Best Step Thru Bikes for Seniors

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Step-through bikes were first created in the 1800s with a sloping bar to accommodate women’s skirts. However, step-through bikes aren’t just for women. After all, it’s not as if most women are wearing dresses on bikes anymore.

If you think that a step-through bike might be the right fit for you, look for bikes labeled as step-through, comfort, or beach cruiser. You will find that many hybrid bikes (built for on- and off-road adventures) also come in step-through versions. 

Below, we will explore the benefits of a step-through bike, the best step thru bikes for seniors, and how to select the best step thru bike for you.

Benefits of a Step-Thru Bike

Step-through bikes are beneficial to seniors. The best step thru bikes for seniors are easy to mount and dismount, which provides more riding confidence and fewer injuries.

Easy Mount and Dismount

Step-through bikes are for anyone who can benefit from not having to raise their leg high to get off of a bike. The first place that we’ve seen a transition to step-through bikes as a uni-sex option is with toddler bikes because they’re easier to mount and dismount. Seniors can similarly benefit from a step-through bike for easy mount and dismount, regardless of gender.  

More Confidence and Fewer Chances of Injury

As we age, we often find ourselves with aches, range-of-motion, or balance issues making it more challenging to ride a bike with a high cross-bar. Having a bike that’s easier to mount and dismount can give you more confidence and make you more likely to take it for a ride.

Plus, with a sloping bar, you’re less likely to get tripped up trying to get your leg over the bar, which means that you’re less likely to take a spill. Falling off a bike with a high cross-bar is especially more likely when your muscles are tired after a ride.

The 5 Best Step Thru Bikes for Seniors

We’ve found several excellent thru bikes we think you’ll like, including regular bikes, an e-bike, and an adult tricycle.

Comparison Chart

NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults
Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle
71k6kgqlgFS. AC SL1136
Schwinn Discover 2 Hybrid
91QTX74K09L. AC SL1500
Sixthreezero Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser
81ICbTlMA5L. AC SL1500
Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

1. Best Step-Thru Electric Bike: NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults

Electric bikes are all the rage for all age groups, but they’re especially useful for seniors. You still pedal an e-bike like a regular bike, but their rechargeable batteries allow you to go faster than you would normally be able to go on human power alone.

The NAKTO e-bike has a range of 30-40 miles each time you charge it, and you can go up to 25 miles per hour if you want or need to do so.


  • Six speeds
  • Assists with pedaling
  • Has front basket and rear space for cargo


  • Weighs about 50 pounds

2. Best 3-Wheeled Step-Thru Bike: Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Three-wheeled bikes provide the most stability possible in a step-through bike. With an adult tricycle, there’s never a worry about it falling down while you mount or dismount.

You can feel confident running errands around town with the huge back basket on the back end. The Schwinn’s seat also has shock absorbers so that your tailbone won’t end up aching from hitting bumps along the way.


  • Well-balanced
  • Safety fenders
  • Padded seat with shocks


  • No gears

3. Best Hybrid Step-Through Bike: Schwinn Discover 2 Hybrid

71k6kgqlgFS. AC SL1136

Hybrid bikes offer the advantage of being able to handle a variety of surfaces, including pavement, gravel, and dirt. We like Schwinn’s Discover because it has a more unisex look than some other comfort bikes.

If you have cargo, a cargo rack in the back can help you take care of it. The tires on this hybrid are fatter than on some other hybrids, which will help if you use it off the pavement. Even if you’re not going mountain biking, it can be helpful if you have a gravel driveway.


  • Unisex look
  • 21 gears
  • Ergonomic grips


  • Uncomfortable banana seat

4. Best Beach Cruiser: Sixthreezero Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser

91QTX74K09L. AC SL1500

Beach-cruiser-style step-throughs will probably remind you of the bike you had when you were a kid. They’re simple and provide a comfortable, no-frills ride while looking stylish. This one even has a cargo space above the rear wheel.

The Sixthreezero is one of the more popular beach cruisers, and they sell out quickly. So, if you see a bike available with the color and size you want, you’ll want to jump on it quickly.


  • 5 colors
  • Perfect fender placement
  • Cushioned saddle


  • No Gears

5. Best Folding Step-Through Bike: Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

81ICbTlMA5L. AC SL1500

Loading a bike onto a bike rack can be a pain – both in the sense of being bothersome and causing physical discomfort. If you need a bike that you can transport easily without having to lift it onto a bike rack, a folding step-through might be a good solution for you.

This folding bike has a lightweight aluminum frame, making it only 31 pounds. Being able to fold it allows for easy storing and transport. The good news is that even though it has 20-inch wheels, the seat and handlebars adjust to fit a wide range of rider heights.


  • Folds for easy storage and transport
  • Fits riders size 4’8” to 6’2” tall
  • Comes in three unisex colors
  • Seven speeds


  • Uncomfortable seat

How to Select the Best Step Thru Bike

When you’re trying to determine the best step-through bike for you, there are several things to consider:


Storage matters when choosing a bike. You can easily store any bicycle if you have a garage or storage shed. However, if you don’t have storage space, a large bike like the tricycle may not be reasonable. The foldable bike is going to be your best option if you don’t have a lot of storage.


If you need to transport your bike to your local riding trails, you’ll need to choose one that will work for your vehicle and bike rack. The fold-up one is the easiest to transport, while the tricycle is the most difficult to transport.


Will you have to lift your bicycle for transport or storage purposes? If so, the weight will matter. The heaviest will be the e-bike and tricycle, while the lightest will be the folding bike. Looking for titanium and aluminum frames can help you find the lightest bikes.

Riding Location

Choosing a bike with gears can help you get up hills more easily. An e-bike can help you go faster in traffic. On the other hand, you may want to consider a hybrid if you do any riding on gravel on dirt in addition to the pavement.

The Takeaway

When you choose your bike, an informed choice is a better choice. The best step thru bikes for seniors are going to be different depending on the way you ride, store, and transport your bike. Aesthetics can also be important. Choose the one that looks and works best for you.

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