Diamondback Recoil Comp Review

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Diamondback Recoil Comp Mountain Bike

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​The features of the bike are up to date and are efficient and well made . The bike itself is a quality and well built machine that is strong and durable. While the bike is relatively easy to use, its appearance may still be daunting to the average beginner cyclist. ​The absence of any free gifts or tools is a little disappointing, but again the product is worth its retail value.


The Diamondback Recoil Comp is a fairly newer model of mountain bikes from Diamondback, launched after the brand took somewhat of a hiatus from the cycling market.

The name of the product speaks to that small hiatus, as recoil means anything that is able to spring or come back and maneuver whatever issues are thrown at it.

While this is great in terms of marketing jargon, the specifics and features of the bike will tell whether Diamondback’s newest model is all talk, or if there’s any truth to their statements.

The Diamondback Recoil Comp enters the market with promises to be one of the most efficient mountain bikes there is, with new features to enhance durability and your performance in all trails and terrains.

About the Model

With a relatively reasonable starting price, this bike is ideal for beginner cyclists who want a bit more aggressive start to their cycling lifestyle or live in more rural areas with more of a rocky or unpredictable terrain. Its exceptional handling and control will make for a relatively easy to maneuver mountain bike for cyclists of all levels in experience, making the Diamondback Recoil Comp a worthy opponent in the range of great mountain bikes.

Who is This Bike for?

​Cyclists of all levels would find this bike easy and efficient to use and control, and while the beginner might need a little bit more training, they would catch on pretty quickly due to the simple nature of this bike.For those who are into a more aggressive form of riding, this bike would make an excellent gift, as its strength and design make it ideal to take on all terrains, and also make its control a bit easier than other bikes.

Because of its economically friendly price, retailing for as low as $500 in some stores, the Diamondback Recoil Comp is a popular option for reasonably priced mountain bikes that are still efficient and a great cycling option for both beginners and average cyclists alike.

Though mostly being advertised as a male bike, the Diamondback Recoil Comp is perfect for both gender of cyclists, as long as both men and women choose the accurate height for adjusting this product. The bike itself does give the appearance of being more complicated than it actually is, which may scare some beginners, but ideally, it’s just as advanced and nontechnical as most other bikes, and with a simple rundown of how everything works, you’ll feel like a pro in no time. Its strength and durability make it ideal for mountain bikers who want to do more than the average cyclist, such as incorporating stunts and doing lots of flips and jumps.

Overall, the Diamondback Recoil Comp is ideal for all mountain bikers and has proven to be one of the best cycling options both in its category and in its field.

What’s included out of the box

​Diamondback’s Ready ride bikes are normally 95% assembled when shipped, which takes a lot of the work out of assembling a new bike for you. This bike falls into this category and comes mostly pre-assembled, with just a few parts of the bike needing to be attached. Ensure also that you tighten and align parts of the bike to your liking, as pre-assembled doesn’t necessarily mean that it has been adjusted for any body type or height.

On average, the total assembly of the bike should take around an hour for beginners, and reduced to just 40 minutes for more experienced cyclists.

The box contains most parts pre-assembled, with most of the smaller parts and attachments in a separate container in the box. Parts such as the front tire and handlebars are also bigger parts of the product that comes in the box, but also need to be attached during the assembly process.

The box doesn’t contain any special gifts or added items, but for this price, we can work with that, as virtually everything you need to take you through assembly will be already present.

Finally, if you’re unsure of exactly how your bike should be assembled, you could take it to a local cycling shop to have it put together for you, or you could follow the step by step tutorial found on Diamondback’s website.

Features Overview

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​This bike contains quite a number of specifications and features that make it a worthy competitor when it comes to mountain bikes, one of which is the frame.

This bike’s frame is made of a solid 6061 – T6 aluminum coat, along with a machine made top tube and a butted down tube.

​While the frame is very strong, it is also lightweight, making riding easier for may mountain bikers. It comes with a four-inch travel, single pivot aluminum frame making it sturdy but light enough for aggressive riding.

Other noteworthy features include the Shimano fitted hydraulic disc brakes with 180/160mm on both rotors. These are very reliable brakes which are highly efficient and powerful, which is ideal for all bikers but are a necessity for bikers that are into a more aggressive style of riding.

This bike also contains an adjustable fork, to make the ride customizable for persons of all sizes and cycling levels, helping to enhance both the style and comfort of the bike.

Though very affordable, this bike is also very safe with its full suspension frame equipped with numerous safety features. These include its powerful disc brakes and a frame that was designed to improve stability when going around corners at high speeds by lowering the bike’s centre of gravity.

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​What We Like

  • ​​Big wheels (29 inches), which are ideal for rough terrains
  • ​A well equipped Shimano drivetrain
  • ​Powerful and highly efficient hydraulic disc brakes that are sensitive to touch
  • ​The lightweight but very strong and durable 6061 – T6 aluminum full suspension frame
  • ​An adjustable fork, (100mm Suntour Fork with RockShox Monarch R) which makes the bike customizable for added comfort

​What We Don’t Like

  • ​The saddle for the bike causes discomfort
  • ​The package comes with no added gifts or assembly tools


​Conclusively, the Diamondback Recoil Comp is ideally one of the best and most reasonably priced mountain bikes on the market, and with its specifications and added features, may just be the best one at this price point.


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