Onguard Bulldog DT 8012 Review - mybikexl.com

Onguard Bulldog DT 8012 Review

OnGuard Bulldog DT is a decent U-lock for a lower price. If you’re not sure whether to invest money into this lock, read our in-depth review before making a decision.

Masterlock Criterion Review - mybikexl.com

Masterlock Criterion Review

Interested in buying Masterlock Criterion chain bike lock, but not sure whether it’s worth the money? Read our in-depth review before making a final decision.

Ellipse Bicycle Lock Review - mybikexl.com

Ellipse Bicycle Lock Review

Ellipse Bicycle Lock has some great features like Bluetooth connectivity and built-in solar panel. Read more about this bike lock in our detailed review here.

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Best U Lock For Mountain Bike

U-locks are probably the best way to protect your bike. If you’re looking to buy a U-lock for your mountain bike, here are the best picks.

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Best U Lock Reviews

Most bike U-locks consist of a shackle, a crossbar, and a spline.​ In this article, I am going to share 9 best u lock a cycling enthusiastic person can buy.

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If you’re looking for a high security folding lock for your bike, here are the recommended options that are great in preventing theft.