Kestrel RT 1000 Review [ 2020 Update ] What We Know About This Road Bike


​REVIEW OF : Kestrel RT-1000







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  • ​Vibrate a little while riding

Kestrel RT 1000 Review - OUR UNBIASED OPINION

Avid road riders are always longing for a bike with more relaxed geometry and effective aerodynamic mechanism. And if you are a riding enthusiast as I am, then you know what to expect from a bike.

For instance, you may want to check on the mileage during weekends or even participate in long-distance cycling events without causing any pain to the back, and that’s where the Kestrel RT 1000 comes into play.

With over two decades in the bike manufacturing domain, Kestrel is among the pioneers of the carbon bike designs.

With every product from this brand, you get a bike with superior aerodynamics, functionality, and genuine appreciation for the importance of on-the-bike comfort.

But that is just a tip of the iceberg; if you're looking to learn more about this bike, then read on our comprehensive Kestrel RT 1000 review below.

Here, we look at everything you need to know about this bike, including highlighting its features and cons.

First Impressions

From a first glance, you might get tempted to think the bike a Legend series. And correctly, you would be forgiven to think so because the Kestrel RT has a close relationship to the Legend Series manufactured by the same brand.

For instance, the RT-1000, boasts of Legend’s Series aerodynamic DNA, meaning it’s plenty fast, yet offering greater comfort over long distances.

If you are keen enough, however, you will notice that the two differ in term of geometry. Though considered as blood cousins, the RT-1000 comes with more relaxed geometry.

Beyond their structure, they differ in terms of serving purpose. The Legend Series is brilliant at racing and climbing, and on the flip side, Kestrel RT 1000 excels for cyclers who are looking to stretch out the ride for a long distance.

Whom is the Kestrel RT-1000 Ideal For?

The Kestrel RT-1000 is a suitable option for regular uses. But unlike your regular road bike it offers more for the riding buffs who like to go on tour by cycle or using it as a commuter bike.

It can also be used for fitness training, and offers a perfect way of enhancing the endurance of the user, and adding resistance to strength training.

The Kestrel is also an awesome choice for the enthusiast and endurance road rider, who like stretching out their mileage on the weekends, and without having to worry about the back problems.

In a nutshell, the RT-100 is an ideal choice for those with a knack for biking, or those who simply want a top of the line machine but without race geometry.

Features of the Kestrel RT-1000

The construction design, material composition, and enhanced usability can make a bike a great ride to have.

And the key features determine how much a bike scores in terms of parameters, and in the section below, we shall go through the key features of the Kestrel RT 1000.

Kestrel Enhanced Modulus Hybrid Frame 700K & 800K Carbon Fiber

Carbon is known for its durability, lightness and high strength. And the Kestrel 1000 bike frame is tailored from a special 700k & 800k carbon modulus fiber.

The carbon frame is incredibly stiff and allows reduced usage of material on the bike, which makes it a more economical option.

Additionally, the carbon has vibration dampening characteristics, and this ensures that you will always have a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

The aerodynamic, efficient and nimble enhanced-modulus carbon fiber frame also boasts of a taller head tube, sloping top tube and shock absorbing rear. The collective benefits of these features on the carbon frame is to deliver a perfect fit, long-term comfort, and focus on upright control.

Great and Balanced Geometry

In the beginning, we mentioned that this bike had been designed with user comfort and performance in mind.

Here, comfort is achieved in various ways;

For a start, the construction plus size of every component is designed with an eye on detail and is given on the specifications.

Secondly, the bike comes with a taller head tube, plus longer wheelbase for the ultimate smooth ride. The inclusion of a slight slant top tube unifies the overall bike and makes it compatible with the rest of the geometry factors.

A set of speedy oval concepts wheels furnished with Vittoria tires are yet another geometric feature that ensures that you achieve a comfortable ride while attaining maximum speed. Beyond speed, these tires will hug the road for incredible cornering and precise handling.

All the geometric factors on the bike work in harmony to deliver stability and comfort. These factors, together with the aerodynamic aspects ensure that you achieve a fast pace easily.

High-Power Brake Type

Sporting a Shimano Front and rear 105 Derailleur with Shimano RS700 Flat bar, the Kestrel offers high power as well as remarkable efficiency.

With the above combination, cyclers can easily shift gears quickly without a hassle.

What’s more? The compact crank will allow you to continue spinning when the tarmac turns vertical.

The aerodynamically shaped stays, seat tube & EMS Pro Aero Seat post with Prologo Kappa 2 plus the internal cable routing will allow wind to slip over your bike, and you’ll feel like you are flying above the road.

Tapered Headset

The Kestrel RT 1000 comes with a 1 1/8 – 1 ½ head tube and this headset play a crucial role in stiffness.

In particular, it enhances the overall lateral stiffness, which in turn, will greatly help you to achieve an excellent steering precision.


Ergonomic Grips

The comfort and ease of riding a bike are inevitably connected to the wheelset and grip.

Fortunately, the Kestrel comes with ergonomic grips, and a collection of Oval Concept parts, which help to boost the overall ergonomics.

What We Don’t Like About Kestrel RT-1000

The Kestrel RT 1000 comes with a really stiff frame; which is good for some and bad for others- it all depends on what you want. Whatever the case, you should pay more focus on comfort.

Beyond stiffness, a majority of users are seen complaining about the vibration of the bike. Here, we would love to see the 25mm front tires replaced with a 28mm at lower psi, and this should help in reducing vibration. While you could fit a 32mm tire, it might not fit the fork width. However, this is just our opinion though.


The Kestrel RT 1000 has been engineered from scratch while paying attention to detail. 

Though it’s the newest bike from the manufacturer, it’s a solid long-distance road bike that boasts of premium features and delivers a great riding experience.

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