Schwinn Phocus 1400 & 1600 Review

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    ​Looking for an honest Schwinn Phocus 1400 & 1600 Review?

    In this review, we cover both the 1400 and the 1600 models.

    ​We have done the behind the back hard work just for you and prepared this detailed article to showcase and give you the necessary information. We have divided the article in two parts. One is going to be our review on Schwinn Phocus 1400.

    And in the next part, we are going to review Schwinn Phocus ​1600 ​model. Let’s start with 

    Schwinn Phocus 1400 Review

    First Impressions

    Right of the bat, Schwinn did a remarkable job of providing us with a major nostalgia (childhood trainer wheels), thanks to its classic look.

    Though surprisingly lightweight, it’s extremely sturdy and will provide you with a comfy experience throughout your ride.

    While it does arrive packaged and assemble like all other bikes, it’s easier to set it up, plus it comes with an easy, no-brainer manual, which doesn’t require too much effort on your part.

    Who is the Schwinn Phocus 1400 For?

    The Schwinn Phocus 1400 Model is an ideal multi-purpose bike for men.

    Though it’s a road bike, it’s sturdily designed, and you can use the bike on moderately rugged terrain, thus saving you the need for a mountain bike.

    With the Schwinn, you no longer have to spend hours cooped up in the gym to get fit, as this Schwinn creation will take your fitness efforts to the bright and sunny outdoors.

    Another major highlight of this bike lies on its simplicity of operation and makes for easy shifting for just about any beginner rider out there. Beyond easy shifting, the saddles on the bike come with a quick release mechanism that offers a no-fuss way of adjusting the bike to your height.

    Finally, the Schwinn makes an ideal option for those looking for an easy to use bike, adaptive to various terrains, and a joy to ride.


    Now that we’ve painted a picture of the Schwinn let us look at its features.

    Tough Aluminum Rod Frame

    The choice of material has always been a contest between quality and lightness.

    Understandably, a majority of cycler would contest that you need a steel frame for quality. However, I beg to disagree.

    A majority of the aluminum-clad bikes boast of fantastic performance, including the Schwinn Phocus.

    The aluminum frame on the Schwinn Phocus renders this Dropbar Road Bicycle durable, tough and able to stand up to the abuse on the roads. As such, you don’t have to worry about your bike falling apart after going over a bump or while on rugged terrain.

    On the frame, you’ll also find a rigid fork which adds on the responsiveness of the bike when it comes to turning. Though the rigid aluminum fork is not the best out there, you’ll not get disappointed upon getting on the Schwinn Phocus as the frame and fork work seamlessly together, for fast, stable and agile riding.

    One thing also worth mentioning is the fact that the Schwinn does not come with a flat bar. You might be wondering whether a raised bar is ideal for a road bike; well, it is. Considering it’s tailored or men, the drop bar is approximately 16 inches high, and this is the average height.

    Sturdy Rimes

    The high standard alloy rims on the Schwinn Phocus are not only pleasing to the eye but have proved to be lightweight and quite strong to have with on the road.

    These functional rims, with a paired, spoke pattern, are incredibly light, and will allow you to roll over obstacles with ease, and hence, you are assured of a smooth, stable and enjoyable ride.

    Being of the 700c size, which is the recommended wheel size of an average road bike, the Schwinn makes an ideal option to tackle the narrow, as well as the rough terrains.

    As for the tires, the Schwinn Phocus comes with Kenda narrow high-pressure brand tires, which make the bike the ideal choice in its class.

    The Drive Train

    The best performance bikes are normally accompanied by the best drive train. However, what happens if you’re not certain you’re going to enjoy road cycling?

    Is there a need for spending a fortune on a bike that you’re only going to use over a short period?

    And that’s why I always insist and put serious consideration on the gearing system of any bike. In any case, if you’re just starting, gearing is the most vital thing you need to fix and control.

    Shimano A050 bar-mount Shifters

    Fortunately, the Schwinn Phocus offers an easily adjustable gear mechanism composed of the 14-speed rear derailleur, allowing you to use the bike in a variety of terrains. In turn, this makes the bike among one of the fitness bike out there for you.

    It’s quite unfortunate that the Schwinn 1400 does not feature an integrated gear and shifter lever.

    On the contrary, however, the shifters on the Schwinn Phocus work optimally with the derailleur, and they will guarantee to provide you with smooth gear shifting, majorly because they work in tandem with the Shimano derailleurs.

    Free from gear complexity, the 14-speed rear derailleur plus the Shimano A050 bar mount shifters, which can be altered to outfit your riding speed will provide you with a relaxed and comfortable ride.

    If you’re like me who has a high appetite for better drive train performance, you can have an upgrade done to the bike in a bike shop and have the integrated brake/shifter for optimal performance. Nonetheless, it still works fines, even without the integration.

    Reliable Braking

    Your safety should definitely be the number one priority.

    Knowing that you can instantly come to a halt on your road bike at the time you want to when riding is not only self-reassuring but also boosts your confidence and ups your morale.

    With the Phocus 1400 Men’s bike, you can rely on the alloy caliper road brakes. These brakes are not only reliable, but they will also deliver powerful braking power, thus ensuring that you’re safely protected at all times while riding.


    Unlike a majority of the high-performance racing road bikes, you should not face any difficulties while on the Schwinn.

    The bike is fitted with a plethora of comfort-oriented features ranging from high-profile alloy rims, rigid aluminum forks which absorb shock, to the narrow Kendal tires, while allowing for smooth rolling and minimizing rolling resistance.

    In particular, the saddle, which plays are a crucial role in the comfort levels of any bike is designed to offer the best cushioning, and in turn, allow you to spend more time on the road. The saddle on the Schwinn will lower the odds of you suffering from discomfort and getting fatigued after cycling.

    Quick Release

    For convenience purposes, the Schwinn Phocus 1400 features a quick release feature that allows you to store the bike even in small spaces.

    Still, on the topic of quick release function, the saddle on the Schwinn features a quick release function, and this makes it easy for you to make height adjustments for your comfort.

    What We Didn’t Like About the 1400 Model?

    What may be of concern is the length from the handlebars to the saddle. Though it’s possible to adjust the height of the saddle post, the distance between the saddle post and the handlebars cannot be altered.

    This is why we always insist that you take measurements before purchasing because if you take the wrong measurements, you might find the bike either too big or too small for you.

    Fortunately, the above “drawback” is not a real one as it has nothing to do with the performance, rather than measurements.

    Final Thoughts

    The Schwinn Focus is certainly the top of its class in the realm of beginner/intermediate road bikes. Not only does it sport spot-on qualities, but it hosts a plethora of features both everyday commuters and casual riders will enjoy. On top of it all, it comes at a price that you cannot resist.

    Schwinn Phocus 1600 Review

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    First Impressions

    The Schwinn Phocus 1600 is tailored for men, and as such it exudes masculinity.

    It has been designed to be the perfect all-rounder road bike and is specifically made to be quick on the road, lightweight to transport and easy to store away.

    Truly, this is something the brand has taken years to perfect, and the Phocus can now be described as the true definition of master craftsmanship.

    A major highlight to this road bike is that it ‘forces’ the riders to always take on a streamlined position when riding the bike, lending itself to save vast amounts of energy when riding. Remember that wind resistance plays a significant role in your performance, but the Phocus 1600 will promote an ergonomically aerodynamic posture, allowing you to seamlessly ride in style.

    Who is the Phocus 1600 For?

    The Schwinn Phocus is born and bred to consume and maneuver the trails, and the harsh adversities of your ideal terrain asit incorporates all dimensions of strength, stability, convenience, and elegance.

    Designed with high-quality accessories, this bike is for those who have had it all with the goofy fitness trends, and are looking to get out of the gym and feel the wind in their face.

    The bike is loaded with crucial features that not only make it a perfect asset for your workout regimen but also a stylish bike that will have you put up miles in no time.


    Lightweight Construction

    Ask any bike expert, and they will tell you the frame of a bike is the most crucial component of a bike. If a bike is designed from a high-quality frame, you can be assured that it will serve you for years to come.

    Equipped with an aluminum frame, the Schwinn 1600 makes the ideal choice for your daily life. The aluminum frame is robust and durable, thus assuring you of joyful and sturdy rides. Also, the aluminum frame is sturdy enough to support even the heaviest users.

    More importantly, aluminum is light, allowing you to operate the bike without worrying about your weight.

    Weighing a mere 31 pounds, the Schwinn Phocus will assure of as fascinating cycling experience regardless of the terrain.

    So, whether you are a fan of the hilly morning commutes or the long fitness jaunts, the Phocus 1600 is the perfect comfort bike, thanks to its lightness, sturdiness, and portability.

    Fiber for Strength

    Anytime I find that a bike has carbon fiber elements, it certainly captures my interest.

    Carbon fiber is not only robust but also lightweight, therefore making it an ideal material for use in bikes.

    While the Schwinn Phocus 1600 is not completely designed from carbon fiber, it has carbon fiber forks, which gives it a competitive edge over the all-aluminum bikes.

    The obvious benefit of the carbon fiber forks is that they will absorb much of the vibrations, making for a much smoother ride. With the carbon fiber in place, you can now easily navigate the uneven, rough, and slippery roads with ease.

    And given that the Schwinn 1600 is built with racing genes, the presence of the carbon frame is now of even greater importance as it will assure of smooth and easy rolling.

    Quick, Reliable Shifting

    If you are a beginner looking to experience a top-notch experience when it comes to learning shifting speed gears and getting through different levels smoothly with the shifter, the Schwinn 1600 is your perfect solution.

    Like a majority of the high-end models, the Schwinn 1600 is equipped with a Shimano Claris, with integrated shifters and brake lever combo.

    The Shimano Claris mechanism fully integrates the shifters with the brakes, meaning all your brakes control are at one place. And as such, you will not have the need of taking your hands off the brake to shift, allowing you to have greater control at all time.

    Though this little combo will only give you access to 16 different speeds as opposed to the standard 21 speeds, it will let you enjoy riding the bike every day. Plus, the 16 speed is probably not enough of a deterrent to put most people off this bike.

    In my opinion, I prefer the quick-changing gear feature on the Schwinn, over the extra gears. The reliable, effortless, and smooth gear shifting will set you up for speed, control, agility, and performance.

    A drivetrain that Packs a Punch

    The Phocus 1600 features an amazing drivetrain that will permit easy transition between gears.

    In addition to the multiple speed derailleur, the Phocus 1600 sports an SR Suntour alloy crank. The crank allows you to access a wide gear range while allowing you to go up the levels or get down in a hurry without causing the chain to drop.


    Choosing a high-quality wheelset will provide you with the peace of mind that your ride will be stable and more comfortable.

    Schwinn has considered this and used 700cc double-walled wheelset that will give you the ultimate speed, strength, and durability in the wheels.

    Unlike the single-walled wheelset, these wheels are robust and will stand up to anything thrown at them including mud, rocks and even glass shards.

    I would recommend, however, that you add a rim tape to the internal tire walls, and this should provide an added protection for road riding. Beyond keeping you from the inconvenience of flat tires, this should give you further confidence when riding on a rugged terrain full of potholes.

    Now, it’s really not up for dispute that the lighter the materials on the bike, the better advantage you’ll have over speed. We’ve already discussed the carbon fork, plus the aluminum frame on the Schwinn. Now, that’s not the only advantage the bike has when it comes to lightweight materials built for speed.

    The Phocus boasts of aluminum alloy rims, which is yet another lightweight and durable material that a majority of the high-end lightweight bikes include.

    I’m not a big fan of paired funky spoke spacing, as it generally weakens the wheel. However, the unique construction of the paired spokes in the Schwinn 1600 seems to suggest otherwise. The spokes not only reduce the weight of the rims, but they will also provide you with that extra edge when racing down the road.

    Though some, like me, are proponents of the traditional rims, I was surprised to see the spokes in the Schwinn are efficient, plus there have been few complaints about the rims on the Phocus, at any rate.

    Quick Release Feature

    The quick release is a convenience feature that allows for easy transport and easy assembly.

    Beyond making it easier to prepare your bike for traveling, the quick-release front wheel is also a great feature for preventing theft.

    While using the feature will earn you a couple of odd looks from time to time, it’s a good way of protecting your prized asset from theft.

    Promax Braking System

    There is no need for having a super-fast bike if you cannot come to a stop when you want it to.

    The Schwinn 1600 has been equipped with Promax alloy dual pivot brakes that will allow you to make a stop in any environment or weather.

    Promax is generally known for the reliability and putting the bike on a halt whenever you apply them, and they are no different here. They won’t skimp on performance, slip or make any weird noises. In a busy city full of people and obstacles, you can count on the Promax brakes to stop your bike even at full speed.

    What We Don’t Like About the Schwinn 1600

    Strangely enough, the Promax braking system has received mixed reviews from the users, with some suggesting the brakes did not stop as quickly as they should.

    Well, it’s hard to speak for anyone else, but something I know for sure is that even the best brakes in the world will still require proper adjusting from time to time, and probably the best time to do so is when you purchase your bike.

    So to me, I would not be surprised to find out that the complainant had trouble with the brake on the Schwinn 1600 did not have them adjusted before riding for the first time.


    Some cycling experts have dubbed the Schwinn Phocus 1600 as the “Corvette” of bicycles. Much of that because it incorporates the best features.

    It’s solid craftsmanship, and quality features, are one more reason to go for this bike.

    You can use it for commuting purposes or as a tool for exercise.

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