Overview of Super73 Electric Bikes

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The American lifestyle adventure brand Super73 was established in 2016 in Orange County. The brand aims to merge motorcycle culture with youth lifestyles.

Super73 has seen rapid growth since its launch and has become one of the most acknowledged electric vehicle brands worldwide. There’s hardly a soul that won’t recognize the Super73 logo. Numerous professional athletes and A-list celebrities are among the large and devoted fan base.

The brand has a broad line of bikes, each with a different focus. Their most popular lines are the R-series, S-Series, and Z-series. Every line caters to a specific need from the design, from comfort to pure performance. The price range starts at $1495 for a Super73 Z1 and can be as high as $3695 for one of their top-of-the-line Super73 RX Mojave.

This article will discuss what makes Super73 electric bikes unique; then lay out an overview of each bike, list information on accessories and replacement parts, then provide details about support, ordering, and assembly. This is in order to provide the best Super73 review possible.

What Separates Super73 From the Competition?

Seeing your future ride in person is a whole other experience than just seeing it off a screen; no amount of good angles or lighting can portray what a bike looks like when it is in front of you. All their US bikes are available in their branch at 16591 Noyes Ave Irvine, CA 92606 for viewing.

Getting a feel for the bike you want is also a crucial factor in your decision, which is why Super73 offers test rides to any model you wish to try. If you are still unsure about which model suits you best, Super73 employees will help you acquire the perfect bike that fits all your needs, no matter how specific.

Every test ride is conducted on a walk-in system, with no prior scheduling required, but it is best to show up as early as possible as it is done on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you want to skip shipping times and wish to buy your bike on the same day, their showroom has many bikes ready for purchase. They also include several Super73 accessories to help you get the most out of your new bike!

Remember that you must be 16 years old to take a test ride; anyone under that will not be permitted. There are no test rides available for their youth series line.

Super73 and Klarna have partnered up to provide simple payment options during your checkout, so you can purchase what you like when you like. You can also look for Super73 discount codes to get a better offer on your bike.

One of the fastest-growing businesses in Europe and a well-known provider of alternative payment methods is Klarna. The mission of Klarna is to make all transactions smooth by enhancing value for consumers and merchants through innovative payment choices and first-rate customer service.

To choose Klarna, select it as a payment option during checkout. After you complete a Klarna application, you will be eligible to apply for monthly financing.

Additional information regarding payment plans between Super73 and Klarna is on one of their FAQs relating to payments.

Super73 Bike Series

Super73 has three main lines for their bikes; all bikes have a specific focus and demographic.


If your goal is pure performance and thrill and a bike to take you to the next level, the R-Series is the perfect fit for you.

The R-Series boasts powerful bikes with features such as a robust drive system, a maximum power output of 2000 watts, powerful integrated lights, and a high-end suspension system.

Model options for this line include their high-end Super73 RX Mojave and their Super73-R Brooklyn.


Those who like fashion will love this category, as Super73 has most of its iconic bikes originating from their S-Series. Combining great looks with hefty performance, the S-Series is the best of both worlds. Riding one of these urban cruisers will leave you feeling like an A-lister.

Combining classic designs with impressive performance is the goal of the S-Series. The bikes also have integrated bright headlights and a long-lasting removable battery.

Models for this line include the iconic Super73-S2 and their timeless Super73-S1.


With trendy and comfortable as a central focus for their Z-Series, it is hard to deny how compelling this option is. The Z-Series is regarded by Super73 as the perfect bike for new users; due to its user-friendly experience.

If comfort is your main priority, then the Z-Series might be for you, as the design provides superb comfort for long commutes. Despite being so comfortable, the Z-Series comes strapped with a sturdy motor fit for all your needs.

This series comes in models such as their Super73-Z Miami and their fabled Super73 ZX.

super73 z series

Bike Models

Each bike differs from others in its series and comes with different options and dimensions. Understanding the differences will help you narrow down the ideal bike for you.

Comparison Chart

Super73 Z1Trooper Black Hero 01
Super73 Z
SUPER73 Z Miami
Super73 S Series S1 3qrtrFrnt Tan
Super73 S2 BoneWhite Hero 1 1500x1000
Super73 R Series RX 3qrtrFrnt Red Grey

SUPER73 Z1 Review

Super73 Z1Trooper Black Hero 01

The brand’s starting line for bikes is their Super73-Z1, a bicycle perfect for big kids and small adults. The Z1 comes equipped with an integrated battery and a simple throttle display perfect for use by beginners.

The cost of the bike is $1495.

The Z1 comes with a Class-2 Ride Mode that allows throttle capabilities up to 20mph. The Class-2 mode enables riders to traverse city streets legally, as long as they are 16 or older.

Expect 15 miles of operation while using Class-2 mode only. At peak power, the internally geared motor allows for a maximum of 900 watts.

The Z1 has the advantage of being connected directly to an ordinary 110v socket.

With a simple thumb throttle placed on the right handlebar, one flick of a thumb and you are good to take off!

Being their lightest bike, the Z1 weighs in at only 56 Ibs making your commutes a breeze!

The Z1 comes in the traditional black and white colors but features quirky color choices such as Astro Orange and Millennial Pink.

SUPER73 Z Miami Review

Super73 Z

If you’re looking for something a little larger in the Z-Series, the Z Miami is the best pick in the series. Their new Z Miami is the perfect starting bike for the Super73 brand and comes with great features. Featuring a new stronger motor, removable battery, and a lightweight aircraft-grade alloy frame the Z Miami is the top line in their Z-Series.

The bike is priced at $1995

While all their bikes include Class-2 mode, the Z Miami features an additional Class-1 and Class-2 mode. The Z Miami also features an unlockable offroad feature that sees speeds as high as 28 mph.

The range at the Class-2 option sees an average of 30 miles, and 50 miles if you use the Class-1 pedal-assist feature. The Z1 comes with a removable battery, that you can charge with ease at home or the office at any 110v outlet.

Their all-new internally geared motor boasts 1200 watts of power output at its peak.

The Z1 comes with a 28-inch seat height, which is perfect for those between 4’6 and 5’11. The bike comes with a super lightweight aluminum frame for ultimate comfort and ergonomics.

Featuring 4-inch wide wheels, their Trooper Tires were designed for extended tire life, and a solid grip when maneuvering tight spots. The tires are made to last and handle the urban landscape with ease.

Lastly, the Z Miami features Bluetooth connectivity with your phone for both iOS and Android. Make the most of the smart display provided by the Z Miami with turn-by-turn navigation, easy settings tuning, and the ability to check in on your battery.

See delightful color options such as Prickly Pink, and Panthro Blue.

SUPER73 S1 Review

Super73 S Series S1 3qrtrFrnt Tan

The S1 is one of the brand’s first models and has become an iconic design for Super73. The S1 is a utility urban cruiser that comes equipped with features such as a rear cargo rack, a 768 watt-hour Super 73 battery, and strong LED lights.

The bike is priced at $2195

The S1 comes with the pre-installed Class-2 mode, which allows for throttle capabilities up to 20mph.

In Class-2 mode, the bike has a range of 25+ miles before running out of juice. The battery is conveniently removable and can be charged at any standard 110v outlet.

The internally geared motor allows a peak power of up to 1000 watts.

Coming with built-in LED lights, the S1 features round headlights and brake lights. It also features a rear rack for cargo, which allows the storage of bags, or you can change it for an extended seat with an upgrade.

The S1 comes in fun colors such as Army Green, and Tan.

SUPER73 S2 Review

Super73 S2 BoneWhite Hero 1 1500x1000

The Super73 S2 combines the iconic Super73 look and puts it into a powerful electric motorbike. It is constructed with an air spring suspension fork that is fully adjustable and an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame.

The bike is priced at $2995

It features all Class speeds 1 to 3, with an included off-road mode that reaches 28+mph.

On Class-2, the Super73 s2 top speed is between 40+ miles, or 75+ miles of range while using Class-1 pedal-assist functionality.

The internally geared motor features an impressive maximum output of 2000 watts of power.

The front suspension of the S2 includes their inverted coil-spring fork plus air assistance, a feature popular in this model. The suspension also comes with rebound adjustments to provide an easier ride.

The built-in LED’s come with circular headlights and brake lights.

The Super73 tires offer enhanced stability, better traction, and reduced road noise thanks to their Moto-Style tires. By merging the tire-making processes used for motorcycle and bicycle tires, the tires accomplish this accomplishment.

The S2 also comes with a smart display capable of connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. Activate turn-by-turn navigation, or change pedal settings with ease!

This line comes in a plethora of iconic colors, such as Galaxy Black, Obsidian, Flannel Green, and Apollo White.

SUPER73 RX Review

Super73 R Series RX 3qrtrFrnt Red Grey

The RX comes packed with Super73’s classic features, the mighty R-Series drive system, and an updated braking system with adjustable dual-suspension included. Super73 is proud to call its performance-focused RX its top-line model.

The bike costs $3,695

The Super73-RX comes with multiple class modes, Class-1, Class-2, and Class-3, with an off-road mode seeing speeds of 28mph+.

Super73 RX top speed ranges between 40+ miles using class-2 operation, and 75+ miles while using the Class-1’s pedal-assist mode. The battery is fully removable and can be easily charged with a standard 110v outlet.

The Super73-RX comes with an internally geared motor capable of a whopping 2000 watts at peak performance.

The RX comes with an adjustable full-body suspension that comes packed with many bells and whistles such as their inverted coil-spring fork plus air assist. The intricate framework allows for a better riding experience.

Its LED’s come in a square Super73 headlight, and dual brake lights.

Featuring Moto-Style tires, it provides lower road noise levels, improved stability, and superior traction. The tires achieve this feat by combining the construction methods of motorcycles and bicycle tires.

The Super73-RX comes with a smart display capable of Bluetooth connectivity, which provides additional features such as turn-by-turn navigation, and changing pedal assist modes with ease.

It comes in their classic Rhino Gray color.

Parts And Accessories

All of Super73’s bikes are customizable with their accessories, and they feature a wide array of parts for replacement. Anything from Super73 s2 accessories to Super73 rx accessories are available for purchase.

They also have apparel that includes fancy riding gear and a wide array of clothing and bags. What does this mean? Super73 mods, basically.

Super73 Support

A thorough FAQ section is available on Super73 and it covers a wide spectrum of potential questions. If their FAQ does not cover your question, you can submit a support request and anticipate a prompt response. There are several contact options, including phone and email.

One privilege of brick-and-mortar stores is instant live person support, Super73 has a showroom you can visit.

Ordering and Assembly

Ordering through Super73’s website is simple due to its intuitive UI. You can easily view what each color looks like on a bike by clicking on the preferred color, with many angles visible.

Super73 allows flexible payment options thanks to their partnership with Klarna.

Every bike from Super73 includes a detailed step-by-step guide on assembly, all visible on their owner’s handbook and assembly tutorials for their bikes.

If you want a look at a specific assembly tutorial, their Super73 R-Series assembly tutorial provides what you should expect from other assembly tutorials.

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