Kryptonite New York Chain 1210 Review

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Kryptonite New ​York 1210 ​Chain ​Lock ​

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​Features: The New York 120 chain lock contains specifications and features that helped to boost the security of the product and increase its safety. Overall, all the features and specifications were all made and added value and quality to this chain lock.

Price: It’s expensive. Though​ the quality and durability of the product make up for its price. With this product, you’re surely getting value for your money as with proper care, it will serve you for a good couple of years.​

Ease of use: The chain lock itself might take some getting used to, especially if you are a beginner, but once you know how to work it, you’ll be doing good in no time. Give yourself time to learn how to use the lock in the most efficient way possible, and then you will not have a problem.

Quality: Sturdy and strong, this chain lock is a very well manufactured product. The material that it is made of is durable and long lasting, but also very strong and extremely powerful. Overall, it is a well-made bike chain lock.


​Kryptonite has manufactured and released a wide variety of both stationary and portable bike locks to keep your bike safe, but one of the most noteworthy bike chain locks in their recent series is the Kryptonite New York Chain 1210 bicycle lock. This chain lock has custom features and added specifications to make sure it stands out from the pack and is a cut above the rest. It can be purchased at many local bicycle shops, but it is also found on Kryptonite’s website and other major retail sites such as Amazon. This bike lock chain ​may seem expensive to many, but the quality, durability, and versatility of this product make it worth every penny.

Also, we have invested around 20+ hours and tested 5 different chain locks in the 5 categories ( all the way to 9 MM to 15MM ) & we named it the very best chain lock that you can possibly buy.

About the ​Model

​Since its release, there has been no need for any updates or restyling, which speaks to the initial quality of the product from its inception. Kryptonite labels this bike lock as the ultimate high-security lock that will keep bike thieves away, and withstand the challenge of being tested.

This chain lock is specifically targeted to cyclists who live in big cities and need extra protection from expert bike thieves. It is equipped with a chain made from hardened manganese to increase strength and fight against both man-made and natural elements, and an oval crossbar disc designed to withstand the most persistent of bike thieves.

The New York Chain lock itself also has added security measures, such as a hardened double-deadbolt lock for hold power, and up to 3 keys to make sure you’re never stranded and unable to enter your bike.

With very high ratings from both Kryptonite and other security index bodies, this chain lock has proven itself to be one of the best and most durable bike chains locks available today and is a good competitor in the fight against bike thieves.

Who is This Chain Lock for?

​As previously mentioned, the Kryptonite New York Chain 1210 bike lock is stated to be ideally targeted to cyclists and bikers who live in big cities.

This means that it is well secured and specifically designed with certain things in mind, and has been geared toward keeping your bike safe from any easily identifiable threat it may face in the city.

This, however, does not mean that other cyclists cannot use it, but it just helps to highlight the standard of security and efficacy that this chain lock possesses.

Cyclists from all over can use this bike lock, but it may not be necessary if you live in a favorable biking area. Instead, it would be better to go for a lock that is a little less expensive and has a lower rating by the bodies judging the security index of a project. This chain lock is very easy to use, making it also ideal for beginner and intermediate cyclists, as well as the experts. It is not very heavy, but just light enough to be an ideal portable chain lock that can be used whether you’re headed to work or to the grocery store.

City riders will see this chain lock as an answer to all of their problems, as it is an ideal, portable and very secure bike lock that you can take from place to place, without worry that in any moment, your bike will disappear.

Persons living in rural or less populated areas may not be able to appreciate the beauty of this lock because they often times would not need as much protection, which ultimately makes this bike chain lock perfect for the city cyclist.

What’s Included out of the box?

​Most bike chain locks tend to rarely contain any added gifts or extras, and the Kryptonite New York Chain lock is no different. Your package contains the bike lock and your 3 keys.

It’s important to note however that bike locks come with no extras because, in a majority of cases, they are unnecessary. Despite the lack of any free gifts or added products, you can be sure that this chain lock will deliver the way it has promised to, by keeping your bike protected from bike thieves and many other threats.As expected, the package contains the chain lock which is made from 12mm, six-sided chain links made from 3T hardened manganese steel, along with the three locks presented with the product.

The chain itself is covered by a Kryptonite labeled protective nylon cover, to help prevent intrusion from nature’s elements. Overall, the package is exactly what you would expect, and is ideal to get the job done and keep your bike safe for a long period of time.

It would be a great idea though if Kryptonite decided to break the status quo and add a little something extra to the package, that will help to increase their popularity and character in the cycling world.

Features Overview

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​Kryptonite always ensures that their products are manufactured and engineered with the highest quality of products, and this bike lock was built with the same mentality.

This bike lock chain was engineered with the highest quality, and its specifications highlight the deliberate and calculated steps taken to make this a great product. The first feature that stands out is the hardened double-deadbolt lock, which was designed in such a manner that it provides added security to prevent any thieves that are persistent enough to try and break it.

The second feature that is clearly well manufactured is the cylinder, which is disc style cylinder manufactured for maximum security and protection. This cylinder also has an anti drill and an anti-pull mechanism, preventing entry, and comes complete with its own sliding dust cover for its durability.The product also comes with Kryptonite’s key safe program, which will provide you with a replacement set of keys if the original set becomes misplaced or unavailable.​The specifications and features seem to be solid all around, which may be one of the reasons it is listed as one of the highest ranked bike locks for security on the market. From the tough manganese steel used to make the product, to the oval hardened steel bar and the hardened double deadbolt lock, Kryptonite has clearly outdone themselves with this one and has created a quality and long-lasting bike chain lock for their customers.

​What We Like

  • ​The product is made of sturdy and long lasting material
  • ​The chain lock is not too heavy.

What ​We Don’t Like

  • ​The price is a bit expensive for a portable lock


​Ultimately, the major test of any bike lock is whether they are functional and provide the security that they claim to offer, Kryptonite does that. Since the release of this product, there have been very little, if any, reports made to indicate its failure in protecting a bike. Instead, persons have praised Kryptonite for their ability to create the ideal bike lock chain that is perfect in all of its ways. The price, of course, has been a deterrent to many, but once they invest in the product, they have found that it was worth every penny.

​The Kryptonite New York 1210 Chain lock is one of the best bike lock products on the market and is perfect for city cyclists who need protection from bike thieves, animals, and unpredictable weather. It does its job well by protecting and securing your bike, and when treated well and cleaned properly, this bike chain lock will last you for many years to come. ​

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