Cocoweb ArmBar Review in 2023

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Cocoweb ArmBar Bike Lock

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​The heartbreak one has to deal with when their bike gets stolen is painful, but sadly a lot of us have to deal with such pain due to bike theft being common. This is why there is a need to secure our bikes and there is no better option than a reliable bike lock, such as the Cocoweb Heavy Duty Bike Lock.

It’s a lock that beats most of the locks in the price range thanks to the features it has to offer, in addition to the high security it provides. The 14mm shackle along with a 2mm PVC coating makes it extra durable and 5 feet long steel cable can easily loop around wheels and provide extra security to both the bike’s frame and wheels.


If you’re looking for a bike lock that provides great security then your search ends on Cocoweb armBar lock. Compared to most bike locks, it has a 1mm additional shackle thickness and an extra layer of 2mm PVC material on the lock.

The dust cover slides on top of the keylock to make sure that no debris or dust enters into the lock. This makes it to last longer than most bike locks as there is no fear of the lock giving away due to dust and debris.

It is common for bikes to lose their shine due to locks as they rub against the bike and peel off the paint, but such is not the case with this beauty. It come with PVC coating which prevents scratches and paint problems. This way your bike continues to look new without you having to worry about its appearance.

In fact, the lock itself is quite attractive and can add a zing to your bike when attached to it.

Who is This Bike Lock for?

Bike riders who live in a not so safe neighborhood or travel to places where security is a threat should turn to Cocoweb ArmBar Lock. This lock is designed to defeat the strongest of bolt cutters and other tools that are used to tamper with bike locks.

If you are frustrated with your previous bike lock because it caught rust while being in the rain for too much of time then Cocoweb is for your. The lock has a weather guard system which makes sure no rust occurs on the body of the lock, making it durable and perfect for areas where rain or snow is common.

What’s Included out of the Box?

When you buy the Cocoweb Armbar, you get a 5 feet long steel braided cable, 2 keys (better keep them safe because you won’t be getting a replacement key), a mounting bracket to attach the lock to the frame when you don’t want to use the lock and last but not least, a 6.7 x 10.5″ bike lock.

Features Overview

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Super Security

Not many bike locks come with a thickness of 14mm but Cocoweb ArmBar does. The entire lock is not only made up of high-grade steel alloy but is also wrapped up with 2mm PVC coating to give it extra security.

This combination of material on the lock body keeps the bike safe from theft, but also makes sure the bike gets no scratches cause of the lock, which is a major reason why people are scared of using locks since they can ruin the appearance of a bike and also decrease its value.


No matter how strong a bike lock is, with time it catches rust and gets weakened. This, however, is not the case with Cocoweb armBar because it has a weather guard feature to keep the lock in good condition by preventing rust even if it rains a lot. Even the sun will not damage the lock.

Dust Cover

A bike lock won’t be able to protect your bike if it can’t protect itself. A lot of bikes accumulate dust and debris inside the keylock and it becomes daunting to lock and unlock the bike smoothly. To prevent this from happening, this bike lock comes with an attached dust cover to ensure that no dust enters into the key lock.


You can mount the lock on the vertical shaft under the seat with the help of a mounting bracket that comes with the lock. It is a little heavy than most locks out there, but thank to its compact size, it will not cause any problem when you ride the bike with the lock attached.

What We Like

  • ​2mm PVC coating to protect from external damage.
  • ​Extra thick (14mm steel alloy+2mm PVC).
  • ​The material of the lock has a weather guard feature that protects it from rusting even during poor weather conditions.
  • ​5 feet braided steel to add extra security to the lock.
  • ​Comes with a 1 year warranty.

What We Don’t Like

  • ​No replacement keys if keys are lost.
  • ​No security rating given by the company.
  • ​Heavier than other locks at 3.2 pounds.


Cocoweb Armbar is worth it because it is extra durable, rust-free, lightweight and easy to use. There’s also a 1 year warranty on the product, however, you won’t be getting replacement keys in case you lose the two that come with it.

So, all in all, this is a durable bike lock which will give you peace of mind no matter where you park you bike.

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