Best Tandem Bike Attachment Reviews

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Welcome to our review roundup of the best tandem bike attachments! This roundup includes four attachments with a summary at the end.

Comparison Chart

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Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer
71cGk3HoA S. AC SL1500
Burley Trailer Bike
71SNC1P0UCL. AC SL1500
Trail Gator Tow bar and Accessories
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MTB Tow Rope for Kids

Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer: Top on Amazon

81r86RBVX4L. AC SL1500

The Kazam Co-Pilot Bike Trailer by WeeRide is the highest-rated on Amazon, with 4.5 stars and 2,257 review ratings. This bike trailer creates a tandem bike with your child by attaching a mini bicycle on the back, complete with handles, pedals, and a racing flag. It comes in two eye-catching colors: lime green and hot pink.

The Co-Pilot Bike Trailer costs around $260, and there are only three available on Amazon at the time of this writing.

The Kazam Trailer is an ingenious way to teach your kids how to ride because they will start without training wheels right from the get-go — you are their training wheels! The listing recommends using it for children between 4 and 9 years of age.

This trailer is universal and fits ‘almost any bike with a seat post,’ is removable, durable, and holds up to 75 pounds.

According to positive reviews, kids don’t even need to put in work for this to work! They can enjoy riding along without pedaling or pedaling along with you, reducing the need for waiting as they catch up to long-legged adults.

Reviews use words such as brilliant, genius, wonderful, great, solid, lightweight, easy, and comfortable!

One caveat: The negative thing we saw mentioned a couple of times is the need for a better turning radius.

Burley Trailer Bike: Best on Turns

71cGk3HoA S. AC SL1500

The Burley Trailer Bike by Burley Design Store comes in two colors, cutely named ‘Kazoo’ (blue) and ‘Piccolo’ (lime green). The price ranges dramatically from $300 to $500. This trailer has 57 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon.

The concept for this tandem bike trailer for children is the same as the Kazam Co-Pilot, but to our eye, it looks better for slightly taller kids based on the height of the handlebars. This awkward height might be a negative depending on your child; if they have to reach up to hold on, it could be uncomfortable. However, the description states that the seat and handles are adjustable.

The age range recommendation for the Burley Trailer Bike is 4 to 10 years, up to 85 pounds. The listing also points out that there should always be an adult riding the main bike rather than an older child.

This trailer is made of aluminum and features ‘ball-bearing guided pivots,’ which sounds to us like its turning radius might be much better than the Kazam’s.

In our opinion, the Burley Trailer Bike is more attractive-looking than the Kazam in green, but the opposite is so when comparing the hot pink Kazam to the blue Burley!

As for the reviews, people are undeniably happy with this product. Reviews use words such as joy, fun, comfortable, amazing, love, and sturdy. One review specifically mentions the Burley Trailer Bike’s ease to maneuver down skinny trails and around corners!

Trail Gator Tow bar and Accessories: Best Value

71SNC1P0UCL. AC SL1500

We love the Trail-Gator Tow bar and accessories by Trail-Gator because of its affordable price point and versatility! This little gadget creates a tandem bike out of any tricycle. The usual price for the Trail-Gator Tow bar is around $130 on Amazon, but at the time of this writing it is on sale for 47% off! The current price is $68.

The Trail-Gator Tow bar has a whopping 1,239 reviews at an average of 4 stars on Amazon.

This Tow bar comes in red, blue, and black and fits tricycles and bicycles between 12 and 20 inches. According to the listing, it can only tow 70.5 pounds, and the listing is unclear whether this includes the bike or only the child riding it! We recommend making sure your older kiddo that might be pushing the weight limit knows how to ride on their own in case of any mishaps.

The Trail-Gator Tow bar is removable without tools and stabilizes the rear bike’s handlebars for easy glide-along tandem riding.

Positive reviews mention the words excellent, love, good progression, fun, and easy.

Something to keep in mind: Some reviews mentioned difficulty with instructions and hardware pieces being missing. One parent also said to remind your kid not to use their brakes as this can make your pedaling life much more difficult!

MTB Tow Rope for Kids

81coDZ8NjZS. AC SL1500

Last is the MTB Tow Rope for Kids. This simple rope system is the one you want to go for if you have a pretty independent child that can bike on their own and just needs to play ‘follow the leader.’

The MTB Tow Rope uses a bungee cord system, will run you about $10, and comes in blue, black, or red. You can also use it to attach two adult bikes together — and while this is the only one of our roundup that can do so, we struggle to think of a reason why this would be beneficial.

Your child can ride in the front or in the back, even next to you. There is no control over each other’s speed or direction because there are no sturdy components. We see this as potentially posing an issue for younger children that may have trouble keeping up or stopping quickly.

However, based on the product description, this can help your child come on longer bike rides because you can tow them along with you and they can just steer themselves and break as needed. Just make sure you’re up for a big workout if your route has hills!

Bonus feature: You can use it skiing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Now that we can get behind! Attaching two kayaks together sounds especially useful!


All four tandem bike attachments have great features that we believe will work well depending on your needs. The Kazam by WeeRide is the highest-rated and most loved by its reviews, the Burley handles well, the Trail-Gator tow bar is versatile, and the MTB Tow Rope is super affordable. We hope you found something here to suit your preferences!

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