How To Cut Chain Lock Without Bolt Cutters

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If you are reading this article, one of two things is very likely :

1) You lost the key to your bike lock, and you need to get your bike back.


2) You are a bike thief. ( :O )

Everyday bike thieves all over the world are searching this same exact topic and learning how to steal your bike without needing tools.  How are they doing it?

Today we will talk about how to cut chain lock without bolt cutters to steal your bike and how they can steal your bike without bolt cutters. We will also cover some of the ways you can better protect yourself and your bike from theft. Please read on for more.

How are they able to cut a chain lock without bolt cutters?

The easiest way for a bike thief to steal your bike is to use bolt cutters simply. Once you know a few basic steps, it can be done in almost seconds.

First, you need to assess the weakest point in the chain which is typically the place on each link where the metal was welded together.

don't try to steal my bike

Next look for a link where this point is easily accessible. Then get your bolt cutters ready and place the chain inside as deep as possible at the point where you can see the weld.

You will then simply apply force squeezing the handles of the bolt cutters together using constant pressure.

Depending on the quality and type of metal it will either cut through the first time, or you might need to make a few attempts.

Finally, the thief will make a corresponding cut directly opposite the first and voila! The bike is now free to be stolen.

But of course walking around carrying a large pair of bolt cutters would give away a bike thief, right? So what are some other options they have for stealing your bike?

How about just using your hands? Watch this man forcibly pull a bike from its lock, breaking the chain with just his bare hands. Shockingly, no tools were needed.

Here is a method using another popular tool: the hacksaw. This is a cheap, small, and easy to hide tool. It can cut through a cable lock like those used on most bikes.

It is also said that with enough time it can cut through a U-Lock or chain lock made from a softer metal. If the lock is cheap and flimsy enough, most thieves can just smash it with a hammer!

Finally the most surprising of all: Portable angle grinders. Noisy, loud and obvious from the sparks being thrown into the air. This tool can cut a chain in less than one minute.

You would think the noise and sparks of hot metal would deter most thieves from even trying. You would be wrong on that point as some thieves are willing to try.

I mean would you try to stop a man armed with an angle grinder stealing a bike in broad daylight? Probably not. That is exactly what the bike thieves are betting on.

Check out the video that a theif is trying to steal a bike:

How to protect your bike from theft

Every year 1.5 million bicycles are stolen in the United States alone. There is a good chance you might eventually be a victim of bike theft.

We have discussed the ways bike thieves are going about breaking our locks and stealing our bikes. For all that we have learned, what can we do to protect our investments and modes of transportation?

Many of the methods for stealing bikes rely on poor quality locks. If you are going to spend the money to buy a bike, why would you not purchase a good lock to keep it safe? To prevent bike theft we should be choosing a good lock, maybe even 2.

You want to choose a thick heavy-duty metal lock and chain. It will take a lot longer for any of the tools to work, especially if there are two chains to cut, making thieves pass your bike by in search of an easier target.

When parking your bike outside make sure you choose a well lit busy area with immovable bike racks. Then you want to make sure you are locking your bike properly with your sturdy locks. Run each chain through both wheels and the frame of your bike.

If you choose to only lock one of the wheels without going through the frame, then the thieves will leave you the lock and the wheel and take the rest of the bike for themselves.


In conclusion, just remember that thieves have a variety of ways to steal your bike. They are searching the internet to learn how to cut chain lock without bolt cutters.

However, there are many tools cheaply and easily available to them. Most of these tools can be used in seconds to take your bike.

There are a few things you can do to deter bike thieves. One is purchasing a good lock with good material, and another is choosing a good location to park your bike.

These are some good ways to protect yourself and your bike. If you take just these steps, you will be more likely to come back to find your bike where you left it!

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