Kryptonite New York Legend Chain 1515 Review

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Kryptonite New York Legend Chain 1515


Features: ​This bike lock contains modern technology and secure practices that make it one of the most advanced and effective products on the market.

Ease of Use: Usage can get a bit tricky, as the size and bulkiness of the product can make it a bit impractical and hard to use, especially if you haven’t maneuvered a technique.

Value for Money: With such high ratings from top security sources, and testing it out, this product absolutely delivers on its promise to keep your bike safe and thief proof

Quality of Build: This bike lock was clearly well thought out and properly manufactured, and delivers on its ability to protect your bike, not to mention its durability and strength is perfect


Lauded as one of the best ​chain locks on the market, the Kryptonite New York Legend Chain 1515 is an immobile bike lock that provides safety and security for your bicycle. It is one of the thickest and heaviest locks on the market, but its safety and security make up for its extremely big size. Kryptonite is so sure of the security of this chain that they offer an anti-theft protection offer with a sizeable income in the case that this bike lock ever becomes ineffective and your bike is stolen, but the chances of that happening are very slim, due to the specifics and features of this bike lock. 

About the Model

This stationary lock is one of the best on the market, but its price can scare possible consumers. It is always best to invest in a more expensive bike lock, rather than one that is cheap because it will end up costing you more in the long run. A more expensive bike lock such as the Kryptonite chain will not only prevent someone from stealing your bike, but it will also keep you for years, which saves you money and a whole lot of ​headache because you won’t lose your bike. While it is a stationary lock, it is also very easy to use and can be maneuvered by even the beginner cyclist.

Who is this Bike Chain for?

This product is ideal for all cyclists that are looking for a secure and safe but highly durable bike lock to keep their bike secure either at home or in the workplace. Because it is immobile, it would be best to have this bike lock at the specific location in which you plan to use it, and ideally, to keep it there. For persons who commute by cycling to work, it would be ideal to have this safe bike lock to ensure that your bike doesn’t get stolen from your workplace, parking lot, or at your home garage when you get inside.

Ideally, once you are a cyclist, this product is ideal for keeping your bike safe and will be a great addition to your collection of cycling equipment.

The price point may be a deterrent for many cyclists, but a good investment now will prevent you from having to pay much more later on. Even as a beginner cyclist, take the time now to invest in a good quality bike lock that will undoubtedly prevent you from having to spend unnecessary money. It may be a bit more complicated for beginner cyclists, especially because of its weight, and the fact that it can only be closed in a certain way, but once you get the hang of it after a couple tries, it’ll be worth the investment.

Who is This Bike Chain NOT for?

​This product is not for persons who do not want to spend over $200 on a bike lock or those who believe that cheap bike locks and the more expensive and high-end bike locks do the same job. It is also not ideal for persons who are looking for a bike lock that they can carry around on a regular basis, as this 20-pound lock is stationary. For a lock that moves, it would be ideal to get a secure but mobile lock that you can easily carry around with you. The Kryptonite New York Legend Chain 1515 is one of the most secure and easily available bike locks, which puts it in the top tier of stationary bike locks.

What is Included?

The bike lock itself is quite a thick chain, but it also comes with other parts that need to be attached to it to form the entirety of this chain bike lock. The package contains 15mm round chain links made of 3T hardened steel which is specifically designed to resist bolt cutters. This comes complete with a padlock shell and a 16mm hardened max performance steel shackle for maximum protection. Your bike lock also has a hardened double deadbolt to provide additional protection and prevent twist attacks from being successful.

This product comes with safety and security mechanisms such as the Key Safe Program and biking insurance. The Key Safe program was put in place as a mechanism to replace bike lock keys if misplaced, while the biking insurance should cover the cost of the missing bike lock and bike if a thief is innovative enough to break it and steal your bike. There are usually two sizes of the Kryptonite Legend, but it would be best to get the larger size which runs about 5 foot in length, and measures about 20 pounds in weight.

​Features, Specifications, and a Security Rating of the Kryptonite Chain 1515

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With a virtually impossible 15mm hardened steel chain and a 16 mm max performance steel shackle padlock, this bike lock can be impossible to get into if locked the right way. Now, that covers forced entry precautions but what if they try to pick the lock? Fortunately, it also has a high-security cylinder which makes it very hard to pick as well. These features don’t go unnoticed, as some of the major security rating bodies have rated the Kryptonite New York Legend chain 1515 as the best in this field.

ART, one of the biggest independent testing security bodies have awarded this product a 5-star rating. They are one of the most rigorous rating bodies, with only a few other products receiving such a rating. Kryptonite themselves have also given this product a 10 out of 10 rating, for “Ultimate Security” according to their website, which also only gives this rating to a few other bike locks.

This means that the Kryptonite Legend is an extremely secure lock, worth every penny you spend on it, not to mention its durability which will ensure you get your money’s worth from this lock.

The bike lock is wrapped in a dense nylon sheath complete with a hook and loop straps to keep it in place. It can be a challenge to adequately wheel it through the parts of your bike, however, due to its extreme bulkiness, but once you master the technique, you’ll have no problem going through the process when you need to. This bike lock also comes with 3 keys, similar to most other Kryptonite locks, and it would be smart to sign up for Kryptonite’s Key Safe program, so if you ever lose your keys, you can easily get a replacement.

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​What We Like

  • ​It works. The product has been rated 5 out of 5 by ART, indicating that it is indeed one of the most secure bike locks on the market
  • ​If in any way this product ends up failing, your insurance is adequate enough to cover cost of the lost bike lock and your bicycle

​What We Don’t Like

  • ​The bulkiness of the product makes it impractical for use on the beginning and ultimately will take some time to maneuver, especially of being used on a daily basis
  • ​Because of the price of this bike lock, it is considered to be a very high end and expensive
  • ​The weight of this bike lock makes it extremely heavy and may be too thick for a lot of beginners


Before heading out to get this bike lock, remember that it is a stationary lock, and carrying it around with you is impractical. There are mobile locks that are secure but weigh a lot less, that you can take with you on a daily basis to secure your bike on the go. 

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Conclusively, the Kryptonite New York Legen Chain 1515 is one of the best, if not the best stationary bike lock on the market. It is highly effective and was well thought out and manufactured to ensure that it withstands all possible attacks. The material used to make the product must have been tested to ensure that it was effective, resulting in one of the best bike locks Kryptonite has ever made, and with new technological advances and modern touches made, this bike lock is sure to last you and your bike for a very long time.

Final Verdict

​So, ​for ​me, it’s definitely worth to have a high quality lock for your bike. I have used this lock in the past and didn’t have any problem with it. Best part, I felt secure and that’s the most important thing.

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