Best Single Speed Wheelset

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​Are you looking for a fixed gear single speed wheelset?

​If yes, I am going to show you some of the most used, trusted, and best single speed wheel set. Many of these bike ​rims are personally tested by me and they work really well.

Single speed bikes make for good training bikes especially when you’re starting out inexperienced and trying to build competitive riding techniques.

One popular type of wheelset that cyclists tend to use when prioritizing speed is the single speed wheel set.

They are best used on the street or the track when surface conditions are generally flatter, and they offer adequate performance in both speed and precision.

Here’s a look at some amazing single speed wheelsets out in the market:

​​Best Single Speed ​Fixie ​Wheelset

​Here are the most used and recommended fixie rims:

​1. ​Retrospec Mantra 700c Deep V Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed Wheelset [ Lightweight ]

51d ayo8V+L. SL500

The Retrospec Mantra 700c Deep V Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed Wheelset is made from a 43- millimeter lightweight alloy with a 14mm inner width and 21 mm outer width.

This ​fixie bike wheel comes with a pair of tubes and the double-wall Super Deep V Rim with Braking Surface.

Deep V rims are known to provide increased wheel strength. Its deeper cross section appeals to most riders as the rim will add that extra touch of lateral stiffness in the rear wheel.

A deep V can do some heavy lifting by supporting riders with a big built. When it comes to spoke lacing, you can use less spokes to further improve aerodynamics- so that’s pretty good value right there.

They have high-flange sealing hubs that they claim allow the set to last longer. However, most people who’ve used them do not claim that they last the longest out of all the wheelsets that they’ve tried.

It comes with a braking surface that’s good enough if you’re not hurtling at high speeds, but the issue with the surface is that it could require a little more work if you want that extra friction.

It’s a 16-teeth set, and it’s enough to get the job done through flat surfaces such as your morning commute.

Do note that there is a considerable difference between the different “t”s when using a freewheeling set. 16t’s are harder to pedal when you’re at lower speeds.

The Retrospec Mantra is quite impressive given its price and the addition of the free tires; it is a contender for outstanding value and performance.

We recommend this set if you’re looking to build an excellent high-end looking fixie for road use, but are on a tight budget.


  • ​It comes with free Kwena Kwest Tires
  • ​Reasonable price
  • ​Plenty of color choices


  • ​The brake track isn’t the best
  • ​Comes with Freewheel feature designed for fixed gears
  • ​Squeaky

​2. ​Stars Rim Fixie Freewheel Single Speed Wheel Wheelset Black [ Budget Friendly ]

51hTyna n3L. SL500

One of the top fixie bike rims & built really solid for fixie wheels. The appearance of this wheelset looks pretty high end, and yes, they look very cool, and you can even expect nice compliments about the overall look of your bike, not just from bike gear heads, but also surprisingly from pedestrians.

What do you get straight of the box with the Stars Rim Fixie Freewheel Single Speed fixed gear wheelset?

Well, you get one front wheel and one fixed gear rear wheel (31.9 x 25.6 x 6.7 inches) already fully assembled with the hubs, spokes, sprocket and freewheel.

Installing the rear is easy, but with the front set you may need a bit of modification to make room for a wider axel.

But the lock ring has a tendency to slip out, so make sure you make the checks and adjustments when installing it on the fixie or fixed gear wheel. Also lubricate the hub regularly.

Good purchase for the price. A wheel set highly-recommended for those on a tight budget.

But after much use, expect the finish to fade, the rims will turn into a yellow tint.

These super light wheels are uber functional, but aren’t suitable for professional racing though, still great for daily urban rides, commute to work or university.

The wheelset should last you long enough as they perform really well. By the time, the front or rear is worn out you’ve already used it enough that you already got your money’s worth.


  • ​Light weight
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Great look
  • ​My top choice for best single speed wheelset


  • ​Lock ring slips out
  • ​Hub should be regularly lubed
  • ​The finish fades turns yellow

​3. ​Pure Fix – Fixie 700C Wheelset

41GzskHISRL. SL500

​If you’re riding for the fixie craze, Pure Fix is popular for a reason, most people love its designs.

These wheelsets though are definitely flashy, you’ll look minted out cruising on the streets with it, as if you spent big money on these wheelsets when they are in fact cheap.

It’s a cool wheelset for your bike if you ride around campus or the neighborhood.

As it turns out, a lot of beginners that got into fixed gear bikes started with a Pure Fix bike or with Pure Fix accessories such as these wheelsets.

For the Pure Fix 700C 40mm Wheelset, the tire sizes that can fit are 700x23c to 700x28c, and expect the wheels to be both lightweight, which rides super smoothly and best of all, they are ‘quiet’.

No squeaky sounds at all. Overall, these are a great set of fixed gear rims that look amazing and of good quality for its category.

To be upfront, it is the best kind of wheelset for single or fixed gear bikes.

A lot is said about the bearings that come with this wheelset, they are locked in too tight, so take the wheels to your bike shop service to have the bearings loosened up.

People who bought this Pure Fix wheelset have pointed out how crunchy the bearings are, and these need to be regreased from time to time.

We all know that proper spoke tension is important because it gives you adequate ability to accelerate as needed.

With the Pure Fix 700C 40mm Wheelset, the front and rear wheels have about 32 spokes each and the spoke tension is enough to share the load across all the 32 spokes, but still do to check it out on how the spoke tension is on your bike.


  • ​Correct spoke tensions
  • ​Fantastic rims for steel frame fixed bikes
  • ​Cheap and affordable


  • ​Dry, crunchy bearings
  • ​Paint gets scratches off easily
  • ​Not tubeless ready

​4. ​Aeromax Alloy – Single speed wheelset 700c [ For Cheap under 100$ ]

51BipjzkduL. SL500

​The hefty price of most top-of-the-line wheelsets can push any bike enthuisiast to make a beeline for the affordable ones like the Aeromax.

Of course, having the right set of wheels will do wonders for the performance of your bike, but who says the affordable ones are not any good. Let’s take a look at the Aeromax:  The Aeromax Alloy Wheelset comes with 700c clincher wheels that are quite versatile for daily rides around your concrete neighborhood and even in dirt road trails.

Some have even tried using these wheelsets for racing, and surprisingly, the Aero wheelsets can take a hit, and suffer a lot of abuse on the road.

It’s so well-built that retains its form and keeps true (of course, you have to tighten the spokes and bring back the spoke tension if you’re clocking in hundreds of miles, but no major adjustment).

Nonetheless, the wheelsets keeps it shape, and remains perfectly true. The 700c tire fit starts from 700 x 18 up to 700 x 42. It has rim strips and skewers and adjustable Vuelta Ball Bearing Hubs.However, the rim tape that comes with this bike isn’t as sturdy as you’d expect, if you worry about punctures that might happen on your inner tube or to be able to smooth out any sharp edges, it would be best to buy your own preferred thick rim tape. What’s so cool about the Aeromax Alloy Wheelset is how attractive it looks on your bike with the deep-section aero rims and high-tensile black spokes.

The contrast makes for an attractive urban sleekness that gives your bike that high-end polish.


  • ​Adds to bike stability
  • ​Can support weight around 200-250 lbs
  • ​Every wheel is stressed 3 times


  • ​Tight rear hub
  • ​Buy your own rim tape
  • ​Freewheel body fixing bolt is difficult to remove

​Track Wheelsets vs. Fixed Wheelsets: What’s the Difference?

Track and fixed wheelsets are almost alike when it comes to the mechanics of how they work.

They use a single-speed cog to propel the cyclist forward, and if you were to pedal backward, the bike would move back as well. However, they don’t mean the same thing.Track wheelsets are designed to be lighter and are designed to be used in a velodrome setting which is a fancy term for an outdoor track.

As opposed to single speed wheelsets, they do not have a flip flop hub which can be flipped at any time to provide for freewheel ability.

This would only be excess weight for a velodrome setting and would also mean that there is no machined braking surface to attach brakes to.Owning a ‘fixie’ or a fixed wheelset means you’re on the road to sweat it out. To the uninitiated, a fixie has no freewheel, so no coasting right there, no moving along where the wind blows without your legs making an effort.

You have to constantly pedal all the time to move anywhere. Get it? That’s a fixie for you.

​What about a Single Speed Wheelset?

​​​​​At first glance, a fixed gear bike and a single speeder may look pretty much the same.

Some bike enthusiasts even use the terms interchangeably, and may become confusing to those who are not familiar with bike jargon.

Both bikes have a front wheel with a single chain-ring and the rear wheel only has one gear.

Single speed bikes actually have a freewheel while fixed gear bicycles do not. Having a freewheel offers the cyclist a respite on a downhill coast, you can rest your feet, conserve your energy for the next uphill climb and just let the bike freewheel forward.

​Factors to Consider When Buying a Single Speed Wheelset

​Even the foremost bike experts can attest that the most effective improvement you can make to any bike isn’t achieved by replacing the frame, but rather making the effort in finding a good pair of wheelsets.

Remember, choose good wheels first before anything else. So do the legwork on this before making any purchase, and the first factor to consider is:

​Gear Ratios:

Most people use ratios when choosing their gear combos, and for single speeding the common ratio that comes up is 2:1, and that pertains to the gear combo of the chain ring (your front gear) which has twice as many teeth as the cog (your rear gear).

So a common example of that ratio would be 32/16. All this may seem technical at first, but the ratio determines your performance and affects what your wheelset does – it defines the effort you need to pedal to make your bike move faster.

The cogs are another thing to look for; do you prefer 16, 17 or 18 teeth? The difference isn’t dramatic, but there is a difference, nonetheless.

​Overall Wheelset Weight:

When buying single speed wheelsets take note of the weight, lighter weight wheelsets are more comfortable to transport, but they do come at higher prices due to the materials being used.

There’s a reason why the primary feature being touted for most wheelsets is that it’s lightweight and airy.

A heavy wheelset means you can’t do aero tricks or speed up performance-wise.

For obvious reasons, your bike can’t accelerate efficiently or climb up a steep terrain if it’s on the heavy side.

It’s not surprising that some bike owners get all obsessed in customizing their bikes as lightweight as possible.


Part of the fun and excitement of owning a single speed or fixed-gear bike is the option to tailor the bike to your performance needs and personality.

And creating a signature look can  start with the wheelsets. You can even take your time wheel building new spoke lacing patterns into the hub flanges that can influence your radial and lateral true control.

Spoke lacing is an art form well into its own, a balancing act of spoke tensions that you can manipulate to suit your next ride.

​Spoke tension and truing:

First up, you don’t want to purchase a wheelset known for visible wobbling, and you don’t want to spend your precious time adjusting the spoke tension on your wheelsets either, all this truing tasks can feel tiresome.

Secondly, you want a wheelset that’s reliable simply because you want to spend most of your free time actually riding your bike.

You want decent front and rear wheels that hold up well while on the road. The fact remains, spokes that have less tension will always need constant wheel truing.

Spokes that are too tension tight, on the other hand, will irreparably cause damage to the bike’s rim, spoke nipples and even the hub flanges.

With this in mind, all spokes should equally have the same adequate tension.If you need to deliberate on this further, you can also check out cycling forums and read up on what bike gearheads are saying about their fixie conversions and their wheelsets.

The bottom line is that the wheelset fit is still purely subjective to the cyclist’s tastes and the kind of bike they have whether it be vintage, trick, racer, cyclocross or professional.Giving up on your default stock wheels and upgrading to a single speed wheelset of your choice can make a huge difference on ride quality.

If you’re into competitive triathlons or have a wild obsession about power transfer, you can look into the insanely priced carbon and titanium wheelsets though these babies will set you back around $5,000-$7,000.

But really you don’t need luxury wheelsets to get to where you’re going. You can opt for the affordable ones for your daily commute like the Stars Rim Fixie Freewheel Single Speed Wheelset which considered the most budget friendly out of the lot.

Not the best one, but if price is your priority, the Stars Rim Wheelset makes for an excellent choice.Now among all the wheelsets mentioned above, this robust road warrior is surely the clear winner: Retrospec Mantra 700c Deep V Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed Wheelset.Being the lightweight champ in this deck, you can expect a speed advantage with the ​this best single speed wheelset.

It is the ideal wheelset for creating a great fixie as it can take in the optimum punishment while on the grind. With the Retrospec Mantra, the wheels remain in-true for quite a long time, even if you clock in a hundred miles or so, still no wobbling after, not even a sagging spoke.

Fast, light and affordable- you can say the ​the model is an amazing deal with its current price at Amazon​.

It also has a lot of color options which includes the one in gold and another variant in grey, but with the spokes in red color.Aesthetically, ​it has that sleek look and rugged feel with a noticeably versatile built and good hub assembly.

If you’re going for a high-quality best single speed wheelset, this is the ​number one in terms of bike performance and affordability.

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