The Ride1Up 500 Review

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Since 2018, Ride1Up has focused on being the number one provider of commuter e-bikes. Their mission is simple: to provide the public with affordable, top-notch e-bikes to integrate into everyday life.

E-bikes have given people an environmentally friendly option of getting around that handles well and has a safe, sturdy design. Riders have raved over the positive impact they have made on their lives and the planet’s environment.

In 2020, Ride1Up unveiled the model for their 500 series, which is their comfort commuter bike. The 500 series has proven useful and loved by many of its users. Some users have offered criticism over a few of its features or design.

Check out our Ride1Up 500 review and learn more about this e-bike. Below is our honest take on the Ride1Up 500 and whether or not you should become a proud owner of one.

First Impression

500 Series Gold Riser 2 3

Upon first glance, the Ride1Up 500 series is easy on the eyes, with a sleek, simple design and a nice black color. If people from the 1990s saw this bike, they would probably say it closely resembles what they consider a “normal bike.” What draws our attention right away is the look of durability. Riders know they will be safe on this bike just by looking at it.

The bike weighs around 55 lbs., making it about what you expect from an e-bike. We loved the feel of riding the bike, despite our desire for a bit more power. The acceleration is quick, and the seat is comfortable, making longer rides less of a pain (literally).

The bike rides well, with beautiful tires and quick, easy movements. We can tell this won’t be the e-bike that riders use for demonstrating their daredevil skills. This bike offers an excellent option for those looking to upgrade from a simpler model. The 500 series is also a springboard for those who have never previously owned an e-bike.

Who Is the Ride1Up 500 For?

The 500 series will best suit those seeking a wallet-friendly e-bike option that doesn’t hold back on features.

Those familiar with the classes of e-bikes should know that this bike registers as a “class 3,” meaning that it gets up to 28 mph with the assistance of pedals. This will offer the rider more “up-and-go” than class 1 or 2 bikes.

ride1up 500 e-bike

Those who do not need a personal vehicle and would like an environmentally friendly option for transporting themselves from place to place will especially love this bike.

While the bike is a commuter bike first, riders who wish to still get a bit sporty from time to time are in luck. The bike handles well for quick, adventurous maneuvers just as well.

While it may not be the first choice for all, the 500 series offers riders a simple but powerful e-bike that will get them from A to Z while simultaneously having fun.


The Ride1Up 500 series may be more economically feasible than competitors, but the manufacturers did not shy away from loading on the features. Despite the price, this option still has all the fundamental aspects of an e-bike riders have come to expect (and maybe even a few riders wouldn’t expect).

Here are the impressive features of the Ride1Up 500 series e-bike.

Frame and Design

The 500 Series offers two designs to choose from the ST and the XR models.

The frame features 6061 aluminum alloy. The metal gives it an intense resistance to any bumps you encounter along your ride and guarantees safety and sturdiness. The attention to detail helps make this bike comfortable and enjoyable to ride.


Ride1Up has equipped the 500 series with Kwenda Kwick Seven.5 tires. These tall and wide tires are strong. They hold up very well, even after many rides.

The tires feature k-shield protection, which keeps them safe from punctures. They are also equipped with reflective tape to help you stand out if you ride in dimly-lit conditions.


Stopping is just as important as accelerating on a bike. The brakes on the 500 series are top-notch, ensuring the Ride1Up e-bike comes to a safe, quick halt.

The brakes are a Tektro Aries Mechanical Disk. The brakes instantly begin to bring down the speed. The 500 series is a class 3 e-bike, meaning its top speed is 28 mph. In a car, 28 mph is not too fast, but on a bicycle, this speed feels much different. Good brakes mean more safety.

Upon engaging the brakes, the electric motor shuts off, which assists in quickly bringing down the speed. Upon several tests, the brakes never failed to impress us.


The 500 Series boasts a smooth ride thanks to its motor of choice.

The motor of choice is a 48V Geared Hub Shengyi Motor. This motor gives the bike some serious giddy-up without the unwelcome “lurch” sometimes felt by other e-bikes. Riders know the motor will get them up to speed quickly without throwing them back.

The bike gets up to top speed steadily yet quickly. Ride1Up tells us the motor can top off at 750W, and our test runs of the Ride1Up electric bike showed this, given its ease of climbing hills without losing power.


The 48V 13AH Reention Dorado ID Plus is the battery of choice for the 500 series. The power behind this battery allows the Ride1Up e-bike to travel 50 miles or more per charge.

The length, distance, and terrain of your ride may slightly alter the battery’s ability. Rest assured, this battery is built to last.

The bike includes a 48V two amp charger, and the LED screen informs the rider of the status of the charge. A typical charge can take up to five hours to complete.


The left-side thumb throttle on the 500 series is responsive, and the rider can feel the effects after just a moment.

The slight lag in reaction time may be a turn-off for some riders, but most won’t mind. However, it is important to know that when the rider stops pedaling, the motor will take another moment to stop running. This lag is something riders will want to keep in mind if they have a corner or stop coming up in their ride.

The slight lag in motor reaction time is something that can be common among lower-priced e-bikes. Hopefully, over time, companies will work to improve this as it may turn potential customers away from purchasing these options.


The 500 series features a KD21C Adjustable Speed LCD screen for its riders. It is a black and white screen, which is easy to read. The screen helps riders monitor their speed and keeps track of mileage.

Several settings will help riders understand more data behind their ride. This includes:

  • Average and Maximum Speeds
  • Pedal Assist Levels
  • Strength of battery
  • Time elapsed

A rider can select one of any ten pedal assist options available, which is slightly more than the average e-bike. Be sure to utilize the correct pedal-assist levels at the right time, as certain levels deplete battery life quicker than others.


The pedals on the 500 series are Wellgo Full Alloy and feel good under the foot. The pedals have an excellent grip on the foot and offer extra support, giving you the feeling of safety on your Ride1Up electric bike.

The pedals also feature reflective tape, giving you additional visibility in dimly lit riding conditions.


The feature riders first notice upon climbing on a bike is the seat’s comfort. This bike does not disappoint. The saddle is a Selle Royal Freeway Plush Comfort seat, which keeps riders in happy, comfortable spirits as they enjoy their ride.

Although this was not like sitting on a cloud, this seat did offer a pleasant ride free from pain and discomfort.

Front Light

The 500 series features a bright front light. The light is a Buchel 50 Lux light and offers added peace of mind knowing that you will always see what’s ahead. Drivers and walkers ahead will always know you’re on the road with them.

Key Takeaways From the Ride1Up 500 Series

ride1up 500 e-bike

Ride1Up has effortlessly mixed simplicity with style while not being stingy on features.

The Pros

It’s easy to love this Ride1Up e-bike for its sleek look. Its battery range, thumb shifter, and overall comfort stand out as its finest features for all riders. The price for this bike is excellent, given how well-built and feature-friendly it is.

The Cons

The slight delay in motor shutoff is important to remember. While not entirely a safety hazard, it can cause some concern depending on the situation.


We hope you found this Ride1Up 500 review helpful. To sum up, if you are new to the realm of e-bikes and are seeking a great option to start with, the Ride1Up 500 is a fantastic pick. The e-bike is also wonderful for those who are well-versed and familiar with the efficiency and ease of choosing an e-bike over other options.

The 500 series is an environmentally friendly e-bike with plenty of great features. It is the perfect choice for a comfortable commuter bike with a few tricks up its sleeve. With a price tag of only $1,495, you’re sure to get the most bang for your buck here!

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