Best Vintage and Retro Bike Lights

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Bike lights are an essential part of every bike, serving aesthetic and safety purposes. They act as a guardian angel of both the bike and rider on rainy or foggy days and dark and dreary nights.

Many bikers are shifting towards modern options due to their higher performance and reliability. However, if you are a vintage lover and would like to incorporate the beauty and style of retro bike lights into your bike, there are many vintage-style lights that perform well.

With so many varieties on the market, you must do proper research to choose only the best for you and your safety. This is vital for you to see clearly when it’s dark so that other road users can see you coming. It also means buying a durable retro bicycle light that you can use and enjoy for as long as possible.

Below you will find many high-performance retro bike lights that we love!

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    Best Vintage and Retro Bike Lights

    Comparison Chart

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    Vont ‘Pyro’ Bike Light Set
    41l8YMpHJFL. SL500
    GAZOZ PERFORMANCE Bicycle Rear LED Tail Lights
    51yI7cOae5L. SL500
    GOODKSSOP Bright 6 LED Front Light
    51leUYV21bL. SL500
    BlueSunshine Vintage Retro Bicycle Light
    51KmAd0jSCL. SL500
    GOODKSSOP Metal Chrome Bike Light
    31WjMLz7sgL. SL500
    Pure City Rear Bike Taillight

    1. Vont Pyro’ Bike Light Set

    41yYDAL8jgS. SL500

    One great feature of this antique bicycle lamp is the different light intensity options you can choose from. There are four power modes, and you can switch from high to low intensity depending on the brightness you need.

    The Vont ‘Pyro’ is a cool bike light set that contains a front and back retro light. This set is great if you are riding on a busy road at night, as you can increase the back and front light to the highest brightness mode while riding. The cars coming behind can see you clearly due to the brightness of the backlight.

    The front light also guides you through a dark route giving you complete illumination.

    Often, bike owners worry about the bike light’s batteries and how to keep them constantly bright, but this bike light is USB rechargeable. You can charge The Vont ‘Pyro’ Bike Light Set via regular USB outlets such as a power bank, car chargers, and wall sockets.

    The rechargeable batteries are long-lasting. You have to ensure that the batteries are properly and fully charged every time for the best performance. Once fully charged, the batteries can last up to 10 hours of active usage. What this means is that you enjoy the highly illuminating LEDs for longer.

    The Vont ‘Pyro’ retro lights also have other unique features such as:

    • They are made with quality and durable materials. 
    • They are not fragile and can withstand high pressures.
    • They are water-resistant, and you can put on bright lights to guide you under a heavy downpour.

    2. Gazoz Performance Bicycle Rear LED Tail Lights

    41l8YMpHJFL. SL500

    The Gazoz Performance Bicycle Rear LED Tail Light is a wise pick if you are looking for high-performing and elegant vintage bicycle tail lights for sale. For starters, their structure and appearance are note-worthy. They have a sophisticated vintage look and, at the same time, blend in a modern setting.

    Having a Gazoz tail light mounted on your fender can not go unnoticed. These retro bicycle lights LED have a captivating appearance whether they are turned on in the day or when it’s dark. Not only do they have a glamorous appearance, but they also have incredibly bright lights. The brightness is one of their strongest features.

    It has a button programmed to produce steady or blinking lights, depending on your preference. During heavy traffic or on a busy road, you can activate blinking lights for safety reasons. You can switch it up on a dark evening or night and simply maintain a steady glare.

    The battery capacity is an essential feature of every bike light. The Gazoz bike light fits into the category of high battery life. They have two AAA batteries and can last for long hours, depending on the battery set you purchase.

    They are easy to install, affordable, and are a great combination of style and high efficiency for retro bike lights.

    3. Goodkssop Bright 6 LED Metal Shell Front Light 

    51yI7cOae5L. SL500

    The Goodkssop brand is a reputable producer of vintage-style bicycle headlights. The Bright 6 LED Metal Shell Front Light is an excellent retro-led bicycle light with a chrome silver color shell and is from the best quality materials.

    This vintage bicycle headlamp is one of the most suitable bike lights for night riding. They have extremely bright LED lights. They have a special lens that contains white LED lights capable of shining brightly over a long distance. 

    If you are not interested in devoting time and energy to installing and fixing a headlamp on your bike, these custom bike headlights are a great option. The installation process is relatively uncomplicated.

    Even better, its controls are simple to work with. It has an on and off button to push to put on the headlight or turn them off quickly. The battery is another great feature. Three AAA batteries power the Goodkssop Bright 6 LED Metal Shell Front Light.

    You have to purchase the batteries separately, so ensure you buy only top-quality batteries. The longevity of the light supply depends on the battery set you get.

    4. BlueSunshine Vintage Retro Bicycle Bike Front Light Lamp

    51leUYV21bL. SL500

    Most times, it is close to impossible to get an exceptional product at a low price.

    People typically expect cheaper products to be of lesser quality, so they’d rather go for something pricy to guarantee the efficiency of a product. While sometimes this speculation is correct, it is not always so. This vintage-style bike light, for example, provides great value at an affordable price.

    First of all, their design is fantastic. They have a simple and elegant design that always stands out from other products. Secondly, this fixie bike light not only has an aesthetically pleasing structure but is also sturdy.

    They are also made with top-quality materials that make them resistant to water and several other harsh environmental factors. They maintain their exceptional performance even under heavy downpours, strong winds, or on a very sunny day.

    One complaint by some buyers is that they do not come with detailed installation instructions. However, their simple design makes them easy to install. If you love putting things together yourself, you will have fun fixing and installing the light.

    Another admirable feature is the brightness they produce. They have bright LED lights, and this makes them a suitable choice for late-night riders. The lights are easy to operate, and using them comes naturally with the on and off buttons that you can easily toggle in between.

    The Blue Sunshine Vintage Retro Light combines beauty, simplicity, weather resistance, and durability at a very affordable price.

    5. Goodkssop Metal Chrome Silver Classical Bright Headlight

    51KmAd0jSCL. SL500

    The Goodkssop Metal Chrome Silver Classical Bright Headlight is an excellent addition to your favorite bike. As a top product from a brand that is for antique bicycle lamps, you can expect it to be as trendy as it is. The headlights give your bike an utterly cool vintage look.

    It is natural to expect that something that screams vintage this much will look and function as outdated or ancient. There is, however, nothing old or outdated about this bike light. It has a highly sophisticated mode of operation and impressive features.

    These old-school bike lights have a single and straightforward installation process. This is because they have a bracket. You can easily install these brackets by screwing them in the front brake or head tube of your bike. 

    They also have a left and right rotary switch. You only have to flip the controller left or right to switch the lights on or off. This classic bicycle headlight is a top choice for bike owners because of its light output.

    They have specialized lenses that contribute to their brightness. They have top-quality white LED lights that are safe for night riding. You can power these lights using three AAA batteries which you can purchase separately.

    With these bullet-shaped vintage bicycle lights and their beautiful chrome finish, you can easily achieve the retro style you love so much. You can enjoy a safe ride while it’s dark over long distances, which will give a unique and enjoyable riding experience.

    6. Pure City Rear Bike Taillight

    31WjMLz7sgL. SL500

    This vintage bike tail light is a great choice when you are looking for vintage bicycle lights for your ride. These retro bike lights are simply beautiful. If you are very intentional about putting together a lovely bike, these old fashioned bike lights will be sure to complement the overall look.

    It also has a great design and is properly constructed. They are from durable and standard quality materials, which contribute to their admirable appearance. The red lights have a strong illuminating capacity and are powered by batteries which are included with the purchase.

    The Pure City Rear Bike Taillight comes with instructions that help in making the installation process easy. You don’t have to worry about mixing things up or not getting them properly fixed. 

    Their simple design contributes to its easy installation procedure as well as the simplicity of usage.

    They are easy to use with just the press of an on and off button with high performing capacity. The Pure City Rear Bike Taillight is always a great addition to any vintage bike due to its beautiful appearance and unique features and is a fantastic example of retro bike lights.

    Things You Should Look for in Retro Bike Lights

    While there are different brands, styles, and types of retro bike lights available, it is only normal for your choice to be influenced by your style, budget, and other personal reasons. However, there are essential features you have to look out for when you are purchasing a bike light, irrespective of your style.

    Here are important things you must look out for in an antique bicycle light:

    Ease of Installation 

    You have to consider how easy their installation process is. Can you fix it on your bike with little or no help, or you have to hire an expert? The easier it is to install your vintage schwinn lights, the better. Buy retro bicycle headlights that will not be too much of a challenge to install.

    An example is the Blue Sunshine Vintage Retro Light. With little or no guidance or instructions, they can be successfully installed.


    While it’s cool for a bike light to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, it’s a complete waste of time, effort, and money to buy beautiful bike lights that cannot provide the amount of brightness you require.

    One reason is that bike lights are essentially a safety precaution. They help you to be seen by other road users, especially when it is late. This is why you must purchase only vintage bicycle lights that are bright enough with at least 80 and 200 lumens capacity.

    The Gazoz Performance Bicycle Rear LED Tail Lights is a top choice. They generate bright lights for long periods.


    The battery capacity of retro bicycle lights is also very important. They must be able to last long after charge.

    The Vont ‘Pyro’ Bike Light Set has rechargeable batteries that serve you for 10 hours of active usage.

    Let Your Light Shine

    Retro bike lights are a must-have for your bikes. It helps you to see other road users, traffic signs, obstacles, animals, especially when it’s dark or raining. It also helps you to be seen by them, which is very important for safety. This is why you must choose a suitable vintage-style bike light.

    The different classic bike lights we reviewed above are a great option to consider. They provide a unique combination of beauty, simplicity, and efficiency.

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