Black Friday Bike Deals 2020 : [ Save Money During This Season ]

If you are looking for cycling and bicycle deals during this BLACK FRIDAY, you’re in for a treat.

Because we are curating the top black Friday bike deals live. That means we will update, re-add, and add anything and everything we can find deals on.

Whether you are looking for computers, or cycling accessories, shoes or even bikes, this thread is going to cover everything for you.

Just a quick note : This year, Black Friday sales will fall on 29th November 2019

Black Friday Bike Deals 2019:

We are around 35 days behind till the black Friday cycling deals. Book mark this page and revisit on 29th November.

What Are Some Of The Top Bicycle Deals During Black Friday?

1. Amazon Bike Deals

Amazon offers a heavy discount for the all cyclist during the black Friday sale. They are by far the biggest retailers of US and during BF time, they offer crazy discounts on their entire store. You find exclusive discounts not just for cycling stuff but also on electronics and virtually every category you can imagine.

But, to know what kind of deals are being offered on amazon for cyclists during this black friday cyber monday season, I would highly recommend you to bookmark this page. Otherwise, going back and forth to lot of pages, checking which ones are available etc are just so confusing.

Find all the cycling deals by clicking the link below

Find out all amazon cycling deals

2. Pro Bike Kit Deals

Apart from amazon,  pro bike kit is one of the most famous online retailers when it comes to biking and cycling stuff. Last year they did an amazing job with their fall sale. I am hoping they will continue the trend this year too.

Pro bike kit is an online shopping retailer and they sell exclusively outdoor stuff and cycling related gears. They sell accessories like cycling bags, bottles, bike lights, bicycle locks, bike pumps and all the way up to nutrition.

They got founded in the early ’90s by a small yet passionate cyclist. According to their statement, their goal is to provide cycling kit and accessories at a reasonable price so that everyone can afford.

This year, I am sure they will work with different brands and get us exclusive deals and discounts.


Find out all the pro bike kit deals here

3.  Wiggle Deals

Are you from the UK? If yes, wiggle is your friend. According to a few sources, it will start on November 1st. But for all cyclists, I would recommend to check out on 28th November.

Few notes about them:

One of the biggest online shopping retailers and well known name in the cycling community is Wiggle. They mainly operated in the European Country. They started out as asmall independent bike shop called ‘Butler Cycles’ – based in Portsmouth, UK.

The owner changed the name to wiggle back in 1999 & haven’t looked back since then.

The are all known for taking pride being not just a retailer but also to inspire people to take this sport seriously and have fun with family. & I am sure they will work with different brands and get us exclusive deals and discounts too.

We will be sharing all the wiggle cycling deals for this black Friday here in this section. Kindly bookmark this page.


Find out all the wiggle deals here

4. Evans Cycles

Ever heard of them? If not, you are missing some serious fun. They are also considered one of the best and top online retailers for cyclists. Last year, they prepared huge discounts on bikes and other accessories. I am sure they will continue this year as well.

Few notes: They mainly operate in UK. Their award-winning stores are a haven for cyclists. They are the place where you can test ride any of our bikes.

Evans cycles also offer a full range of service and repair facilities as well as a wide selection of bikes, parts, accessories and clothing.


Find out all the Evans Cycles deals here

5. Clever Training

They are US-based retailers for Biking, Swimming and running. Expect to see some really good cycling deals from them as well on stuff like computers etc.

Find out all the Clever Training deals here

6. Sigma Sports

For sigma sports, I will try to put as many official deals as I can. As of now, All I can say is their sales will be starting from 1st of November which I believe is Insane.

Find out all the Sigma Sports deals here


Cycling Clothing Deals and Discounts

In this section, we will take a look at some of the top deals you can find on clothing and other materials.



Is Black Friday any good for cyclists?

Yes, absolutely 100%.

I have seen a trend of massive BF sales by all the niche-specific online retailers. It actually helps them to establish trust, brand recognition, and life long relationship.

In 2018, I saw deals like smart bicycle computers to shoes. From cycling helmets to most importantly Bikes. I saw them all.

Tips On How To Get The Best Out Of This Sale Season

You may be wondering, hmmm!!! Do all the hypes really worth it?

Well, as a hobby but, later becoming semi-professional cyclist, I know for a fact that you need lots of stuff all year round. Even if you decide not to use cycle in the fall season.

But here’s the thing. You will be bombarded with emails, social media notifications, and whatnot.

As a result, many people end up spending money before the actual event starts.

So highly recommended option is :

Stay CALM!! The best deals are usually available closer to the actual day.

I would also like to give you a few personal tips from my experience that can give you a really head start and a competitive advantage.

1. You can spy on the company. means, follow them on various social media and sign up for their newsletter. They typically send emails before the sale goes live.

Keep in mind that – sometimes, you might get 10 or 20% off because you signed up for their newsletter.

2. Or bookmark this page. If you don’t want so much hassle and information overload, do one thing – check and bookmark this page. We will update you on a regular basis.


Few additional notes you need to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you read the return policy. Some companies offer only a 30-day return policy as compared to 60 or more. I usually try to place return as soon as I get the product. ( If I am not happy )

2. Shipping time may vary due to heavy ordering. Try to track using your customized id. ( they usually email )



1. When will be Black Friday Deals this year?

Answer: It will be happening on 29Th November 2019.

2. How long do they last?

Answer: Usually all the cycling deals from the company last for a minimum of 4 days. Starting from Friday to Monday.

3. Are they worth it?

Answer : 100%. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to bring new bikes or any kind of cycling accessories.

4. What types of deal I can expect?

Answer : Most online retailers usually give massive discounts on everything.

5. I want to see deals for a specific category. How can I avail?

Answer: I will update this page right before the sale. Also, don’t worry about a specific category. I will be updating everything you need from mountain biking deals to road cycling, clothing to accessories – No matter small or big, you guy’re going to get everything.

6. How long do they last?

Answer: The general guideline is – till cyber Monday. But I can’t say anything specifically since it all depends on the merchant itself. They are the sole decision-maker. Some deals just up for a few hours while some tend to stay at least for 5 days. Some merchant starts their sale from 1st November while others follow the market. If you don’t want to miss, just bookmark this page.

7. Who will have the best cycling deals this year 2019?

Answer: It’s hard to guess but I will tell you about my experience. Wiggle is going to be a major one for all UK buyers. But for US customers like you and me, backcountry is one of the top lists of retailers that would provide solid discounts on various categories.

Next up is evan cycles. They are also one of the huge retailers covering all sorts of stuff for a cyclist. Keep an eye on them too.

Now, don’t forget the Giant Gorilla AMAZON. They are by far the biggest for everything under the sun. Expect to see a lot of deals and offers from them too.

Walmart on the other hand still a good choice to check but I believe they are not made of you and me. ( you know we are cyclist 😉 )



This year, cycling deals during this black friday is going to be even bigger. Companies are waiting to release the deals to it’s customer and hoping to taking their reach to a new level.

Yes, it’s getting harder to stand out but in fact this is a good time for us as a customer. Due to super competitive market, we get our much-needed stuff on a low cost.

We have the option to compare 10 different stores and buy from wherever we feel right.

In case you are waiting to avail offers during BF, time is ticking.

Let me know if you have any questions to ask regarding this black friday deals. I will keep you update.



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