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​Two locks in One


​Shackle Durability

​We Like

  • ​Extremely lightweight (3.5 pounds), poses no problems when you mount it on your bike using a mount bracket that comes with it.
  • ​The lock has a Flexframe body which makes it convenient to apply multi-location lock on the bike.
  • ​Comes with 3 stainless steel keys that work on a Key Safe Program (you get a new key if previous one is stolen or lost).
  • ​Prevents leverage attacks thanks to the high-grade steel shackle and also prevents twisting and jacking due to the patent pending hardened deadbolt design.

​We Don’t Like

  • ​The dimension of 8.3cm and 17.8cm may not be suitable to fit every bike frame, therefore, check the frame size of your bike and tires first.
  • ​The cable alone isn’t very durable, therefore, never use it without the lock. The cable can be cut off with pliers, however, the lock is much more difficult to cut.

​My Take

The kryptonite evolution mini 7 is a D-lock as well as a long cable to make the locking system more reliable. Thieves find a hard time trying to breakthrough the lock.

​It also weighs 1.43 kgs and doesn’t put extra pressure on the bike when you mount it under your seat, around the vertical base.

This U-lock shackle of this lock is 13mm thick and makes it really hard for thieves to cut through it or break it with tools.

Unlike other locks, this one comes with a twin deadbolt secure system, which makes it more secure.

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​If you are searching for a durable bike lock system then your search ends at The Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7. Bikes are costly and you would never want to lose yours to a thief. This calls for a durable lock system that can keep your bike secured. The Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7 has a double lock design system, and a hard shackle body that can’t be penetrated easily making it one of the safest bike locks on the market.If you want to buy a bike lock system in an affordable price and also don’t want to compromise on the quality then the Kryptonite Mini 7 is your best bet.

INTRODUCTION To kryptonite evolution mini-7

​More than 1.5 million bikes  are stolen every year in the US and a major reason for it to happen at such a large number is due to riders using no bike locks or using poor quality bike locks that are very easy to break. The solution to this problem is to buy a lock that offers high security, such as the Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7.Kryptonite is one of the best locks on the market due to its unique combination of being lightweight and super tough at the same time. This lock contains two locks, including a D-lock which is made up of high grade steel that resists bolt cutter attack and other forms of tamperings. It should be noted that the previous design of this product just had one side lock system but as per customer demand, the company produced a newer version (this one) with a U-lock that locks on both the sides.

Who this product is for

Bike owners who love to travel on their bikes must have a bike locking system with them so that they can lock their bike up with a post or bike stand. The kryptonite Mini 7 is for all such people.

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It provides added safety and an easy mechanism to lock your bike. If extra resistance and strength is what you look for in a lock then The Kryptonite won’t let you down because it is made up of high-end material that can withstand leverage attacks, pulling, prying and jacking.

You should consider this even if you live in a safe area as other neighborhoods you travel to might not be safe.

What’s included out of the box

When you unbox the product, you get a Kryptonite Mini 7 lock, a set of 3 keys and mounting bracket with screws.

Features Overview:

Dust Cover: Keyholes can lose their grip once dirt and debris begin to accumulate. Thankfully, Kryptonite has a dust cover just on the keyhole to prevent dust from settling in.

Disc Style Cylinder: Locks can be picked and they can be drilled into as well. However, there is no such risk with the Kryptonite because the disc style cylinder resists high impacts, drilling and jacking.

Stainless Keys: The three keys you get with the product are made up of stainless steel and don’t break, twist or bend easily. Moreover, the larger one comes with LED function so that you can easily lock/unlock the bike even when the light conditions are poor.

Anti-Theft Policy: Kryptonite is a company that believes in winning their customers’ trust and they do it by offering a theft policy. If a bike were to be stolen while the Kryptonite lock was in place, you get paid up to $2,000 for your bike. All you need to do is get registered when you buy the lock.

Easy Mounting On The Bike: You get a mounting bracket with the lock which can be locked in at lower end of the shackle. Just slide the bracket in and you can mount the lock on it. This will eliminate the need to carry the lock separately as it will keep mounted on the bike. Thanks to it being so lightweight, you will have no problem in riding the bike.

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CONCLUSION On Evolution mini 7

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7 is one of the best bike locks today and has satisfied many customers with its durable performance. If you want to secure your bike, then you should consider this beauty.

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