Best U Lock For Mountain Bike

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U-locks, also known as D-locks, are pretty straightforward bike locks that are shaped like a padlock. They offer maximum security for all bikes, especially mountain bikes, without being too heavy.

If you’re looking to buy a U-lock for your mountain bike but don’t know where to start looking, then this article is set out to help you choose the best U lock for mountain bikes.

​​U-Locks for Mountain Bike Reviews

1. ​Abus Mini Round Shackle​

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Abus makes pretty strong bike locks, and this U-lock is no exception. The Abus Mini Round Shackle lock is made out of hardened steel but is still lightweight and compact. Moreover, it also features anti-theft technology such as cylinder protection, double bolting shackle, and protected locking mechanism.


One thing I like about this product: maximum security at a fraction of the weight.

  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Compact design
  • ​Premium cylinder protection
  • ​Corrosion-resistant
  • ​Double bolting mechanism

​Product Highlights

​What makes this Abus lock a great choice for mountain bike owners is that this particular U-lock can keep your bike secure while still being compact and lightweight. This is an important aspect for mountain bike owners since a lot of them generally travel a lot, meaning that their bike locks need to be portable.

What ​I like

The Abus brand pays attention to security. Their long years of developing bike lock technology have given cyclists top-notch premium cylinder protection, double bolting shackle, and German-engineered 14mm hardened steel with the ability to withstand bolt cutters and other types of manipulation.

What ​I don’t like

The design is compact, and this bike lock is relatively lightweight for its material, but the size can make it difficult for certain types of mountain bikes to lock at points of attachment such as bike racks. If you have a mountain bike with a bigger frame, consider buying a bigger U-lock.


  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Maximum security
  • ​Portable
  • ​Double shackle
  • ​Cylinder protection


  • ​Does not have a frame mount
  • ​May not be useful for bigger bikes

2. ​Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock

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The Kryptonite brand has released a bike lock series that we deem perfect for mountain bikes. The Kryptonite series has a U-lock that features a hardened oval crossbar design, double deadbolt, design, and a high-security disc style cylinder that are great for providing maximum security in high-risk areas.


One positive thing about this product: innovative design to keep your bike safe

  • ​Hardened oval crossbar
  • ​Double deadbolt design
  • ​Sliding dust cover
  • ​Disc-style cylinder
  • ​New transit flexframe-U

Product Highlights

All of the Kryptonite’s unique security designs combined make this bike lock an ideal option for cyclists who live in moderate to high crime areas.

The bar of this, U-lock as well as its interior, make it resistant against bolt cutters, leverage attacks, and twist attacks.

If you own a mountain bike and wish to protect it in high-risk areas, consider the Kryptonite series U-lock.

What I like

This product is heavier than other bike locks, but it is a solid lock that can withstand multiple forms of attack.

Aside from the security that this U-lock offers, it can also give you peace of mind with their key replacement program and anti-theft program.

Moreover, mounting with this lock is very easy compared to other U-locks, allowing you to lock your mountain bike easily to multiple points of attachment.

What ​I don’t like

As mentioned before, this U-lock is heavy which means it will be more difficult to carry around while commuting or traveling. Nevertheless, it is still portable despite its size and weight.


  • ​Solid security
  • ​Anti-theft program
  • ​Key replacement program
  • ​Very strong steel
  • ​Maximum protection
  • ​Sliding dust cover for long cylinder life


  • ​Slightly heavy
  • ​Less portable
  • ​Rattles in a horizontal position

​3. ​ONGUARD Double-Team PITBULL U-Lock and Cable

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If you’re worried that a U-lock alone won’t protect your bike from thieves, then the ONGUARD Double-Team bike lock and cable combination is the best product for you. We also recommend this product for mountain bike owners who have difficulty mounting their bikes for extra versatility.


One positive thing about this product: dual protection for all types of bikes

  • ​U-lock with a double-coated, braided steel cable
  • ​X4P locking mechanism
  • ​Lighter than other variants
  • ​For bikes and Powersports

Product Highlights

The ONGUARD is unique in its dual protection that features a U-lock in combination with a chain lock. For cyclists who need both locks, this product offers the best value while also providing security and strength.

What ​I like

This product offers dual protection with a U-lock and a cable lock combined, with both locks being crafted from strong materials. The ONGUARD U-lock and cable combo can protect your bike in high-risk areas with many cases of prying, cutting, and jacking, while also allowing you to mount your bike easily to bike racks or posts.

What​ I don’t like

Even though this product can protect your mountain bike well, it can be a less than ideal option for cyclists who commute very often or use their bike recreationally. Due to the ONGUARD’s weight, it’s not easy to carry for everyone. Moreover, the whole lock is relatively big and is not easy to store or mount while riding.


  • ​Dual protection
  • ​Bike protection offer
  • ​Powersports offer
  • ​Superior protection
  • ​Includes five laser-cut keys


  • ​Too big for some cyclists
  • ​Not very portable
  • ​Difficult to carry

​What is a mountain bike?

A mountain bike is a variant of the traditional bicycle that has a light but sturdy frame, broad tires, and numerous gears. These characteristics make it designed for off-road cycling, hence the name, and is made to last in difficult and rough terrain.

​What factors you need to consider when picking a U-lock for mountain bike?

Mountain bikes are pretty similar to other types of bikes, but they tend to be more expensive. Thus, it is imperative that mountain bike owners choose a bike lock with ideal features to prevent it from being stolen, while still being easy to use and carry. & that is why we have created this Best U Lock For Mountain Bike guide.


The number one aspect that you need to look into is the security that the U-lock offers. We recommend researching the security scores of a particular product to ensure that it is strong enough to prevent attacks, which is very important for mountain bike owners.

Make sure that the product you’re buying has been tested against bolt cutters or wire cutters, especially if you live in a high-risk area where attacks like that are likely to happen.


​Mountain bikes are meant for traveling or cycling in rough terrain; thus, U-locks need to be highly portable and easy to carry around.

This factor also relates to weight and size, as heavier and bigger locks tend to be more difficult to carry. Choose a lock that is secure, but is also light enough and compact enough to carry easily.

​Ease of use

Locks need to be easy to use for you to be able to mount, lock, and unlock it quickly. This factor is very important for people who commute that need fast manipulation of the lock. U-locks may be difficult to mount or use for the first time, but it should get easier with enough practice. Choose a lock that is not too complicated but still has a secure locking mechanism.


Generally, cyclists recommend getting a lock that is at least 10% of the price of your bike. This means that for a $1200 priced bike, it’s ideal to buy a lock that is at least $120. Of course, the price does not dictate all of the other important features, but it does give you an initial idea of the level of quality.

Insurance offers

Most bike lock companies offer insurance programs for bike theft or key loss. If you want to ensure your bike, select a bike lock with a bike theft insurance program and a key protection program. Therefore, in case your bike is stolen, or if you lose your keys, the bike company can reimburse or replace them for you.


Mountain bikes, which tend to be more expensive than standard bikes, need optimum protection against theft. Whether you live in a low-risk area or a high-risk area, a good U-lock is necessary to keep your bike safe as well as give you peace of mind, knowing that your bike won’t get stolen.

For this article, we’ve discussed the factors that you need to consider before selecting the ​u type lock for your mountain bike, and these are security, portability, and ease of use, as well as price and insurance.

Due to its ideal features that are perfect for mountain bike owners as well other cyclists in general, we have chosen the Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock as the ​Best U Lock For Mountain bike for this article. The Kryptonite lock is a maximum-security bike lock that is relatively easy to carry and comes with insurance programs that would cover your bike or keys just in case they get stolen or lost.

Nevertheless, the lock that you should choose would depend on your specific needs, and hopefully, this article made you realize which features or factors you need to look for when you are choosing your next product.

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