Northwoods Pomona Men’s Dual Suspension Bike Review

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Northwoods Pomona Men’s Dual Suspension Bike

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​Northwoods Pomona Men’s Dual-Suspension is a great bike for anyone who is looking for a comfortable vehicle to use on a daily basis. It is made from high-quality materials and ensures you get the best bang for your buck. ( although it’s not super expensive compared to other models) 


Among the million models of bicycles available in the market, Northwoods Pomona men’s dual suspension comfort bike ​stands as an exception among the many models to pick from as it not only enhances movement between different destinations but also helps one to keep their body fit.

Who is This Bike for?

The ​Northwoods Pomona men’s dual suspension was specifically designed to meet the men preferences.

Anyone who might want to surprise their boys or male friend with a gift, then this bike is one of the best surprise gifts one can give to their loved ones, putting in mind that the bike is relatively fair in price and is affordable.

The bike is easy to handle for both but might not be suitable to persons with disabilities and beginners.

What’s Included?

The bike comes with a user assembly manual that helps guide customers on how to fix and assemble the bike. However, much isn’t included in the package and most clients would prefer extra accessories to come along with the bike as a token for them buying the bike. Such accessories include-

  • ​Flashlight
  • ​Security locks
  • ​Helmets

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Built Quality and Design

The Northwoods Pomona men’s dual shock bike comes with a well-built structure and elegant design made from steel and aluminum.

The Ergo fit steel handlebars with twist shifters ensure a strong bike and free from rust meaning the bike will continue having its initial new look even after prolonged use.

 The sparkling light aluminum alloy rims give the bike a stunning natural appearance.

Also, the lightweight dual aluminum suspensions help the bicycle cruise in any road be it bumpy or off the road

On the other hand, the shocks give the user comfort, and one can hardly feel the effect of bumps on the road. 

With its new custom designed 36 spoke tires, the bike is also able to cruise on the road comfortably and very stable. Not forgetting the luxurious bike seat that ensures customer comfort.

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Speed and Smooth Rolling

Unlike other bicycles, the Northwoods Pomona can roll smoothly on the road at a relatively high speed.

The bike has a streamlined body shape that enables it to counter the air ahead thus being able to maintain its high speed.

With its shift gears, a customer can change gears depending on the nature of the terrain.

Again, with the great shock absorbers and suspensions, a cyclist can maintain his comfort and stability in any road.

Ergonomic Design and Comfort

Comfort is a major thing to look forward to when purchasing a bike, and the Northwoods has done an excellent job of ensuring cyclist experience comfort ​from the very beginning.

The manufacturer has ergonomically designed all the Pomona`s Men`s features to meet the comfort needs that any bicycle can come with.

 For a start, the adult comfortable cruiser seat gives a cyclist a comfortable experience.

​Another major highlight is the shape of the ​bike. It​ allows you to cycle upright without needing to bend and experience body strains. In short, they are adjustable to customer’s size and desire.

Also, as the name suggests, the bike has dual suspensions thus making it efficient to absorb shock.


The Pomona Men`s bike comes with a pocket-friendly price which is relatively low and affordable. 

What We Like

  • ​​Cost-effective despite the product being made from high quality and durable materials
  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable
  • ​​Available in different colors

​What We Don’t Like

  • The bike doesn’t come with extras such as a flashlight, helmet, and locks.
  • ​​The front wheel is wobbly.
  • Cannot be shipped to other destinations of the world.
  • ​​If you don’t know how to assemble, you need to hire someone.


As a final wrap-up about the Northwoods Pomona bike, it is ​ideal for any man who wants to save on costs and get value for their money when purchasing a bicycle. They are made from quality and genuine materials that make them last for a long time.

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