Raleigh Detour 2 Step Thru Review (For Women)

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​If you are a woman looking for a ideal bike, it is one of the most convenient bikes available in the market today. High quality materials & super fancy color makes it very unique.

Raleigh Detour 2 Step Thru Review – Our Unbiased Opinion

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The Raleigh detour 2 step thru bike is hybrid gear bike which is the second upgrade of the Raleigh detour.

Raleigh released this bike in 2016, and since then it has gained popularity among the women.

Initially, it failed on the braking and suspension system, but it has been upgraded to meet the ever-growing demands of the users. Also, it was originally released as a monotype, but now it is available​ in various attractive colors.

The awesome exterior design that offers a luxurious touch, plus the outstanding features and capabilities, make this bike a potential contender of the top 5 comfortable bikes.

The features of the ​this bike are surely up to the mark which is perhaps why it`s desired by many cyclists all over the world. ( Especially women )

In our Raleigh detour 2 step thru bike review article, we are going to explore the features of this awesome bike, and highlight what makes this bike ideal for you.

Who is this Bike for?

This product is for every sized woman who desires to get a luxurious bike for adventure or even for daily usage along with long distance commuting, even on rugged bumped terrains.

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What’s included out of the box:

The shipped box includes a partially assembled bicycle which takes 1 to 2 hours for complete assembly.

​You probably need some fitters as well as grease box to assemble it perfectly.  Each part is calibrated, which makes it easier to assemble within a shorter time.

Regrettably, stands are not included in the box which beats the logic as to why Raleigh considered this bike as a full set city bike. Stands should be bought individually based on the size.

Again, cycle locks are also not seen with the parts delivered.

However, the accessories to assemble the bike are included in the box, and they include

-> pedal screws-> brake wires-> brake shoes, etc.

Features Overview

Build quality and design

Raleigh is the first of its kind which supports any size and weight of riders due to the excellent shock absorption.

More importantly, the lack of the top tube or cross tube on the Set-thru Detour women`s means that this bike can easily accommodate any attire. Therefore, whether you`re on your shorts, skirts or pants, the Step-thru offers the ideal riding platform.

Girls are synonymous with colors, and the Step-thru makes for the ideal girly commuter bike thanks to its myriad of beautiful and appealing colors. Here, you can choose your favorite colors, depending on your temperament.

Designed from a combo of steel and aluminum, the Detour Ste-thru offers durability, pragmatism, while still maintaining its lightness.

With regards to size, the bike is versatile at the very least as it offers different styles for different riders. Sizes range from XS=5’-5’3”, S=5’3”-5’6”, M=5’6”-5’9”, to L=5’9”-6”.

Speed and Smooth Rolling

A combination of comfort, as well as thrill in terrain speed ride and road roll, are the best things about Raleigh Detour 2.

The wheels, as well as suspension brakes, are perfectly designed for the high-intensity stunts.

What we love most about the bike is the excellent shock absorption technology that will keep you quite comfortable, even when you hit a bump or ditch at neck-breaking speeds.

Ergonomic Design Quality and Comfort

First, we have to acknowledge the step-through design, which makes it easier, even for the elderly to mount/dismount the bike with ease. This technology improves the overall comfort.

Second, you will love the swept-back bike handles that allows you to control the bike without straining or exerting too much energy. With this type of handles, you will no longer have to lean forward, which causes back and neck strain.

Finally, the Raleigh comfort seats can be fixed according to the height of the rider and comfort levels with respect to the easily adjustable handlebars. The seats are further reclined to a lower position than the handlebars, meaning that you get to ride the Detour Ste-thru at the most optimum cycling position.

Gear and Brake Performance

Promax alloy V-brakes is quite a good addition to the bike and makes it ideal for various terrains.

Though it cannot match the power and macho-ism of a mountain bike on the rough terrain, the 21 gear shifting features not only reduces your riding effort but also makes your ride comfortable

What`s more? The gears are conveniently placed on the handlebars, allowing you to make changes at your convenience.


Cost seems to be quite reasonable, but with all other features for the price, the manufacturer could have included the stands as well as lock features.

What We Like

  • ​Handles, seat – ​You got full control on comfort
  • ​Long – lasting

What We Don’t Like

  • ​Fixing of the chain according to the gearing position require skills.
  • ​Lacks a stand

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TheRaleigh detour 2 step thru bike is simply one of a kind for every women.​

Whether you`re looking for a bike for daily commuting, exercising or exploring, the Raleigh detour 2 step thru (women) is surely going to adapt to every kind of lifestyle.

​If you are a women or want to give this bike as a gift to a female person, I highly recommend you to check out this amazing piece.

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