Mountain Biking Trails in San Diego

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​This guide is for you if you’re looking for the top ​mountain biking trails in San Diego.

​These trails are rated based on my own research. Let’s check out

​Top Mountain Biking Trails In San Diego

​1.San Clemente Canyon

​San Clemente Canyon park is located in the heart city of San Diego(1), California. It is a a linear open space park that provides a natural setting in the midst of a busy urban area.

​Difficulty Level?



​Ascent: 95 mDescent: -100 mHigh: 82 mLow: 27 m

Contact Details

​Club : San Diego Train Group

Manager: San Diego River Park

Quick Note: The park is located behind Karl Strauss Brewing Company. They sometimes give away free beers as well.

​2.Balboa Park

​This  is a 4.5 mile park which might ​requires some effort but comes with great views. & you won’t regret it. ​If you are a beginner and want to give your MTB desire a try, this park in SAN DIEGO is a great option. Even if you’re an advanced rider, you would still get to enjoy it’s harder path.

​Good news is – you can take your dog as well but ​must be kept on leash.

​Distance: 4.3 miles.

​Route Type: Loop

​3.Tecolote Canyon Ride

​The park is located in San Diego just east of I-5, relatively near Mission Bay and Sea World. ​As per their official website(2), it has  6.5 miles of trails. This park is really good for intermediate bikers as you will see very less noise & you will see loads of shade throughout the park.

Difficulty Level?



​Ascent: 62 mDescent: -160 mHigh: 109 mLow: 11 m

Contact Details

​Manager : San Diego Park

​Need to know : There’s a golf course. Also has two street crossings. So be careful and respectful while you trail.

​4.Summit Park to Tiki Hut Loop

​Summit Park Trail is a 1.6 mile loop trail located near Dardanelle, Arkansas. If you decide to go there, don’t forget to thanks me because the park is amazing and it has a great forest setting. The trail is primarily ​made for cycling, hiking, walking, and running. Good news is, it’s available year-round.

& Yes. You can take out your dogs as well but must be kept on leash.

​​Difficulty Level?



Ascent: 187 mDescent: -187 mHigh: 161 mLow: 72 m

Contact Details

​San Diego Local Club: SDMBA

​Note: As per my research, they don’t allow electric mountain bikes.

​5.Archipelago Ride Half Arch

​This is an approx 20 mile new park that promise a lot. MTB riders are really looking forward to it.​

Just to let you know, the park requires membership fees to fully enjoy but you can choose full or half depending on your goal.

​​​Difficulty Level?



​​Ascent: 685 mDescent: -833 mHigh: 380 mLow: 16 m

Contact Details

​Email them :

​6.Lilac Miners Peak Loop

​The trail is generally well-marked with clear signage at almost every intersection. ​

​Besides, the park is designed using modern trail building techniques. Ideal for intermediate and advanced trail bikers, this park surely going to thrill you out.

​​​​Difficulty Level?



​Ascent: 321 mDescent: -321 mHigh: 474 mLow: 193 m

Contact Details

​Local Club : SDMBA

​7.Cowles Mtn

​Out of our best mountain bike trails in SAN DIEGO list, this is the toughest, most difficult, & technical singletrack climbs in San Diego.

Trail carefully because you will find lots of railroad ties, chunky rock gardens, and steep rutted switchbacks.

​​​​​Difficulty Level?



​Ascent: 369 mDescent: -373 mHigh: 482 mLow: 115 m

Contact Details

​Local Club : SDMBA

​8.Fortuna Mountain Trail

​Again, one of the most difficult trails in SAN Diego. ​Located near La Mesa, the trail is approx 6.5 miles long & features a waterfall and scenic.

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