Lead Out! Mini Handlebar Bag Review

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Looking for a way to free up your pocket space while riding your bike? If so, then the Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag might be the right accessory for enhancing your biking experience. I enjoy using this bag whenever I take a long biking trip, especially when riding at higher speeds.

It’s a lightweight, compact accessory that surpasses bikes with bulky, built-in baskets.

Still curious about what makes me love the Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag? Let me break it down for you.

First Impressions

The Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag has a sleek design that accommodates most riders that won’t get in the way of their vision or add too much weight to their ride. In addition, it fits directly under most bikes with flat or drop handlebars.

It’s easy to install and open and does well when riding in mildly wet conditions. Its sleek black exterior complements bikes of any size, color, and frame design.

Overall, the Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag adds a stylish and functional compartment for any rider’s image.

Who is This Handlebar Bag for?

Cycling is an excellent activity for people who love riding at higher speeds, but it might be a challenge for people who don’t want to bring excess baggage with them wherever they go. On the other hand, they’re an excellent tool for adventurous bikers who don’t want to misplace their snacks, phone, or wallet when riding for short or extended periods.

The Lead Out is a versatile handlebar bag that can fit most bicycle types, including mountain, gravel rig, road, cruiser, and e-bikes.

Ideally, the Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag is designed for:

  • Bikers looking for weights to free up their hand and pocket space
  • Casual and intense bikers
  • Those who don’t want to carry excess baggage
  • Bikers who want a handlebar bag that works with any type of bike

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Mini handlebar bag lead out


The Lead Out Mini Handlebar has several features that make it one of my favorite picks for a functional handlebar bag. Here are some that stand out the most.

Quick-Release Design

Most people prefer setting up their bikes quickly, and the Lead Out is no exception. It has two quick-release buckles measuring four inches long and one inch wide, encouraging efficient installation and removal.

The straps sit below your bike’s handlebar and won’t obstruct your view. It also leaves enough space on your bike if you want to add lights or out-front bike monitors to your ride.

Water-Resistant Exterior

Some bikers might have trouble finding a handlebar bag that can withstand the outdoor elements when riding at any speed. Thankfully, the Lead Out has a sleek polyvinyl chloride (PVC) surface that keeps your belongings in place.

Its surface and zippers are water-resistant, ideal for protection against light rain, puddles, mud, and road grime. Its durable ripstop nylon interior also keeps it from tearing easily, which might entice riders interested in a handlebar bag that lasts a long time.

Low-Light Visibility

People who prioritize road safety while biking might find the Lead Out’s retro-reflective stripe a reliable feature suitable for any ride. The white stripe pops against the black PVC surface, giving it a stylish appearance. Additionally, it helps riders increase their visibility when riding in daytime and low-light conditions.

Compact Storage Space

The Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag weighs about 91 grams, but has a maximum storage capacity of 1.3 liters. It’s large enough to store one regular-sized biking water bottle or smaller items such as your phone, wallet, and camera.

This feature is ideal for people who wear biker shorts without pockets or don’t want to risk dropping their phones when holding them in their hands or on an attachable stand.

What We Like

There are several things to love about the Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag, including:

  • Its compact and lightweight design
  • A water-resistant PVC exterior for enhanced protection against rain and mud
  • Quick-release buckles and straps for swift installation and removal
  • Efficient storage space for small items
  • A retro-reflective stripe for enhanced low-light and daytime biking visibility
  • A tear-resistant interior

What We Don’t Like

One disadvantage this bag has for some users is its compact 1.3-liter storage space might be unsuitable for bikers who want to store larger items while traveling.

The bag’s metal zippers shut securely, but are prone to rattling loudly, which might disrupt a quiet bike ride around town.

Although the bag has excellent resistance against water and muck, it’s not 100% waterproof, making it slightly inconvenient when biking in heavy rain.


The Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag is an excellent and affordable accessory suitable for improving your biking experience and giving you high-quality storage while on the go. I enjoyed using it during my cycling routine and recommend its sleek and element-resistant build when biking at any intensity, and it works well on several bicycle models.

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