How to Reset Wordlock Bike Lock Easily

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It can happen to anyone. You’ve forgotten your passcode for your wordlock bike lock, and now you don’t know what to do. Luckily, there is a solution to help you out of your jam and help you reset your passcode so you can continue to use your bike lock. 

Keep reading to find out how to reset your wordlock bike lock.

Is Your Lock Still Locked Before Setting a Passcode? 

Wordlock bike locks are different from other locks in that they use letters instead of numbers. Just like the numbered bike lock or rope lock, you simply turn the combination to the designated center spot to spell the passcode, and then the device will unlock. 

You may forget the passcode in many instances, and then you’re stuck, unable to unlock the device. This can pose an unfortunate situation, especially if you have your bike locked at a location and you need to access it to leave. 

If you’ve been trying and don’t get a good result and your lock is still not open, you can begin following these next steps to get your device unlocked. 

First, you want to try the default method, which relies on using a default passcode that most wordlock bike locks use, which is SHED. This may be helpful for individuals who purchased new locks and haven’t yet set them. They are set to this default at the factory, and the user needs to reset the password manually. 

How to Reset Wordlock Bike Lock – Setting a New Password

If you managed to open the lock, now you want to try to reset the passcode. Make sure the lock is open before trying the next steps. 

There are usually two types of locks. One type has a protruding locking mechanism with a small switch at the bottom of the opening. The other has a flat face that twists to reset the combination 

Switch Style Lock

To set your passcode for a switch style wordlock, follow these directions. 

  • At the end of the lock, where the two ends connect, there is a small switch at the bottom. Flip the switch up and then set the passcode by turning the letters of the word you choose to the position with the mark on the side. 
  • Once you have entered the chosen code and all the correct letters align with the mark, flip the switch back to the starting position. 
  • Congratulations! The passcode should now be set. Test the lock to see if it works.

This process is quick and simple and can be done over and over for convenience. You should consider changing your lock password occasionally for better protection, much like resetting a computer password. 

Twist Style Lock

Setting a twist style lock is slightly different than the switch type. To reset the password to your twist style lock, follow these directions. 

  • Make sure your lock is open, and find the twisting lock mechanism on the end of the locking end. There will either be arrows or the word “set” to mark the area. 
  • Twist the lock to the “set” position. It should stop when it’s ready to set. Enter the new passcode to align with the mark on the lock. 
  • Once you’re satisfied with the passcode and want to set it, rotate the twisting dial back to where it was at the beginning. You’ve now successfully reset your wordlock bike lock!

There isn’t much difference between these two styles of locks other than the setting mechanism. Either option is ideal and offers an easy way to reset your password whenever it’s necessary.

Tips for Maintaining Your Wordlock

Not only do you need to know how to reset wordlock bike lock styles, you should also know how to prevent problems with the passcode. Don’t forget to set the password as soon as you make your purchase to prevent unintentionally locking it without the passcode set. Once you set the password, don’t share it with anyone to prevent possible theft. 

Keep your bike locked away from salt water if possible because it can corrode the internal mechanisms. Don’t drop the lock in the dirt or the sand because it can deposit in the lock and cause problems with the locking mechanism or make it hard to turn to the passcode. 

If the bike lock won’t click into place, it may be damaged and need replacing. Don’t spray oil or other lubricants into the lock. 

With some know-how and the proper care, your Wordlock bike lock can last for years and you can reset it as often as necessary.

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