Ecotric Hammer Review – Everything You Need to Know

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Ecotric is a relatively new brand in the electric bike industry, but it has already made a name for itself. The company started in 2017, promoting a modern outlook reflected in the high-tech design philosophy of its electric bikes.

Ecotric has several electric bike series. The Ecotric Hammer e-bike series is one of its best and most powerful models. Ecotric Hammer electric bikes come in varying shapes, sizes, and designs, but they all have one underlying factor: the best electric bike technology at affordable prices.

Here is a comprehensive Ecotric electric bike review. It includes an overview of the various Ecotric Hammer e-bikes’ specs, features, strengths, and shortcomings.

Features Overview


Ecotric Hammer electric bikes come equipped with the latest and best electric bike technology for their price categories. Everything fits together perfectly to make a comfortable, powerful, and convenient electric bike.

Notably, a strong alloy makes up the bike’s frame for durability without sacrificing portability and easy handling. Under the hood, the strong motor provides high torque while maintaining longevity. Different Ecotric bikes’ motors come in varying sizes, ranging from 500W to more than 1,000W.

The 48V batteries power this bike and provide enough juice to ride for miles even on pure electric power.

It is worth noting that this Ecotric electric bike review will focus on the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire electric mountain bike. Overall, this model is one of the best in the Ecotric Hammer series to date.


Ecotric has an excellent sense of style. This Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire electric mountain bike has a particularly trendy design that borrows from the charm of Dutch-style or cruiser bikes with a modem update.

This model stands tall in the front, while the seat and rear wheel are lower to support a comfortable posture. Overall, it looks like a cross between the 1970s cruiser bikes and a futuristic electric bike.

The fat tires also help give this electric bike a compact appearance. The front and rear tires measure four inches wide and 26 inches in diameter. Ideally, the first impression most people get upon looking at this bike is power – the bike makes you feel unstoppable like you can ride through any terrain.

The bike’s motor and battery sit under the hood on the rear wheel. The front and rear fenders are optional, and you can quickly attach and detach them. They are not only practical for staying dry while riding on wet and muddy roads, but also stylish as they help boost the bike’s compact appearance.

Strength & Durability

As explained above, Ecotric Hammer electric bikes look and feel unstoppable because they all have a compact appearance that exudes power. This is because the bikes are as strong and compact as they appear, despite the advanced technology integrated into the frame.

A strong aluminum alloy provides rigidity in the Ecotric Hammer electric bike’s frame. Aluminum alloy is popular for two crucial reasons: it is strong and lightweight. The material can withstand extreme pressure, heavy loads, and frequent physical impacts, making it ideal for bikes designed for rough terrains. Overall, the bike can support up to 265lbs.

However, while the aluminum alloy is generally lightweight, the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire electric mountain bike is relatively heavy compared to other electric bikes. It weighs about 73lbs because of its compact build. However, it is still easy to handle and push by hand for short distances.

It is also worth noting that while the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire electric mountain bike is not 100% waterproof, it is reliably water-resistant. You can hose the bike down like any other mechanical bike without damaging the battery or motor, making it easy to maintain. You can also ride the bike through snow and shallow streams without worrying about damaging the electrical components.


The Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire electric mountain bike is equipped with a 48V, 1,000W motor. The motor is powerful and provides enough power to move on any terrain, including steep hills – it is a mountain bike, after all.

The motor operates in three modes:

  • Pure electric mode
  • Pedal-assist on-demand mode
  • Manual mode

You don’t have to pedal the bike to ride it in pure electric mode – the motor will do all the heavy lifting. However, you can use the motor sparingly by pedaling some distance with the pedal-assist on-demand mode. Alternatively, you can ride the bike manually by pedaling all the distance when the battery runs out (or for exercising).

Other Ecotric Hammer e-bikes feature smaller motors rated at 500W and 750W designed for riding on smoother terrains for shorter distances. It is also worth noting that while most e-bikes don’t have a guaranteed top speed, the Ecotric Hammer can reach top speeds of up to 20mph.


The Ecotric Hammer e-bike’s powerful 1,000W motor requires an equally powerful battery to keep it running as long as possible. Fortunately, every model in the Ecotric Hammer series is powered by a 48V battery with varying amperages.

The Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire electric mountain bike is powered by a 48V 13AH lithium-ion battery. The battery provides enough power to cover up to 20 miles when running on the electric mode, which is enough for the average mountain biking enthusiast.

However, it can provide enough power to cover up to 45 miles on the pedal-assist on-demand mode, which is more than enough for many riders.

The battery is located in the rear wheel, next to the motor. It is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it when washing or riding on wet roads. It also takes five to eight hours to charge, which is quick considering its large capacity.

It is advisable to charge the battery to full capacity and use the assisted pedaling mode to conserve the bike’s power. The battery lasts for between 400 and 600 charge cycles.

Traction & Braking

Ecotric Hammer electric bikes are built for use on varying terrains, from smooth town roads to rough mountain terrains. Notably, the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire electric mountain bike is designed for all terrains, including rough, slippery, and steep ones.

The four-inch tires are wide and feature deep treads that offer reliable traction on all terrains. Besides mountains, the bike also offers a smooth riding experience on snow and sand without sinking.

The Ecotric Hammer electric bike comes with a reliable, hair-trigger braking system. The front and rear wheels are fitted with 180mm rotor controls and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes that bring the bike to a halt almost instantly on smooth and rough terrains.

LCD Display

The Ecotric Hammer fat tire electric mountain bike also has an LCD display system that functions as its control system. It serves four key functions:

  • Shifting pedal-assist modes.
  • Displaying error reports.
  • Displaying information on speed, battery, and mileage.
  • USB charging.

The LCD display is easy to read, but do keep your eyes on the road and pull over whenever you need to operate the LCD display.

Who Is This Bike For?

This bike fits all riders in all categories, including amateurs, pros, men, and women. It is sturdy enough to support up to 265lbs. However, you need a strong pair of hands to push this e-bike for long distances as it weighs 73lbs. Ecotric recommends it for riders who are between 5’8’’ and 6’3’’ tall.

What’s Included?

The Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire electric mountain bike comes with the following components:

  • 1 x Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1 x Kit Box
  • 2 x Pedals
  • 1 x Headlight
  • 1 x Display
  • 2 x Keys
  • 1 x Tool Kit
  • 1 x Reflector
  • 1 x Owner’s User Manual

The bike comes with about 90% of the parts assembled. The rest of the parts are easy to assemble, even with minimal technical skills. However, it is advisable to consult a professional if you need help assembling the bike.

What We Like

The best features of the Ecotric Hammer fat tire electric mountain bike include:

  • The powerful motor makes it easy to ride on rough and steep terrains.
  • The powerful battery lasts for more than 20 miles in pure electric mode and 45 miles in pedal-assist mode.
  • The bike has shock absorbers that facilitate a smooth riding experience on rough terrains.
  • The sturdy construction can support heavy loads, including the rider and small luggage.

What We Don’t Like

Weight is the only shortcoming of the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire electric mountain bike. The bike weighs 76lbs, which may be too heavy for some riders (especially when pushing it through rough terrain).

Verdict: How Does the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Bike Fare?

Undoubtedly, the Ecotric Hammer electric bike is one of the best electric bikes in its category. It is ideal for use on all terrains, including rough mountains, snow, sand, and town roads. This electric bike is ideal for all users, but it is recommended for people weighing less than 265lbs and measuring between 5’8’’ and 6’3’’ tall.

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