Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight

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This guide is all about finding the Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight people.

We will take a look at some options to find the best bike seat for heavier riders. I will also share my personal favorite bicycle seat for plus size people.

A bike seat is your body’s primary point of contact on the bike; it supports most of your weight and keeps you centered while riding.

An uncomfortable bike seat, however, can feel like a punishment after more than an hour on the trail, or even after doing a short workout.

As we all love riding our bikes in the great outdoors, do note that not all bike saddles are created equal.

People come in all shapes and sizes, and the stock saddle that comes with the bike you purchase might not be the optimal one for your body structure mainly if you are overweight. However, there are plus size bike seat options available to find the best bike seat for heavy riders.

Using the wrong kind of bike saddle for your body type could spell the big difference between a comfortable ride and a bumpy one.

And we may not realize it sooner, but sometimes a pleasant bike ride can be dependent on the saddle we use.

An incorrect saddle can mean hip pains, back pain, discomfort, and soreness. At times you can find that a poorly designed saddle can mess with the way your thighs move in operating the bicycle.

Biking should be one of the most awesome and fun things you can do outdoors. Biking shouldn’t be literally a pain in the butt.

Or on the crotch either. No one wants to chafe on either area and if you can afford the extras, do get a bike saddle that can support your body weight plus prevent soreness and chafing. These options also work as the best bike seat for overweight female.

If you’re a bit on the heavy side, you’ll need a bike saddle that offers more weight support and covers more bottom area.

After doing our extensive product research, we’ll be looking into the most comfortable bike seat for overweight people. Here we’ve found some plus size bike seats.

Best & Most Comfortable Bike Seats for Overweight

1. The Bikeroo Oversized Seat

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First up, the Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat. As a popular saddle, it has earned the moniker in most shopping sites as the ‘best butt bike seat’ and just looking at the wide fan-out saddle, it does look like a comfortable cushion for your bottom.

Most big bikers attest to its comfort levels after strenuous hours on the trail or exercising on their stationary bikes.

The Bikeroo seat comes with everything you need when you unbox the package: Allen Hex wrenches, bolts for the suspension springs, manufacturer’s instructions and details.

If you’re used to installing bike seats on your own, the Bikeroo is fairly easy to install.

It will only take you about 5-10 minutes installing the seat plus adjustments, and then you can get ready to mount your bike.


1) Thick, comfy bike saddle padding plus dual spring suspension. Bikeroo seat has a nice sloping indent in the middle which distributes airflow and reduces pressure while cycling.

2) The rear of the bike seat is angled upward, it goes up a bit at least and makes you sit better, which affects your posture and body alignment.

3) Almost half the price compared to other high-quality saddle seats and it comes with the necessary accessories like the number 5 and 6 Allen hex wrenches.


1) A common complaint was that over time the springs under saddle start to squeak and creak. The creaking noise can be distracting for some bikers.

2) The forward slope angle, though raved by some, won’t work for everybody type; some bikers find themselves sliding forward off the seat. But should not be much of a problem, take time to make some overall seat adjustment.

3) The Bikeroo seat may say claim to have a universal fit on all types of bikes, but may not install well on specific exercise bikes or vintage bikes. This is due to the hardware frame of the seat undercarriage.

2. DAWAY C99 Seat

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If you’re in the market for a replacement bike saddle, the DAWAY C99 comfortable bike seat is quite versatile, and it covers all kinds of bikes ranging from exercise bikes, road bikes, cruiser bikes, fixed gear types, mountain bikes, and even e-bikes.

Installing it on your new bike is pretty straightforward, may take less than 10 minutes with the right tools. It’s built with a universal design made to fit any bike’s standard mount post.

Whether you’re out for leisure riding or sport, this generous size saddle is extremely comfortable as you go down open roads and rocky dirt trails.

The DAWAY C99 can absorb shocks and vibrations efficiently, saving your perineum area from any painful pressure and inconvenience on your posterior.

Your tush can tell you the obvious difference when on a DAWAY, the bike seat is comfortable and worth the upgrade compared to a default stock seat.

The real prize here is the internal memory foam padding, now that’s as deluxe as bike seats go.


1) DAWAY C99 saddle comes with a thick pad of high-density memory foam, and the slick PVC leather cushion surface is wear-resistant. The DAWAY has a wide shape on the back, and it can take on your body weight, and provide adequate support on your groin area and bottom.

2. The DAWAY C99 bicycle saddle has five pieces of bright LED lights powered by a single watch-type CR2032 battery which can last up to 36 hours. The seat taillight has three modes for optimal visibility on the road.

3. Quick seat installation. It can take less than ten minutes taking the stock seat off and replacing it with the DAWAY C99 saddle.

Plus it has a durable dual spring rubber ball suspension in the undercarriage, for better shock absorption.


1. Most of the complaints on the DAWAY are not on the cushion capabilities; the seat itself is incredibly comfortable. But the added safety taillight which is supposed to be an extra feature is, unfortunately, its big letdown.

For some, the built-in light keeps popping out or comes loose after much use. Though the seat is waterproof, sweat or rainwater can penetrate the rear underside affecting the taillights.

2. Keeping the seat angle can be a problem after some time; this is due to constant use and when the locking mechanism gives way under all the weight. If not corrected, this will cause the saddle to tilt forward.3. Battery-operated LED lights, some consumers much prefer a USB rechargeable tail light for convenience.

3. The Asani Seat

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The Asani Comfort Bike Seat is a well-made saddle and a game-changer for the heavy set, those looking into long bike rides without the perineal pressure and chafing.

The Asani Comfort Bike Seat can be very easily installed using the tools and instructions that come with the package; it even has YouTube tutorial videos to guide you through the saddle installation. These videos are a big help even to a bike novice.

Finding the right amount of padding is essential to ensure your comfort level, no matter how intense your riding activity is.

A good saddle like the Asani Comfort Bike Seat is meant to accommodate a biker’s average sit bone width, and it offers more than that, it’s wide seat has a signature thick-padded cushioning.

This absorbs the shock well as you come across bumps on the road and with this particular saddle, it happens to be designed dynamic enough to distribute the weight and pressure much better.

Also for anyone with issues with hard bike seats or default stock seats, changing your saddle to an Asani saddle is the ultimate comfort you are looking for.


1) Say goodbye to saddle soreness with the Asani Comfort Bike Seat, an ergonomically design saddle that’s extra wide with more premium padding for the comfort factor of your tush.

2) Includes stainless steel, universal rail mounting system and a bonus saddle adapter.

3) Get a quick replacement if you experience any issues with the mount or saddle with Asani’s one-of-a-kind lifetime warranty.


1) No LED taillight features.

2) Water-resistant, but not entirely waterproof as it claims. Water can still seep through the cover-stitching.

4. Daway Comfortable Seat

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For those who are sick and tired of narrow saddle designs, we’ve got a treat for you. The Daway Comfortable Bicycle Large Padded Seat is perfect for people that find regular saddles to be too painful for them.

The Daway Comfortable Bicycle Large Padded Seat is an enlarged padded “sofa-like” seat for you current bicycle, and it is like riding a couch on the trail, on the road, or anywhere else you plan on taking your bike this weekend. It is extra-wide at almost 8 inches across.

However, even though it is wider towards the rear, you will find that the front is pretty narrow, allowing better freedom of movement for your legs and thighs.

You will find that the high-density pressure absorbing foam is pretty shock absorbent given that it is further supported with an internal suspension mechanism that allows for even weight distribution.

The outer made from microfiber leather-like material that can withstand the regular wear-and-tear of long rides.

We would have preferred real leather, but the leatherette-like material offers anti-scratch properties that keep it looking new no matter how long you’ve had it for.

As a plus, the manufacturers have even made sure that the air ventilation is apt no matter how wide the seat is.

The middle groove offers sufficient ventilation for those longer trips, and the material it’s made helps wick sweat away, too.

Although it is marketed for individuals with back problems or those with difficulty with a narrow saddle, it works as an everyday beater, too.


1) It’s a wide bicycle seat that’s suitable for women, taller individuals, seniors who are new to cycling as a hobby, and for people who experience discomfort with narrower seats.

2) It’s pretty easy to install given its universal design – it even comes with a free wrench!

3) The ventilation on it is superb, providing breathable areas for long trips.


1) Some users have reported issues with the plastic suspension that’s being used in the saddle.

2) It’s a specialist saddle, and it’s not for everyone.

3) The cost of shipping it back – in case of warranty issues – is rather steep.

5. Shamjina Bicycle Seat

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Look biking doesn’t need to hurt your perineum area, saddles like Shamjina are created to address the needs of various bikers such as for overweight people, and those suffering from chronic soreness caused by narrow bike seats.

The Shamjina saddle has excellent cushioning support with its memory foam cushion; this kind of padding relieves the pain and discomfort from any terrain biking activities.

Covered in black leather, it comes with a sleek protection cover and a handy triangle frame bag.

With the Shamjina bike saddle, you can ditch the agony of trail biking and just enjoy the sport and scenery as you go.

If you can bike 30-60 miles with no issues of soreness at all, then this bike seat is doing its job well in addressing specific problems with pressure.


1) Thick, soft padding cushion perfect for the sit bones. Wide saddle shape on the rear, but with a long forward nose to allow biker a lot of free movement. Keep your thighs from chafing horribly on long rides.

2) A cushy bike seat with unique rechargeable and waterproof, LED Taillight. Easy to charge via USB port, no need for batteries!

3) Improve saddle comfort with shockproof suspension that absorbs shocks and direct pressure in the perineum area during bumpy rides.


1) The mounting bars are not so sturdy and can slowly bend and tip the seat angle.

2) The USB-chargeable light comes in different lighting modes; however, no adequate instructions on how to change modes are given.

Is Biking Good For Overweight People?

Biking is a great workout activity. It is a great aerobic workout that improves heart and lung health, reduces stress, and strengthens muscles. It is a way to burn calories and fat while simultaneously losing weight.

It is less taxing on joints found in the knees, hips, and ankles than other types of cardio, making it a great choice for overweight people. An additional benefit is that biking can be done almost anywhere and doesn’t necessarily require special equipment.

Biking is a great way to improve your mood and mental health. Rides can reduce stress, elevate the spirit, and boost confidence. Having a comfortable and properly-fitted bike and the proper technique is essential to reduce the risk of injury. As a precaution, a healthcare professional can be consulted if there is a pre-existing health condition.

What is the Maximum Weight A Bike Can Support?

The maximum weight a bike can support is dependent on its build. The type, frame, and materials used in the bike’s construction affect how much weight it can support. Although it can vary significantly depending on the type of bike, the weight limit for most standard adult bikes is typically between 250 and 300 pounds.

However, certain bikes have a capacity of up to 400 pounds. They have extra-large tires that provide outstanding cushioning and comfort by absorbing the shocks from any surface and the rider’s weight. In addition to carrying up to 400 pounds, electric bikes help with pedaling, increase the distance traveled, and improve cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

The build also determines the weight it can support without overloading. For instance, a road bike with a light frame can have a lesser weight capacity, whereas a sturdy mountain bike might be able to support more weight. Similarly, the added weight of the battery and motor causes electric bikes to have a lower weight restriction.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or guidelines for the particular bike you’re interested in to find out how much weight it can support. An overloaded bike may experience several issues, such as frame damage, decreased stability, and even dangerous failures while riding.

Do Overweight People Need Special Bike Seats?

For overweight people, using comfortable or wide bicycle seats has some advantages. Ordinary bike seats can exert pressure on delicate areas and result in discomfort or pain, especially for overweight people. This is why it is strongly advised to use a supportive seat to effectively distribute weight and lessen pressure on delicate sections of the perineal region.

These specialized bike seats are often broader – about 4 to 5 inches wide – and have more padding to support the additional weight. Therefore, a broader seat offers more support and stability, which can be especially beneficial for overweight people who may need an additional source of balance and a means to soak up the extra pressure exerted. However, it’s crucial to remember that every person has a unique body, so what works for one person might not work for another.

Finally, try out various seats to determine which one is the most comfortable and supportive. If you’re having pain or discomfort when riding, it’s worth considering a more comfortable saddle or consulting with an expert to determine the best seat.

What Factors Should Overweight Riders Keep in Mind When Choosing a Bike Seat?

When choosing a bike seat for an overweight rider, keep the following factors in mind.

  • Width – The seat should be wide enough to accommodate the biker’s sit-bone width and provide balance.
  • Padding – High-density foam padding is recommended for an overweight person’s seat to withstand the strain of their extra weight and the shocks from road bumps.
  • Suspension – Even though the suspension is unnecessary, it can add more bounce, which improves shock and pressure absorption on rough rides while lessening the pressure on the perineum.
  • Cutout Design – A cutout design makes a significant difference for overweight riders. The cutout design helps to relieve pressure on sensitive areas and increases comfort for the rider during longer rides.
  • Material – A seat made with waterproof material is typically the best option to avoid soaking up accumulated sweat in the foam. Microfiber, leather-like, or synthetic leather are also advisable due to their ability to withstand regular wear-and-tear accrued over long rides.

It’s also important to consider the rider’s height and the seat’s dimensions. The bike seats with the most support for overweight riders often have a cushioned surface, a suspension system, and a cutout design to reduce strain on delicate areas.

Final Verdict

Given all those points to consider as you shop for your next bike saddle, keep in mind that this review was focused on the quality of seat comfort in mind.

And all the products we reviewed here are top-notched coming from the most widely-known competitive bike saddle brands.

As we all love biking for different reasons, for utility or sport, getting around a city or countryside, or simply the fun of raking in the miles in paths meant only for cyclists. We might forget our personal comfort in the process until we start to feel that sight chafing or soreness.

For those who love to bike everywhere and for long stretches, we highly recommend the Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat among all the other brands we’ve mentioned.

It’s more than just a bike saddle, and it’s a noteworthy bike gear that deserves all the attention it’s currently getting from consumers and bike lovers.

The  Bikeroo is the cushiest oversized bike saddle for the heavy set. And you don’t need to be an extreme bike enthusiast to appreciate how good a product the Bikeroo oversized saddle is.

If you weigh around 180-250 lbs, the Bikeroo seat can handle all that weight, plus more. But of course, if you weigh a lot more than that, the seat spring will hold, but may not bounce that much anymore — definitely, a high-performance seat for overweight people.

As for its few CONs, of course, if they can fix the minor noise creaking issue and maybe upgrade it with more flexible springs, it will be better for heavier individuals, but Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat works fine in most cases.

When it comes to oversized saddle seats, the Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat remains iconic, and more importantly, it reduces the pressure on your sensitive areas during endurance rides or even during indoor bike activities.

But you should buy it for high-intensity sessions on your cycling workouts; after all, you want to focus on your performance, and not on any discomfort on your groin.

There’s a toughness to the Bikeroo seat that speaks of its very high quality. When we say toughness, we’re not talking about its cushion parts (which are the very plush and soft by the way), but the toughness is a remark on its built and how well made it is.

For instance, it has everything you need in an affordable bike saddle: a dual-spring suspension, a standard rail mount system, thick cushioning, and it also comes with the right fixtures and a universal saddle adapter. Definitely a bike seat for big guys.

It’s the kind of comfort saddle that complements well with the rest of the bike- both technically and aesthetically.

Besides being an affordable choice among other competitive bike comfort seats out in the market, the Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat also has a 12 Month Money Back Guarantee for any issues you might encounter, whether it’s a shipping problem like missing parts or you feel that this isn’t the right bike product for you, you can send it back and simply ask for a return, no questions asked.

Well, given those purchasing options, this is not a bad deal at all for the picky consumer.

We can’t stress it enough the Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is a clear winner in the saddle race, as this is the bike seat that can match your fitness goals without sacrificing your long-term comfort level and the health of your sit bones.

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