Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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Pooboo may sound familiar; perhaps you’ve used a Pooboo stationary or recumbent bike at your local gym or favorite spin class.

Pooboo bikes came onto the stationary bike market back in 2004. Since then, they have produced somewhere around ten different indoor cycling bike models with additional features. They’ve since amalgamated with L-Now bikes.

Their biggest competition in this category is undoubtedly Peloton, Schwinn, NordicTrack, Bowflex, Echelon, and other more or less expensive generic brands.

A Pooboo to Meet Your Cycling Needs

Pooboo makes indoor cycles that people on more limited budgets can afford. Their residential and commercial bikes collection makes choosing a bike to suit your needs easier.

Some of the key lifestyle and selling features of some Pooboo cycles are:

  • Seat comfort
  • Foldability & storage
  • LCD monitor and desk stations
  • Arm resistance training
  • Magnetic friction

Incorporating the Desk Cycle Exercise Bike is a great option that allows you to be productive on both fronts for those who have the added luxury of working from home.

Stationary Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bikes

In a market where only the strongest survive, Pooboo produces quality stationary bikes that run on a weighted flywheel, engage magnetic resistance and come equipped with customizable seats and handlebars that can accommodate every family member regardless of fitness level, habits, or stature within bike weight restrictions.

Stationary bikes are great substitutes when time or inclement weather prohibits outdoor cycling.

Recumbent Bikes

Pooboo recumbent bikes are ideal for individuals with health conditions or recovering from temporary setbacks and injuries. A recumbent bike is a perfect way to maintain endurance levels and build momentum with the adaptable resistance programs designed to help improve cardio.

Recumbent bikes are a great solution when pushing down, and pulling up is not an option due to physical restraints. The chair provides back support.

Pooboo Sample Models

Regardless of what type of indoor cycling bike you’re looking for, Pooboo has a model that may suit your needs.

Pooboo 3 in 1 Magnetic Bike with Twister and resistance training bands for a complete workout is an affordable model. This super lightweight (44lbs) is foldable and under $200 in a beginner series.

Pooboo commercial standard is a mega horse with a 44 lbs flywheel, sturdy frame (500lb rider), and a realistic road-feel experience under $500. This model has the sleek look of a performance machine.

Pooboo professional C505 is in a tight race with notable brands like Peloton, heavy-duty construction, 44 lbs flywheel, deluxe monitor and handlebars, superior seat cushion, and 360 lbs capacity. Available for under $1000.

Pooboo commercial D577 is a mid-price contender with a 50 lbs flywheel, heavy-duty construction, infinite resistance drive, LCD monitor, and 550 lbs max capacity; multifunction handrail makes this a standout model for the price.

A Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Starting model

The choices are nearly overwhelming; introducing consumers to the Pooboo D525 is an introductory model that can suit many expert or novice cycling enthusiasts.

One of the redeeming features of the PoobooD525LM is its midpoint price range, just shy of the $300 price point. Pooboo offers many indoor bikes in the $200-400 price bracket that also have many of the features of the D525LM.

What attracts some users is the funky colored flywheel and functional product features outlined in the pro segment.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Magnetic resistance drive
  • Practical size for small spaces
  • Tablet holder, heart rate, monitor, adjustable seat
  • 35lb flywheel, belt drive
  • Quiet, smooth ride


  • Friction brake resistance system
  • Light frame
  • Low max user weight (300lbs)
  • Website offers poor representation

Why Invest in the D525LM Indoor Bike?

If you’re a semi-serious biker, you’ll want to maintain your stamina and cardio. If you’re a beginner cyclist, a stationary indoor cycle is a great way to introduce you to the endurance requirements necessary to be a cyclist.

Spin bikes answer that gap and are convenient whether you use one at the gym or in the privacy of your home.

A good cycling product delivers a cardio workout and can grow with the user’s personal goals and advancements.

Beneficial features of the D525LM include: The Digital Monitor provides real-time exercise time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse to monitor levels and performance. This feature is part of the ‘Hand Pulse Handle’.

It also runs quietly, smoothly without squeaks and rattles. A heavier flywheel helps build momentum, and typically, a better performing indoor bike works with 30-40 lb weight wheels. (Conflicting information on the web about flywheel size.)

The 75lbs bike weight makes it easy to store when not in use.

Another attribute worth mentioning is that customer service is efficient and quick. The company addresses any missing parts or damaged shipments promptly.

Product Issues

Consumer reviews are primarily favorable. Having said that, a few red flags wave loudly in the breeze.

When you dig into the reviews, you’ll quickly discover that many consumers are happy with the price and performance of the product. The real downside is their missing website.

Yes, if you dig, you’ll come up with a relatively poor and outdated website. On Facebook, they even apologize, but that is hardly acceptable in today’s world.

A company that has been in business since 2004 should have invested in a website and better branding. Cycling is as much about the product, the lifestyle, and networking.

Reviews suggest that unhappy clients are offered a gift card for favorable or altered reviews. While reviews don’t alter the quality of a product, they mean something suspicious that makes some consumers uncomfortable.

Warranty & Service Features

Competing in a harsh industry, a company has to set itself aside with product quality, brand, customer service, and ideally, all three.


Echelon offers a 30-day free bike trial and free 90-day on-demand class membership bonus.

Bowflex offers a one-year JRNY membership and 10-years on the frame, 1-year labor, 3-years parts as an incentive.

Pooboo offers a 1 -year part replacement warranty with the product purchase and package details. Again, the company may want to build its brand with a web presence.


Pooboo offers consumers several excellent choices on the indoor cycling bike market. While it’s obvious they’ve developed a good quality product, they lack in developing the cycling culture that may translate into brand trust.

What remains is that cycling is good for you.

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