Can You Make Money Mountain Biking?

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If you love MTB, here’s one question that might interest you at least once in your lifetime.

Can I Make Money Mountain Biking” ?

If yes, How much?

Well, this post going to help you to clear the concept and by the end of this article, you will know if you can make money while doing mountain biking.

Let’s dive in:

There is more to mountain biking than simply exploring off-the-beaten trails or reaching new heights with your reliable bike.

With the many benefits of cycling for your health and the environment, have you thought about turning your passion into profit?

A lot has changed in the world of cycling since the first mountain bike was created. Since then, the mountain bike has gone through several transformations to cater to the demands of the growing number of cycling enthusiasts.

Earning money while doing something you love is everybody’s dream. But can you truly make money by riding your mountain bike?

​Can you make money mountain biking?

​Yes, you can.

Professional cyclists earn money by joining the race. There are big teams out there such as Astana, BMC Racing, Tinkoff-Saxo, Etixx – Quick-Step, Katusha, Team Sky and Movistar who spend around 75-80% of their budget on their riders alone.

According to Sky Sports, the three-time winner of Tour de France, Chris Froome, earns around €4.77m every year while his rival, Alberto Contador, is earning around €4m salary.

Big-name sprinters like Mike Cavendish earns around €3.5m a year and Peter Sagan is rumored to earn €6m as part of the Bora-Hansgrohe team. (1)

There are other factors that also determine the riders potential earnings. Director of Trinity Sports Management, Andrew McQuaid, believes bike wins are top drivers that help boost riders’ value, along with their age, career potential, nationality, and the team where they belong. (2)

Did you know that you can also earn money through sponsorships? The usual prices from races vary between $200 to $1,500 in the U.S. alone. That is why other riders look to sponsorships to cover their other costs and boost their pay. Sometimes, you don’t get paid by sponsors in cash, but you can get all the gears and parts you need for your bike along with travel expenses while on race tours.

​Tips to Become a Pro Mountain Biker

Becoming a pro mountain biker needs a combination of skills and passion. Every professional athlete out there started out as rookies. There is no such thing as an instant professional especially in the field of action sports. If you really want to be a professional mountain biker, follow these tips and bike your way to success.

Pro mountain biker doing the ET stunt off a rough MTB trail


1. Be properly kitted out

​You can’t be a professional rider without the right gear and equipment. Visit a trusted bike shop near you and pick a bike depending on the type of riding you want to do. Are you up for enduro, marathon, trails or downhill? Talking to the staff at the bike shop will give you an idea on the best bike to suit your needs along with the correct parts and accessories for enjoyable riding experience.

On top of that, you also need to be assessed for your set up and for the bike to be configured properly depending on your body measurements and biomechanics. Wear the right protective equipment to cushion your body from potential injuries. You will also gain more insights when you join a cycling club.

2. Focus on improving your riding skills

Practice the basics and you will be a step closer to your goal. Get the basics down by doing the basic moves. Lifting and putting back your front wheel safely is a good start. Start on a flat surface before moving on to more complicated terrains.

Assume the correct riding position even when practicing. The right position can make a difference between staying on your bike or sustaining a hard fall. Remember to approach an obstacle in a ‘standing’ position. Constantly looking ahead will also keep you out of trouble and prevent any emergency braking.

3. Practice smooth braking

Harsh braking happens when riders lose focus and as a result, lose control of their bikes. Practice applying the brakes in a smooth manner. Avoid braking with the front wheel turned. Rather, brakes should be applied when you are cruising on a straight line. When it comes to being a professional cyclist, master the art of progressive braking.

4. Plan ahead

If you assume the right riding position, you will have a glimpse of your next hazard ahead. Plan your approach and your appropriate move when you finally take on the challenge. You can either brake, change your line or steer smoothly. This keeps you from panicking which may result in unnecessary falls.

5. Join races

​Joining actual mountain bike races will expose you to the world of professional mountain biking. Start small and work your way up. Never miss any opportunity to race if you want to make cycling a profession. Be part of race teams and be open to the possibility that you will be away from family and friends for a long time. Most of all, never forget the reasons why you started this path in the first place. (3)


Joining races is not the only way you can earn while cycling. Technology allows you to capitalize on almost any passion these days and turn it into a profitable endeavor.

You can make money by posting your cycling videos on Youtube or you can blog your way to success. You can also venture on the buy and sell trade or lead bike tours in your city.

But if you really want to make a career out of this hobby and earn decent money, strive hard to become a professional mountain biker.

It may take a long way before you earn as much as Peter Sagan, not to mention all the potential injuries you may incur from being a mountain bike racer, but it will definitely be worth it.

If it’s something you truly love, you would be willing to put your best foot forward to achieve your goals.

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