be flexible and lightweight to go a long distance before the biker feels exhausted. It should also be capable of withstanding any weather conditions. Touring bikes, therefore, demand rear racks that complement their features. But which is the best trunk rack that serves this purpose?

This super tourist rack from Topeak stands tall when it comes to touring bike trunk racks. It uses a 6061 T-6 hollow aluminum material for its construction, durable and lightweight enough for touring bikes. Its unique design also suits disc brake bikes used for long-distance touring.

Thanks to the integrated sidebar, you get more space to carry cargo as you explore the world on your bike. The sidebar provides a lower pannier attachment point, creating extra space on the top rack for cargo.

Best Rear Rack for Grocery Shopping – Portland Design Works Loading Dock Rear Rack

71L6Zl fnwL. AC SL1500

Want to do your grocery shopping and carry the groceries in style? The Portland Loading Dock Rear Rack is the best rear rack for bikes that are carrying groceries. The beautiful bamboo deck used in this rack gives it a stylish look, making it perfect for city riding.

With a 35 lbs load capacity, this Portland trunk rack can’t carry heavy cargo. However, it is capable enough to carry groceries. Its deck is wide enough to hold a box of groceries, but you can still fit panniers.

Aluminum tubes make this rack sturdy, while the bamboo deck provides a glow of beauty.

Wrap Up

Rear racks come in handy when carrying loads on your bike adventure, whether touring, commuting, or grocery shopping.

The best rear rack for bikes should be sturdy, versatile, and stylish. Ensure you evaluate your needs before shopping for bike racks. Will you use it to carry groceries or perhaps other cargo?

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